Thursday 12 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 September  2019

Thank you Bawani Vishnu and Facebook

Desire for me - the Politician;  and Fear for you - the voter

 There was another email with the following reaction  to my yesterday’s article:
[Hi, Please remove me from your mailing list. I do not wish to receive these emails. ]
My mind immediately said ‘Why on earth do you come to the public forum if you cannot stand unpleasantness? Prior to that I had read Rani Sinnathambi’s  message of appreciation for the same article and hence it helped me not get overly upset about the above request. Then there was Yoga Jeseph’s following response about me:
[She is not very much liked by many but I have an open mind to all writers & she does make sense too.]
I smiled to myself – connecting it to Raj Gonsolkorale whose article ‘Gotabaya – A breath of fresh air at Viyathmaga anniversary celebration’ drew my attention before I opened my emails. I met and got to know Raj through Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney. We had our disagreements but to my mind, we both believe in Sri Lanka. We both like to lead also. On the few occasions I do meet Raj now – he reminds me that he does read my articles. On such occasions, I recall similar expression of appreciation by Professor Bruce Dowton who was then my senior by position at the University of NSW, and who is now the Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University. Those expressions of appreciation – despite not liking what I wrote about them – earned my respect for them in their own fields of expertise.
Whether it is Tamil Nation / Sinhala Nation – or common Sri Lanka Nation – only Truth can lead us to realising nationality. Blinding ourselves to unpleasantness confirms desire which leads to fear when we withdraw into ourselves.
This is highlighted in a very pleasant way by my beautiful cousin Bawani Vishnu through the post in Facebook – as request to Santa - shown at the top of this article.
Desire and fear are twins. When we live alone – usually desire comes first and fear follows. If we are not careful our Santa may mix them around. Raj’s wish for a fat bank account and a slim Defence Force  may get translated by Mr Gotabaya the other way around.
In the vertical system Desire and Fear do not ‘see’ each other – as in Janus face. That is the way with time based system in which juniors are not allowed to manifest their desire or fear. When seniors do – one is past and the other is future. If we do not want to live at that junior level we need to lose consciousness of the body and become seniors who do not manifest. In terms of physics – Money, Relationships and Policy are the parallels of  solid, liquid and gas. At junior most level – we need to ‘see’ to understand. In terms of ownership – they are Like, Relate and Love.
The article by Raj – interestingly begins with the following message of Gandhi:
  • We must be the change we wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi
To my mind – this means that if we seek to live in a democratic world – we must first become democratic. In the above ‘order’ to remove her name – the lady is ‘telling’ me to do that which she can herself do. When I do not like the emails from a particular source – I use the ‘block sender’ facility. The above person to my mind lacks knowledge of democratic usage of electronic facilities and/or seeks to ‘tell’ me as if I were her servant or at best her junior.
 Democracy facilitates us to Face each other by being at the same level. Hence Face to Face – as in Government and Opposition in Parliament. Separations at community levels help us face each other and resolve at our levels – without waiting for Santa to deliver.
Emails and articles are written under the Janus system or its opposite ‘Face to Face’. The above mentioned email lady – was using the Janus system by secretly ‘telling’ me to remove that which she disliked. In effect she was doing the Rajapaksa trick of eliminating the wider world.  This to my mind, means that the lady was being ‘told’ and she accepted that as her system. Her cycle is completed once she herself ‘tells’ her junior. But what happens if I were in truth her senior in the Tamil community? Let us say that the lady ‘took’ orders from a militant leader or accepted orders from that militant leadership. That lady has the moral authority to tell her junior in that system – but not one who practices democracy. This applies equally to the Sinhalese community that produced JVP.

Raj states in support of the Rajapaksa regime:

[Since January 2015, the country has focused on the past, how to get at the Rajapaksa’s for alleged misdemeanours. So far, none have been proven. ]

Read deeper Raj. Tamils – led by the Diaspora manifested the real standards of the Rajapaksas at UN level. The internal process is confidential because both are Sinhalese. With Rajapaksas – without Tamils – you would be using the Janus system and the desire for victory would also come with fear of Foreigners.

