Tuesday 11 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 June 2019


[ The importance of ascertaining the truth behind the Easter Sunday bombings sooner rather than later is that it can help to prevent a recurrence of such a terrible possibility. ] Jehan Perera in his Colombo Telegraph article headed Safeguarding Country From Recurrence Of Easter Sunday Bombing
The Truth is abstract. My truth is likely to look different to  Jehan’s truth when produced as ‘facts’. Each person feeling the effects is part of the problem and therefore the solution.
The common reason for the Easter bombings is recognized as  extremism given religious form. From the point of view of Tamils who are also part of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka - the name of Buddhism was used by political leaders to assume positions of leadership. Did Buddhism cause the problem? When a leader states that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country is it an expression of Truth or merely the ‘seen’? Hearsay is dismissed in a court of law. Hence as per the fundamentals of the judicial system - politicians who claim that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country - because majority look  Buddhists are actually investing against the fundamentals of Judicial administration.
Administration includes a large component of external knowledge. Unless therefore there is balance at the level of application -  those without experience would have difficulty in Administering. As a Hindu, I would need to learn the codes of Buddhism to Administer Buddhists and v.v. The alternative is common belief. Practitioners of Buddhism would have the natural authority of commonness to administer Buddhists. To govern non-Buddhists such leaders have to renounce Administration and therefore have to use the belief based pathway of cause and effect as if s/he caused a manifestation and s/he is experiencing the effects of it. They are true governors. But to get there - one needs to renounce Administration. When I feel frustrated with Courts in Northern Sri Lanka, I use ‘governance’ which is extremely difficult where males dominate. I could hire the most expensive lawyer here and be assured of victory. But then I would not qualify as the representative of the Public who are largely not able to pay high fees. So I play ‘dumb’ and learn their system and use only those that seem balanced to me.
Where majority in a group do not have knowledge of law - belief becomes the reliable pathway and truth experienced by one becomes becomes the law that regulates the pathway. Making changes to Sharia law while keeping ‘Buddhism foremost’ in the constitution blocks access to the common land-based pathway of democracy. THAT is the truth - that majority Parliamentarians in Sri Lanka have been denied visas to the land of democracy. This was confirmed by the Buddhist monks expelling Muslim politicians from the Parliament - which is now a Buddhist Parliament in looks.

Had they asked for Buddha’s blessings - they would have cured instead of punishing. In real terms the Muslim leaders who were democratic - become natural global citizens - as was the case with a good proportion of Tamils who had the parallel experience many decades ago. Ultimately the system of Truth delivers to all practitioners of truth.

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