Wednesday 11 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 September  2019

Believing Minorities  needed to  Prevent 9/11 type of Attacks

On Saturday, our youngest granddaughters asked us about the significance of Ganesh – the elephant faced god. I shared with them the mango legend and said that as per my derivation (which is usually accepted within the family in terms of religion) – the  elephant was the most intellectual of all animals and therefore is recognized as the remover of obstacles. I said that in terms of other animals – the elephant walks first and clears the path for other animals.
This week I learnt about the elephant rampage in Kotte – the Political capital of Sri Lanka. It disturbed me. I recalled my own article – published on India’s Independence day anniversary  – 15 August 2019 under the heading ‘UNP Blessed in Northern Sri Lanka’. Following excerpt from that article is significant to give structure to my feelings:

[ I had in hand the flower from the poojah – to be given to the Prime Minister. The PM was not to be seen but just as I was about to step into the lift –Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran – State Minister for Education stepped out of the lift. I already had knowledge that the lady was a Shridi Baba devotee and hence felt commonness. I gave the lady the flower and asked her to give it to the PM – stating it was from Nallur Murugan. I stated also that the vahanam / vehicle was Elephant. One of the guys in the group – beamed – appreciating the significance.]

Leaving aside – the individuals – the above flower was given to State Minister for Education which is a position in the government structure. Even though I did not plan it that way – it was given on the day – elephant was the vehicle at Nallur and Kandy.

In Kandy – the celebrations were performed by Buddhists. I would not associate Peraheras with Lord Buddha. Wikipedia reports as follows:

[The Kandy Esala Perahera (the Sri Dalada Perahera procession of Kandy) also known as The Festival of the Tooth is a grand festival celebrated with elegant costumes and is held in July and August in KandySri Lanka. This historical procession is held annually to pay homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, which is housed at the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy. ………………The Kandy Esala Perahera begins with the Kap Situveema or Kappa, in which a sanctified young Jackfruit tree (Artocarpus integrifolia) is cut and planted in the premises of each of the four Devales dedicated to the four guardian gods NathaVishnuKatharagama and the goddess Pattini. Traditionally it was meant to shower blessing on the King and the people.]
According to the above - gods Natha ( Shiva ), Vishnu, Katharagama (Muruga) and Pattini (Holy Mother) – are protectors. To Hindus they are fundamental forms of Belief.  Like reliance in horoscopes, those who ‘convert’ without belief - tend to carry their past in the background. In the above – Hindu deities have been made ‘juniors’ to Buddha.

Understanding these priorities would help clear the mind as to any misconceptions about why Tamils who are majority Hindus strongly reject Buddhist rule that has polluted itself by making juniors of Hindu deities. In Hinduism Navagrahams (9 planets) represent our past. They are not to be invoked but are to be respected as facilitators of  remedies for past wrongs known as sins. The Saturdays in the month of September (Lunar calendar) are dedicated to relieving ourselves from our past including through sesame  lamps lit at the altar of Navagrahams. The planets themselves – like in Janus with opposing faces – do not face each other . The essence of it is that one who lives in the past will not ‘see’ the future and v.v.

As per my discovery the ‘form’ we give our belief  is only the outer form of the power of that belief. Once raised to the level of Energy (formless) that belief works independent of our mental and physical structures. It is often in Due Processes of a structure that our own true belief develops into. Yesterday at the funeral of our friend – when the mantras were chanted – I felt the Energy through the common belief that I shared with our friend – largely through Airlanka structures. Our common energies are preserved in those structures. By respecting those structures – we continue to strengthen those structures – wherever they may be. Once our work and sacrifices (including through discipline) get raised to Energy level – it supports us forever.

Last night for example, our staff at the Vaddukoddai Opportunity shop said that our coordinator had handed over Rs 1,500. Something did not sound right. I thought about the transaction details but could not work out the structure of the Rs 1,500. Part of it was balance from the advance  paid to attend court with the elderly instructing solicitor in the testamentary matter that is a real mess due to disorderly junior participants taking up senior positions. I kept asking my husband whether he could remember the details and he said to ring our coordinator. I said I did not want to because he was loyal to us and I did not want him thinking that we did not trust him. This morning I realised the reason for the inner friction. The shop staff had to collect money from the coordinator for his purchases to pay for which he did not have money at that time. The refund plus the above sales made up the Rs 1,500. My question was how did the shop staff account for those goods – without allocating the appropriate amount to sales? Her books would not balance.

This meant that the shop staff had deviated from the system that I had outlined. It was my own accountability contribution raised to the power of Energy that is shared as Due Processes. I accumulated it not only by respecting the theories in accounting but also  by paying my respects to my seniors in a structure. When my juniors respect me – that is the Energy  they access. When they deviate – they are limited to their own structures which then makes their structures ‘local’ to their own environment – as in the Hindu gods being  protectors in Buddhist temples. It is to eliminate this risk of ‘attachment to the body’ that most religions recommend meditation. Lord Shiva is that  form for Hindus. Hence the chanting of Shiva mantras during funeral ceremonies. I was grateful to the system that preserved my contribution to Due Processes by my Accounting elders - to which I added my own. My mind then settled down – knowing that our staff would correct herself when she receives my communication today.

