Saturday 8 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
08 June 2019

[The end of the internal terror problem, mainly concentrated in the
North of the island, raged for over thirty years with successive
Sri Lankan governments struggling to control the renegade
LTTE group. 2005 saw the end of the Bandaranaike dynasty and the
election by a slim margin of Mahinda Rajapaksa who fought the
election on a platform of bringing the terror problem to an end.
Almost remarkably his government were indeed able to bring an end
and 2009 ushered in a new opportunity to Sri Lanka. The principal
beneficiary was the island’s tourism assets.]SRI LANKA TOURISM IN
PERIL article by News First
Consciously or otherwise, the author Faraz Shauketaly has made the
connection between alleged Terrorism and Tourism. Tourism is objectively
provable. Terrorism is largely subjective. If the common international citizen
had believed that Sri Lanka suffered due to Terrorism there would have been
no tourism in Sri Lanka for at least 30 years. As per the tourism litmus test -
Sri Lanka did not suffer from Terrorism of International proportions.
The free traveller confirms this truth. China is reported to have
confirmed that there would be tour groups from China. This
is despite the checks on the way. Hence one is entitled to conclude that
at least in the eyes of the Chinese the Easter attacks were not of global
proportions. Idle governments can invoke terrorism activities. But the Sri Lankan
 government’s capacity is very local.
The government is the national parallel of parents. To the extent the
government is common to all diverse groups in its care - the government would
 have the intuitive power to pick up early warning signs. That is the value of
common parenting / governance. To the extent it does not have that capability
to be common, the government / parent  needs laws that promote Equal
Opportunity for every group/child to pursue its/her/his own special pathways.
 From that point onwards - the government / parent becomes a facility sans
any Administration. Each time the government Administers such a group/
person  and the group/person remains forbearing - the karma returns to sender. Showing more money fools the foreigner - even though by law s/he may be Sri Lankan.
Recently I said to a Colombo couple that they were wasting money by sending
their children to expensive private schools because their children are not able
to picture themselves as professionals. When asked, the elder child said that
she wanted to be a clerk in the bank - like her cousin.  Even though I was an
example she could have followed, there was no such connection because the
 parents borrowed money to pay school fees but failed to repay and failed to
 demonstrate respect for us as their seniors. Hence that mentoring network
was not there. Why should such family invest in higher education at a level
they cannot afford? The Easter bombers may not have owed money but they
owed opportunities in higher thinking roles that help each participant work out her/his own returns. If the parents are incapable of thinking beyond immediate money returns - then investments that the young ones make in studying and passing exams become lateral as per the company they keep - like the daughter copying her cousin in the above example.
In Sri Lanka, the Bandaranaikes and the Rajapaksas have facilitated the
vertical path of jobs for their own. Tamils and Muslims who give preference to
their own would not seem wrong to them as per their own truth. Using global
resources that ought to support Equal Opportunity values in diversity - earned
 them negative karma - whenever they formed government by claiming to be
democratic. Now the whole world knows that two minority groups are foreigners
 in areas where Sinhala-Buddhists are in majority. This then means that the
strengths of these members of minority will not naturally be shared by Sinhala-

I said to a member of our staff in Vaddukoddai that even though she professed
 to be faithful to me and thanked me for the opportunity to work -
she failed to ensure that the temple gate was locked except for prayer time.
 I said if she were truly faithful - she would have replaced the lock out of her
own funds and reimbursed herself from our funds. I said she did not because
she did not want to get a bad name from the folks who socialize at the temple
which results in hooliganism by idle youth. I said that my sense of
independence and the resulting thought structure would be hers only when
she became independent of the lower biological pulls. I said that when that
happens - she would know intuitively that her job is safe. Her sense of
insecurity is due to her own divided loyalty.

Likewise - Tourism service providers who are dependent on local pulls would
be anxious. Not so those who have invested in global standards. The
common pathway develops common thinking and therefore intuition that
promotes prevention of tragedies.

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