Monday 17 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
17 June 2019

In its article headed ‘The ulterior motive behind the 19th amendment to the constitution’
News 1st  presents as follows: ‘ If the two main political parties come together to govern
 the country, what impact will it have on the country? It is without a doubt that this will
 indeed make the country and its people victorious. However, though this took place in
the year 2015, a favourable situation as envisaged did not take place. What were the
reasons behind this?’
When two parties are seen to come together the whole is not suitable for democracy. The
 people and the country will NOT suit the system of democracy. Democracy requires us
to view a problem laterally and the point at which we lose sight of the other side is the
border of democracy, and this border confirms the limit within which we would be
successful as a democracy. This is taken as the 50% of the depth required to reach the
‘root’ from the manifestation. Once we go past this point - we lose consciousness of the
form confirming duality and start accumulating energy. From then on there is no need for
 democracy. Democracy is needed by those who are driven by visible outcomes to get to
this half way point. This is usually needed by  majority group in terms of culture. In more
 or less mono-cultural Jaffna - this is more between seniors and juniors - with juniors
enjoying majority power after militancy.
Those who draw benefits on the basis of democracy, have the duty to ensure that they
they operate within those borders of democracy and be open to opposition from
those within those borders. These opposers are the ‘other side’ of the coin. As per the laws of nature - there are two sides to every physical manifestation and up to the point where we consciously recognize a physical manifestation / matter - we

have the duty to recognize that the  equal other side also exists. Hence even if we are a group of 100 and the opposer is a minority of 1 - that opposer is taken to have done the work of a hundred. The visible opposer may be 1. But the force that motivates the opposer to express her/himself with confidence confirms the equal level work done to see the other side and raise it to Energy level without exaggeration nor shrinkage of the real value. Towards this the opposer should not mark the other side wrong - but travel until the root cause is identified with. That is the system of karma.

The Opposition that does equal or more level work is respected as being the other half of government - just as the homemaker is in a family. The difference in numbers confirms the courage that the opposer has, to oppose at the at the express level - as if the work done was equal to that of 100. This in essence is the basis of the Tamil Political Opposition in Sri Lanka.
Deep analysis of the numbers confirmed that the current President won his position due to Tamil votes. This was further confirmed in the Parliamentary elections when the Tamil National Alliance became Opposition in National Parliament in 2015. This is due to the pain of losing members of the community unjustly due to militancy being exaggerated as terrorism. The two-party system was effectively non-existent from 2009 to 2015 when those who genuinely opposed the government were suppressed. If the above statement about one party system is true - then we would have been most successful during that period. The People / groups who were outliers due to indifference until then - became oposers when they became victims of autocracy. The civilians who were killed or injured unjustly - became the silent Energy that was ready to be invoked by the victims during the above period.
If the Opposition leadership was not taken over by some of similar culture and therefore lacking in Opposition power - except in numbers - the Easter bombings would not have happened. This is because Tamils who had the courage to Oppose - without taking an eye for an eye - carry that latent power to prevent and protect us from such manifestations. During the clashes with Buddhists driven by majority force - Muslims who did not have the numbers to show equal power but expressed opposition as per their belief - developed this Energy which would have naturally merged with that of Tamils backed by similar Energy. The Easter bombings  seriously diluted this Energy for minority communities.
One needs courage to oppose and continue to live - knowing that true work and sacrifice never dies. Such Sri Lankans would continue to protect the true Sri Lanka when true believers in Sri Lanka have deep need. So long as Sri Lanka has this protective power - the needs  by all those who are believers in Sri Lanka would be satisfied by that ownership energy.

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