In terms of Mrs Vijayakala getting the flower – as mentioned above – I now realize that - it was to help her not invoke the body of militants (LTTE) for political purposes. Jaffna and Valvettithurai – the birthplace of LTTE chief are made up of different genes. To the extent Mrs Vijayakala respects them  - the lady would have access to their energies. But to resurrect them in Jaffna – the education capital of Sri Lankan Tamils - was to dismiss herself from the portfolio of education.  At the time I handed over the flower – I was in the process of publishing  my book ‘Jaffna is my heritage and not dowry’. This book is also in essence to not ‘sell’ Thesawalamai structure’ for current benefits.  Like in the case of  Vaddukoddai staff – I opened the opportunity for Ms Vijayakala to get the blessings of Nallur and not Valvettithurai.

Mrs Vijayakala may have not identified with that opportunity. But the elephants in Kotte became the media through whom I had indicators about the downfall of Sinhala Buddhist kingdom. Believers read through indicators. Any true governor of Sri Lanka would identify with this indicator. To outsiders – the divisions came in the SLFP first during the last 2015 Presidential Elections. Now they are happening within the UNP also. Did the Kotte elephants give us the early warnings? The following Wikipedia account is another indicator that would confirm the connect between Tamils and Kotte Royalty.

[During the 1350‘s due to periodic invasions of the western region of Sri Lanka by the northern based Jaffna kingdom, many regions had begun to pay tribute and taxes to the Arya Chakaravarthi kings. The third member of the family to figure in historical accounts, known only as Alakesvara, was a minister of the local king Vikramabahu III of Gampola fortified a marshy region around present day Colombo region, on the marshes to the south of the Kelani River. He called the fortress Jayewardhanapura, and the area became known as Kotte, "The fort". By 1369 Alakesvara drove out the tax collectors and attacked the encampments of soldiers from Jaffna kingdom who attempted to invade the Sinhalese kingdoms at Chilaw and Negombo killing a large number of them and forcing the rest to retreat.]
My attention was drawn this week also to the ‘Open letter to Politicians in the South!’ by S.V.Kirubaharan of France.

The above article includes a video clip in which someone who looks very much like Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was expressing fears of Indian takeover.

Forgotten was the Tamil contribution to Ceylon / Sri Lanka – especially through Jaffna Kingdom which continuously opposed those in South – including King Alakesvara who migrated from Kanchipuram :

[They arrived in Sri Lanka around the 13th century and naturalized themselves in Sri Lanka. One member of the family is noted for founding the current capital of Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte as a fort from which he waged a war against encroaching tax collectors from the Jaffna kingdom in the north. The family lost most of its influence after its leader was taken captive by the Ming Dynasty (Chinese) Admiral Zheng He in 1411.
The first member of the family to arrive in Sri Lanka was named Nissanka Alagakonara, who migrated to Sri Lanka from a place called Vanchipura or Kanchipuram. Although they initially concentrated on mercantile activities and became wealthy, they eventually accrued political power with the local Kingdom of Gampola by the 14th century. This was helped by their conversion to Buddhism following their arrival in the island] Wikipedia

Since I am a believer in Mother Kamatchi of Kanchipuram – my mind would ‘find’ the above genetic connections when I need them – not for benefit but for belief.  The other connection I make is between Muruga – known also as Shanmuga (Six faces) – in the excerpt below

[The Kotte Raja Maha Vihara is mentioned in Aththaragama Bandara Rajaguru's book Vihara Asna (Nam Potha), a Kandyan period compiled book about the important Buddhist centers in Sri Lanka. According to that book Kotte temple is described as Oth Pilima geya and Jayawardenepura Kotte Shanmuga Devalaya which are believed to be the image house with reclining Buddha at Kotte Vihara done by King Parakumbha VI and the Devalaya in front of it. Beside that the temple has also been described in the poetic literature (Sandesha Kavya) of the Kotte era.] Wikipedia
Buddhists who treat Hindu forms of belief as junior forms to Buddha – including through Buddhism foremost clause in the Constitution - would be defeated including by themselves – when a true believer takes the position of their Opposition.

I believe that so long as Tamils keep believing in their own ancestry – they would continue to govern themselves and defend their sovereignty as a community. Whichever side wins the Parliamentary elections – Tamils must continue to Oppose with belief in our royal ancestry in Ceylon / Sri Lanka.   Democratic Opposition would prevent 9/11 type of revenge attacks and would have prevented not only the 30 year war but also the Easter attacks. The mind that accesses the truth – has absolute power – even if the believer is a minority of one.

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