In yesterday’s article I referred to this as follows: ‘Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was expressing fears of Indian takeover’. The desire for votes came with the fear of Indian takeover for the ‘voter’. If the voter rejects it – it returns the fear to the sender – the Rajapaksa clan. We witnessed this through the current President  - who inherited it from his senior – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. Hence the fear of India’s RAW – heir of India’s aristocracy.
Raj, you continue to state:

[The coalition, likened to a plough with a Buffalo and a Bull, has been pulling in opposite directions and once the SLFP withdrew from the plough, the UNP has engaged in an impulsive decision making process without giving the drivers of the economy, the private sector in particular, any direction as to where they wish to be even tomorrow, let alone in a few years’ time.]

There you go – forgetting Gaja’s community – the Tamil community who did at local level – that which the Tamil Diaspora did at global level. When the President was defeated in October last year - SLFP lost the desire for takeover. With SLFP coalition – there was requirement for UNP to publish its outcomes – as in any democracy. But by withdrawing – SLFP made it easier for UNP to make confidential decisions.

In many ways  the current situation with the UNP where the People do not know who their Presidential candidate would be is due to that ‘confidentiality’ which Ranil commands. With SLFP as insiders – this would have been made difficult. To the extent we care about the other – we learn about their truth even if we do not like each other. In the great war in  Mahabharatham – kings who had their personal agendas joined forces with the side they did not like. Others like Beeshmar – did so as their duty. We are waiting to see the structure through which UNP will ‘face’ the Rajapaksas.
It would have been difficult for Mr Sirisena to work with the UNP for the same reason as to why Tamils have difficulty with majority power that continues to use the vertical subjective structure. There was some semblance of democracy until December last year when TNA was in the position of Opposition leadership.

Someone from Jaffna asked me today for blessings to win in an employment related matter. That is a vertical arrangement. I responded that    he needed to ‘surrender’ his truth to me in his mind – so he would not manifest outcomes at his level. That is when the Energies merge at the higher level than the voter had earned. But voters who manifest at their level – whenever they think they are ‘free’ – as the above email lady did – block the flow of Energy from the true leaders in that issue. That flow is essential in an autocratic pathway through which transformation happens. Where this common belief is weak – we need Democracy – for which we need to produce outcomes at the level of the Opponent. When the two side forces are Equal and Opposite – truth happens. Each completed experience – as confirmed by that truth – empowers the place and time of happening. When we follow democracy – the place is the medium of manifestation. When we follow autocracy – time is the medium.

It is therefore not good enough to state that we must become the change that we seek to see in the world. We must know which system we are using now and whether we are seeking to switch systems or just repair and maintain the current one internally.

Election is a part of democracy. When we seek to ‘show’ – something that has not been manifested by us  - those to whom we show – become our opposition. As per Raj’s presentation:

[Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s speech and his articulation of a futuristic vision for the country has to be viewed from this context. His speech was above the usual political swill. He made references to all the major sectors of the economy, education, health, family welfare, women’s rights and how the country could get up from its unguided slumber into the emerging technological world. ]

 Another friend of mine who said she would vote for Gotabaya left her financial management totally to her husband. Is Raj doing the same?

The judiciary has communicated that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s word/wish is not acceptable:

[The Supreme Court today by majority decision rejected the petition filed by former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa claiming that the charges filed against him over the D.A. Rajapaksa museum case are incorrect. 
Rajapaksa had filed the petition alleging that flawed charges have been presented by the Attorney General against him, over the alleged misappropriation of funds amounting to Rs 33.9 million when constructing the D.A. Rajapaksa Museum in Medamulana.
The petition was taken up for consideration before a five-judge bench comprising Supreme Court Justices Sisira de Abrew, Priyantha Jayawardena, Prasanna Jayawardena Wijith Malalgoda and L.T.B. Dehideniya.

Afterwards the verdict was announced by the Chairman of the judge bench Justice Sisira de Abrew, who declared that by majority decision the five-member judge bench has decided to reject the petition without taking it up for hearing.
He further stated that there is no justifiable legal basis to grant permission to take it up for hearing.]Adaderana

Since both are subjective – I choose to take the word of the Judiciary above that of Raj – as my investment in Sri Lankan law is far deeper than my investment in Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney.  Every believer can thus oppose and diffuse in her/his own mind the distractions from truth. Gotabaya’s indiscriminate mix of Autocracy and Democracy are like his public worship at Hindu temples while showing commitment to ‘Buddhism foremost’  in the Constitution.

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