Tuesday 10 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 September  2019

Soul Power of Vote

The elderly gentleman who led the ceremonial aspect of our friend Shanmugasothy’s funeral stated that rice that would not sprout again is offered as part of the cleansing process – so the person would not have rebirth. To my mind, what it means is that certain aspects that make us less than the Divinity we are capable of, are raised to the higher level – where they become our Soul-Power in the following birth. It works both ways. When we so raise the value of the person to eternal/absolute  level, our own values are also raised by the person in areas where s/he has accumulated divine power. My friend Shanmugasothy did leave behind a firm and reliable family structure that enriches the Australian Tamil community.

Despite the comfort that Shan has been valuable to the community and therefore I ought to celebrate Shan’s life than mourn the death of his body , when his elder daughter Yaso cried while offering flowers at the feet of her father – tears welled up in my own eyes. Yaso has inherited her father’s courage and motivation. Yaso obviously takes-over the head of family role and it is not easy. I would be one of those who would be there for the family in place of Shan through my soul connection. To me, that is what community life is all about. For myself personally – I thanked Shan for sharing our common Airlanka heritage with dignity, here in Australia. That to me is a permanent valuation of the minds that gave us the Global Structures. Every true heir of Shan would carry that heritage and demonstrate it through their regulated conduct.

Not only when we die – but when we migrate and when we change professions also – we have the opportunity to raise our values to divine level – as Truth. That power then binds us naturally – heart to heart. A common friend – Gowri Perambalam also confirmed this by stating that she missed my emails. I resolved to include that list again in my regular communications. Sri Lankan politics was also of  common interest to  the three of us Shan, Gowri who took her husband Perambalam’s place when he passed away, and I.  

When we came back home to Coogee and  I settled down to my routine, the article that came to attention was the Island editorial. Such identities are natural as per the consolidated Energy we are conscious of at that moment.In particular the following passage caught my eye:
[Is PM Wickremesinghe really keen to run for President? This is the question one may have asked oneself on listening to his speech in Jaffna, over the weekend. Addressing the people of the North, he asked them to ensure that he would get a parliamentary majority, at the next general election, so that he could introduce constitutional reforms. Curiously, the UNF-UPFA coalition had a two-thirds majority in Parliament, from Jan, 2015 to Oct, 2018, and the UNP-led administration still has a working majority in the House, thanks to the TNA. But the constitution-making project has not got off the ground.]

First of all – majority Jaffna folks relate more easily to the Parliamentary structure where we achieved Equal status – not once but twice – in 1977 and in 2015. To them the position of President is built into that structure which upheld our truth. They have also known Mr Wickremesinghe through that position. During the October 2018 challenge – majority Tamils joined forces with the UNP to defeat Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as PM. If not for Tamil power Mr Rajapaksa would have been Prime Minister and this has been acknowledged indirectly in the above article.

The statement ‘the UNP-led administration still has a working majority in the House, thanks to the TNA’ is true. But structurally-  based on principles – TNA is still the Leading Opposition – due to the President and Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa being of the same party – the SLFP. Like in limited liability companies – where the institution continues even after a shareholder dies – the SLFP is the person  with continuity. That eternal value  is what common belief renders. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa’s takeover of the position of Opposition Leader is in breach of the fundamental principles of democracy which requires the clear separation of powers – to form government v opposition.

While as per personalities are concerned – Ranil seems better suited as President after the 19th Amendment – he has performed well in the position of Prime Minister. He himself would not know how he would perform in the position of President – after the 19th Amendment which is of positive value to minorities. The power however would work – irrespective of the apparent position allocated to the person. Positions also have the power to regulate within a structure. When the position is larger than the individual – there is room for others to partner that individual in that position. When the individual is larger than the allocated position – the individual would work the higher position naturally – as most mothers did in traditional family structures. Hence they were known as Shakthi. I said this morning to my husband that Setha – Shan’s wife was his Shakthi.

So far as civilian Tamils are concerned what matters is political clout – especially in relation to economic progress. If majority Tamils sought armed leadership – LTTE would have embraced the political pathway. To take rebirth as politicians LTTE  would have needed to lose consciousness of their powers as an armed force. This holds true of Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa also. But the war-pain endured by the Tamil community is far deeper than that of the Sinhala community.   Hence politicians continue to lead Tamils.

If Ranil became President and Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa became Prime Minister – would Sajith be the Leader of the Opposition?  Would we then not have the same situation as now? Did the structure in breach of fundamentals of Democracy cause this kind of  chaos? When mantras are distorted – to derive status and/or money – it is like earning the curse of the original minds that gave us those mantras. We melt when we hear someone praise us with lovely words. Often it is the original person whose mind connects to us who communicates with us – soul to soul. One through whom we hear it – is not the whole but has some of the Energy.

Likewise, the real constitution of a group / nation is the consolidated value of all its citizens who feel independent fully or partially and to whom that group / nation is home. That Energy would form itself as the structure needed  in a particular environment.  Today, at the funeral – that was what I identified with as my friend’s best contribution in this life.  If Ranil’s was the 19th Amendment to the Constitution – then it is highly likely that he would attract that block vote of those who needed to dilute the executive powers of the president. The common citizen does not understand the meaning of the constitution itself  – any more than I understood the meaning of the ancient mantras. All I know is that when they are chanted – I identify with some through my soul. The feeling confirms it – as Tamil Diaspora leader - Mr Victor Rajalingam confirmed recently about a Hindu verse.  Likewise, a voter who feels ownership in her/his electorate and/or issue – would vote for the whole which includes her/his electorate / issue as an intrinsic part of itself.  That is Soul-value which will become Equal status position when Tamils need it.

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