Wednesday 12 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 June 2019

[Former Western Province Governor Azath Salley claims that terrorist leader Zahran Hashim’s group torched 120 houses belonging to traditional Muslims in Kattankudy in the Eastern Province in 2017, however the police did nothing regarding that.
He said that the people living in the area took to the streets and protested demanding the arrest of Zahran, but even then they didn’t arrest him.
“They did nothing. The OIC who was preparing to arrest him was transferred immediately,” he said, testifying before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing the Easter Sunday attacks.
Salley also claimed that from 2005 onwards, the Police and the Thowheed Jamath completely worked together. “That has to be said clearly. The Thowheed Jamath and the Police worked together.”
He also alleged that traditional Muslims who went and filed complaints with the police against them were either chased away or arrested.
“Zahran was just allowed to go free.”] report ‘Azath Salley claims Thowheed Jamath and police worked together

Unless there is objectively measurable proof confirming the above, one relies on ‘Balance of Probabilities’ method to evaluate the validity of the above evidence to confirm that the manifestations did happen. Interpreting ‘what happened’ would vary as per each person’s belief. In a nation that is using majority religion - Buddhism as the law -  even common secular law is a minority power. Truth alone would deliver Sri Lankans from this servitude to position power. The curse is already on Sri Lankan Buddhists. If we the minorities - including  those committed to common/secular  law rely on Buddhist leadership to lead us to nationhood we are fooling ourselves. The constitution itself is undemocratic. To be democratic it needs the support of Buddhists to eliminate article 9 which renders Buddhists superior status - even in a conflict that involved mainly  Christians and Muslims. The result was Separatism in Parliament.
When the Mother- law is incapable of leading us to believe in democracy - we need to become independent of the law and rely on Truth - our own Truth. The rest happens through the system least visible but most powerful - i.e. the system of natural justice. I believe in this system even though from time to time I feel downhearted due to disrespect demonstrated by the very people I include as part of myself.
One such example of support happened yesterday when our newest staff of 3 months said to me that after joining as staff she was feeling more motivated including in cooking and other services to the family. As the young lady narrated what she was doing now that she did not before - it was as if I was reborn in that family of toddy tapper origin. They emigrated to urban  Vaddukoddai - not too far from my husband’s traditional home. Not one member of that family that I became a part of nor my own family juniors demonstrated how this system of rebirth worked to produce real heirs. Kowsi confirmed that in my next birth also I would be an independent leader sharing my true qualities with others who are seeking. It was easier for Kowsi also because her relatives overseas did not even talk to her. I did due to our institutional values and structural requirements. We do not make any profit at money level. But at Human Resource level - we are developing heritage in Vaddukoddai that would sustain the next generation.
This is the duty of every minority group - including Christians and Muslims. The Muslim ministers who resigned are richer now than Christian leaders who remain in governmernt and therefore are effectively juniors of that government.
Charles Sarvan - a German Tamil - wrote as follows through his Sri Lanka Guardian artilce ‘Sri Lanka’s Sinhala-Tamil Divide: A Fatal Tamil Unawareness :
[Allow me to relate a personal, revelatory, incident from my article, ‘Racism and “exceptionalism”’: “While an undergraduate at the Peradeniya Campus in the 1950s, one of my closest friends happened to be a Sinhalese Buddhist. I spent holidays with him at his parental home in what was then a little village. His mother was a personification of gentleness and kindness, wise and caring, yet ready to smile or laugh. She liked me and it would not be an exaggeration to say she treated me as if I were one of her own family. Yet my friend told me that, while he was a growing child, she had related stories which portrayed Tamils not only as “the Other”, but which created the image in his mind and imagination of the Tamil as trouble and menace, to be distrusted, held at a distance and controlled. I have not the slightest doubt this was not her intention: she simply was not aware of the image of ‘the Other’ that folk tales and folk history create; their effect on the mind and imagination of a child and, finally, on the hapless Tamil. Essentially kind, decent and good she was simply “innocent” (in the sense of being unaware) of the possible long-term effects of the stories she narrated, tales she told and retold simply to entertain her son. Folk history and stories help to explain the intensity of hatred, and the ferocity of attack, during successive anti-Tamil riots and pogroms. They form an unbroken line of suspicion, resentment and hatred from ancient times into the present]

I noted the words ‘yet my friend told me that, while he was a growing child, she (mother) had related stories which portrayed Tamils not only as “the Other”, but which created the image in his mind and imagination of the Tamil as trouble and menace, to be distrusted, held at a distance and controlled.
The difference is common belief through the son. The events that followed confirmed that the lady was right in terms of separation which confirmed that Buddhists were leaders in Separation. JVP confirmed this Separatism trait long before LTTE did. We call them ‘Piravik kunam’ / birth traits. When rights and wrongs are not balanced - the net value becomes separated as inalienable traits of the individual soul which would naturally parter others for better or for worse. The Buddhist lady who distrusted Tamils made a junior of Charles Sarvan - at the level of her son. To the extent Charles preferred that to being distrusted - he diluted the contribution by Sri Lankan Tamils to be independent / sovereign within their own resources. Charles did not take rebirth in Peradeniya and hence continues ancient measures as current.

Most young ones here in Jaffna do not know about the Tamil leaders mentioned by Charles. But from time to time - they recognize those like me who ‘completed’ experiences and relationships through Truth recognized about the highest member of the current group. That is when our work becomes of heritage value. Buddhist leaders took-over the positions of leadership when the British left. By using the name of Buddha for relative values - they demoted Buddha in them to the lower  level of relativity and thus separated themselves from Buddhist heritage. Sri Lankans who are independent of politicians but without needing to ‘show’ such independence are the true heirs of Sri Lanka. They / we are inalienable part of Sri Lankan heritage - whatever language we speak, whatever religion we follow.

Believers in Common Law are more likely to feel Sri Lankan than Buddhist Politicians and Monks who demand relative superiority and for this reason minority status is a blessing in disguise so long as we seek independence and not relativity with  Buddhists. That is the 50:50 theory in current form.

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