Saturday 15 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 June 2019

 Juniors in Autocracy become Equal Opposition in Democracy. When majority in an area act like seniors - they go back to Autocracy. Often they draw benefits in the name of Democracy. The Island reports as follows about the Parliamentary Select Committee inquiring into the Easter Bombings:
[Sumanthiran: Why did you say in Parliament that there could be a bloodbath if harassment of Muslims continued?

Hisbullah: That was said in a different context. There was a proposal to merge the Northern and Eastern provinces. Then our people expressed their opposition to that proposal. I echoed their voice. Our people didn’t want to live under continued harassment from the people of the North. I warned that there would be a bloodbath if the provinces were merged.]

There are Muslims still living in North - sometimes in hostile environments but largely in harmony with non-Muslim Tamils. But leaders who separate Muslims from Tamils become leaders of smaller group. As per the system of belief - one needs deeper belief than a senior / member of majority group - to invoke the power of truth in support. The senior needs deeper belief to include the junior and present common face. Extremism separates. Tamils who play the role of seniors in Eastern Lanka have to include Muslims before becoming eligible to be leaders in East. Now I understand why Madam Kumaratunga who was then President asked me in relation to Tsunami Reconstruction work whether I was from Batticaloa area. The natural expectation was that I would be, LTTE failed to include East as part of the whole. Those who carry LTTE victory would likewise lack the depth to include Muslims through affirmative action.

As per my discovery when someone dies and we appreciate their goodness - we strengthen our own goodness. On the other hand if we disrespect the dead we would inherit their negatives. Separation is preceded by death of the old. Hence in the mind of Mr Hisbullah - then the governor of Eastern Province - the negatives of Tamil political and militant leadership became genes - pre-existing base. This would naturally infect the community that he is part of. In conclusion - he became  a carrier of the LTTE separation genes and also cause the Easter bombings. The current positives have to be stronger than such forces to keep them dormant.

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