Tuesday 17 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 September  2019

From Colonial Rule to Chinese Rule?

This morning when I noted the heading ‘Opening of Sri Lanka's tallest tower marred by corruption allegation’ of the report by Reuters at https://news.yahoo.com/opening-sri-lankas-tallest-tower-163101941.html  - the words of Poet Kannathasan through Pachchai Vilakku (Green Light) film came to mind. It starts as follows:
‘kehlvi piranthathu andru                               The question arose that day
nalla pathil kidaiththathu indru’                    The good answer came today
The question raised was presented as follows :
[Hence, if this Lotus Tower is to be used for ‘entertainment purposes’ one is entitled to project  that it carries negative Energy. What does negative Energy do? – it goes down the same path it came upwards  - manifesting outcomes that confirm its negativity unless current users of that pathway contribute more strongly through their belief and transform the environment.
Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa partnering the current leaders – confirms this negative inheritance – including by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe who seems to have lost the value of his political diversity.
Déjà vu’ s confirm the existence of such ‘spirits’ to the deep believer. Hence my article ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’ at – of  31 July 2019 published at http://austms.blogspot.com/2019/07/
Who is the Lotus of the three Leaders ? Who are the muddy waters? – Sri Lankans dependent on Chinese? ]

 I prayed at Nallur Murugan temple in Jaffna – that I should not be cheated by anyone. After writing the above, I learnt about my own Protective Energy against  global cheats. The ‘enlightenment’  happened to confirm to me the protection of my own investment in Sri Lankan Accounting systems.
The personal transaction concluded as follows:
[Hi Gajalakshmi,
I hope you are well and thank you for contacting  ​xxxxxxx  customer support.
I'm sorry if you feel that way, but our company would never make any kind of cheating. All details are always shown on each record and there was also an email sent to you when you registered confirming the activation.
​I have successfully cancelled your subscription. No further charges would be deducted from your account and also an email confirmation will be sent shortly regarding the cancellation. Please check your inbox and spam folder as well. 
Having checked for consideration and exception, I have issued a refund amounting to ​USD 1.00​.
Please allow 7-10 banking days for it to be posted in your account. If this transaction was invoice from your Master account, clearing may take 30 days depending on your bank’s clearing schedule.
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this email. ]

The credit for a dollar  came through almost immediately. Had they not done that I would have exposed them to the authorities. When we so oppose – we prevent such Energies infecting us with the same disease – of cheating the public.

Often those who are unsupervised but lack the protective energy, lose the ability to recognize that they are wrong. Relative to those who follow the systems with faith, their protection is weak. I learnt this in relation to the accountant who took-over my work at the University of NSW – an institution that had the essential requirement to prevent plagiarism of all forms. But like Sri Lankan politicians  – they also got used to ignoring such breaches. I realise more and more these days that I converted that bad racial discrimination into Protective Energy from their temptations. Had I not opposed – I would accepted them as natural and therefore dropped down in my own standards. Instead I earned the following comment by a senior Academic:
[Gaja will keep the whole University honest]

Those who thought they were smart – lack that protection and since they did not do anything to support me they continue to carry those weaknesses which would become negative genes with environmental changes. It becomes personal if not corrected within the affected environment.

The Reuters report begins its report as follows:
[The grand opening of Sri Lanka's tallest tower was mired in controversy on Monday when President Maithripala Sirisena said one of the Chinese firms contracted to work on the project had disappeared with $11 million of state funds.]
That was my concern with the above internet service provider – that it would vanish from the scene – before it could get caught.  I reported similar scam – previously. That will protect those who believe in me and who are themselves like me – living within their means. Those who their duties as per global standards but draw benefits at that level  operate in the same manner as the above mentioned Chinese firms. At best I would have lost only a dollar. I would have changed my card if the transaction was not reversed. Yet, to me the principle was important. I upheld my Sri Lankan qualifications to be the highest for me and this did cost me opportunities to earn money and status in the then current environment.  But upholding my Lankan ancestry was my truth as per my experience. Back then I raised my investment to ownership level. Now that Ownership Energy protects my earned investments and also brings me opportunities to develop reliable systems in Sri Lanka – especially in North.  These are the global heritages that I share with my true heirs.
Those who support the LTTE would inherit irregular pathways. One of them was confirmed by Mr Wigneswaran who actually disrupted the work we are doing to promote women headed households in Vaddukoddai area.

Yesterday Mr Wigneswaran held a political rally – ‘Rise up Tamils’.   The gap between faith and reality is depicted below:

The pictures on the left are about the faith of majority Northerners in God – personified through Nallur Murugan in Jaffna – during the Chariot festival. This ‘happened’ naturally on 29 August. In contrast yesterday’s rally attracted only a small proportion – as confirmed by the pictures on the right.

While Mr Wigneswaran was trying to gather political support – Nallur Murugan from within me – protected my ownership in Sri Lankan financial controls. This is what every Tamil and indeed every Sri Lankan is capable of. The best contribution to Sri Lanka that we can make is through identity with our own Sovereignty. The rest happens naturally – as depicted through Nallur photos.  When I was there in August – I did not ‘see’ Mr Wigneswaran. I would have on the less crowded days. Coming to the temple for benefits – weakens Mr Wigneswaran’s own Sovereign powers.

Tamils need self-rule to protect their sovereignty as a community. If majority Sri Lankans vote for the ‘seen’ and the ‘heard’ – we would lose protection of our sovereignty.  I believe that this deterioration happened due to invoking Indian and British rule in Sri Lanka – for political purposes – while benefiting from their investments in Ceylon. The real protectors are those who have paid their dues including by saying ‘thank you’ form their hearts. Those who downgrade ancestral structures – would lose their protection. Why was that tower not named after a person who fought for Sri Lankan independence from foreign rule? Could not find anyone? So – like Kattapomman of  India and Harold Holt of Australia -  we do not have a Sri Lankan standing tall? Have we shifted from Colonial rule to Chinese rule? – because subservience is travelling with us? Here is what Poet Kannathasan says about Indian experience of liberation from servitude.

aandaan adimai  melor keezhor  enpathu maaraatho  -
Would there be no change from the hierarchy of the ruler and the ruled?
arasan illaamal janangal aalum  kaalamum vaaraatho –
Would there be a day when there would be no king and the people rule themselves?
I belief that to the extent I am self-governing I make the above a reality for fellow believers in my home environments.

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