Monday 9 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 September  2019

Rajapaksa Diaspora

The Tamil Community in Australia is made up of Assimilators as well as Integrators. The two are the social parallels of Takeovers and Mergers in commercial institutions. The way we assess who an assimilator is and who an integrator is varies. But to the extent we assess on the basis of our own truth – our assessment would support an orderly life for us. Ultimately truth leads us to the goal of Oneness. At breakeven point  the integration force in a society would equal the assimilation force. Anything above is Divine and anything below is less than human.
A person who claims to be ‘Tamil’ wrote to me last night :
[I find that you always talk of Thunaivi and the North which means you may be a non-civilised backward person. Why do you live in Australia, can go back to Thunaivi and rule Thunaivi? Please live like an Australian. Contribute to the development of Australia.]
This person reveals also about himself:
[About me
Gender – Male
Industry – Engineering
Occupation – Retired Power Systems Specialist Engineer
Location – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Educated at - Staffordshire University, UK, Monash Uni & Massey University.
A deeper than surface understanding of this personality as per my mind-structure , led me to the following conclusions:
(1)  He lacks higher thinking as per the educational qualifications he has adorned himself with.
(2)  He has easy access to status by associating himself with majority
(3)  He uses it to demote his Opponents to junior positions.
(4)  He has chosen to ‘forget’ that he could not qualify as an Engineer or if he did – then it is not of value to him – relative to UK and Australian qualifications.
(5)  He likes this kind of order and rejects the likes of me who oppose those apparently in power.

The guy wrote also as follows:
Do not hide under any cover, if there is any.]

A bit of research would have confirmed that the above is a ‘selfie’  by me.

As per my measures – anyone who lacks research skills and/or respect for those who have invested in research – automatically loses the moral authority to carry university titles. What amazed me yet again was the manifestation of the truth through this guy including through his choice of  article which had the heading ‘Janus Faced Australian University’. The picture confirms the contribution to global policy through a report on Sri Lanka’s Human Rights breaches being the Academic face of the University and how the University sent armed officers (the opposite face) into our home to collect legal costs incurred by them to defend through expensive barristers – effectively a cover-up. To my mind, this guy became the medium – because he is also Janus faced in terms of ethnicity.

The above mentioned Tamil guy – sees me as a failure. As per my assessment - to him success is in terms of outcomes. That is the way with assimilators.

The other publishing he referred me to was included in the following response:
[ It is my freedom to publish articles of honesty and superiority like that of Shenali, Tamara, etc., and you may be hampering into Democracy. You have come to live in Australia, not govern Australia. How many associations do Tamil Diaspora have and how much are they ripping off from the public around the world? Please view this:]
That was again a selfie by the British Tamil Community. To my mind that is disciplinary action through which  IBC – Tamil revealed  weaknesses within the Tamil community that is bound to affect wider British society – in a free environment. One who exploits that for lesser purposes confirms the tendency to separate and hence shows two faces.
When we start off with benefits – our policies are made on the run – to ensure that we show those benefits. On the other hand when we derive each benefit through a policy already made by our group – we have the experience of all who contributed to the structure. Such outcomes are clean of irregularities. A University is self-sustaining when its  contribution to Research is at least equal to its knowledge sharing including through Teaching.  Research  often begins with inheriting through respect,  the theories already discovered by others. This respect for others’ work was seriously lacking – especially to migrants like myself who claim that our Sri Lankan qualifications are our best. Those who see past as well as the future – at the same time – become dual personalities. They are incapable of policy making.
To assimilators who take the easy way to ‘show’,  we integrators would seem like fools. The above Tamils guy with British and Australian qualifications called me a fool when I wrote in response to his following request:
Tamil guy: [Please remove me from your email list.]
I responded as follows to the above:
[OK Done. Good Riddance of cowards]
Tamil guy: That’s an abusive word you fool. You have no other work rather disturb the humane living in SL. So many people have requested to remove their name. Just let the diaspora live in peace you fool.
This Tamil guy wrote also as follows:
[Media, Press, Freedom is an element in the democratic framework. Just because of the Pandaram Tamils all Tamils cannot oppress some excellent Sinhala writers. Shenali is an excellent journalist. Most Tamils are born with discriminatory character, right from SJVC downwards. If you go back to 1948 onwards, what did the Pandarams do to the N&E? No development, but always talk of separatism for the last 71 years. Even today the fat CVV is trying to claim popularity through Tamil Eelam. While Tamils oppress and discriminate their own Tamils.]

Like in sugar and cholesterol there is good discrimination and bad discrimination. Good discrimination is merit based and bad is selfish emotions based. That which is natural at the time of birth – is part of our makeup and comes with its other side balance. The ‘Pandarams’ – second class priests  as per my understanding – are the parallels of Bandaranaikes and Rajapaksas within Sinhala community. Ms Shenali Waduge is known for her support for the Rajapaksas and I have no knowledge of Ms Tamara Kunanayagam’s   roots in Northern Sri Lanka. They are both the leaders of the above Tamil guy while as per his mind -  I am fit only to rule toddy tapper community of Thunaivi.

The guy is right that we – SJV Chelvanayakam to CV Vigneswaran – with me floating somewhere there – are all born with discriminatory genes. But the question is whether we the genes confirm good discrimination or bad discrimination.

Whatever it may be – one without discrimination is either operating through hearsay or is a Saint driven by Absolute power.  I am neither. I use  discrimination towards self-governance.  On that basis – I classify this Tamil as being part of the Rajapaksa Diaspora. That is also one way of ‘forgetting’ the ethnic conflict. The problem is that it leads to mental illness called dementia which the overly desirous often suffer from. I was born with ‘clever’ genes. That cleverness helps me not become dependent on others for my status. Good or bad – I enjoy peace of mind when I discriminate and integrate – be it as Australian or Sri Lankan.  On that basis to the question by the Tamil guy –
‘What is the reason, vision, mission for your “Australian Tamil Management Service” here in Australia?’
My response is simple – self-governance.

I attribute today’s article to my friend Kandiah Shanmugasothy from Airlanka who has just passed away after a good innings of 81. Shan  continuously valued our partnership during his early days of settlement in Airlanka as well as in Australia – where I was an earlier settler than Shan. We were equals in Sri Lanka and also in Australia because we looked deeper than the surface for commonness.  Airlanka is our common family, as is the Australian Tamil Community.

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