Wednesday 26 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
25 June 2019


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" - (Genesis 1:1)

On 13 June 2019 - the day we celebrate St Anthony’s feast - the following ‘happened’ in Colombo Sri Lanka:

[“The country needs honest political leaders who have a backbone, who do no wrong deeds and who do not safeguard those who do wrong deeds and take steps to punish those among them who do wrong. It is the duty of political leaders to do their duty to create a just society,” the Cardinal said at the service held at the St. Anthony’s Shrine at Kochchikade.  ] Daily FT report Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith says country needs courageous political leadership with “backbone”

[Establishing night clubs is one way of attracting young Indian tourists to Sri Lanka, says Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs John Amaratunga.
The minister said this addressing an event organized by the tourism board yesterday (12).
“Our casinos are no doubt an attraction for many of the Indians,” says Minister Amaratunga.
The Indian authorities have complained that there are not enough means of entertainment in the city of Colombo and outstation areas, he said.] Adaderana report headed Nightclubs, one way to attract young Indians to SL - John Amaratunga

On the basis of religion - the Cardinal ranks above Mr John Ameratunga. As a Minister  - Mr Ameratunga ranks above the Cardinal. Whose subjective power would Sri Lankan Christians be influenced by? Did the Cardinal who endorsed ‘Buddhism Foremost’ for Sri Lanka,  contribute to this conversion from Christian values to politics foremost attitude by the minister for Christian Affairs?

Is it appropriate that the Ministry of Christian Affairs is part of the Ministry of Tourism Development? What influence did that have on the Easter Bombings by a group that is anti gambling-toursim?

Lanka Business Online reported as follows on 13 November 2013:

[Changing demographics in India and China could make Sri Lanka ‘a leading tourist mecca’ for the rising middle class in Asia, head of Crown Australia, James Packer said. Wealthy Chinese wanted luxury travel, luxury hotels, signature restaurants, quality entertainment, gaming, casinos and high-end retail, he said.]

The question that comes to mind is whether the partnership between Australian and Sri Lankan governments in promoting tourism had the effect of importing the gambling attitude to Sri Lanka and hence with it the opposers to gambling whose minds could be manipulated by those who show more favourable outcomes than one has earned. People need to know what within themselves caused the current pain. Often when a cause is unknown - we use the balance of probability method. 

Yesterday I said in this regard, to our lawyer for the land matter in Colombo - that I was satisfied with our side  lawyers who included my contribution to the arguments presented in court. I said the rest was up to the Judge. But when a little later the matter was adjourned yet again I was not so generous. I said that the lawyers also owed it to the Legal Administration system to ensure greater justice. I believe that when one who has completed her/his duty as per the position taken - and continues to be engaged despite ‘failures and disappointments’ that person becomes the natural Opposition of those who benefit from being in charge. From then on the contributions by that person go towards strengthening the Opposition to the person/group in charge. That I believe was how Tamil National Alliance protected minorities when they were the Equal Opposition in National Parliament. 

The pain accepted by Tamils who continued to operate  within the law is the natural protection that Tamils of Sri Lanka carry. That is also Gandhi power. The takeover of that position by group showing Buddhism  - to my mind was to remove that protective power for that for the whole. 

We at the People’s level still do not know what caused us the pain of Easter bomings. What we do know is that the government also failed. As per the Sri Lankan Constitution, Christian Sri Lankans had the duty to submit the matter to the Lord after the point where the structure did not facilitate them to follow as per the law. When we so submit - our attachment is converted to Energy that is common to all in our faith group. The Hindu verse that comes to mind is ‘Kuththu Kuththu, koor vadivelaal - patru patru - Pakalavan thanaleri’ (Stab attachment to death by the sharp spear of faith for Truth to emerge like the power of the Sun’ 

Gambling promotes attachment to immediately visible  outcomes. Hence the question as to whether Mr James Packer infected Mr John Ameratunga who infected Mr Ranjith and hence on Easter Sunday that Truth resurrected Itself. 
Ultimate Reality is Truth. Those who take only the Truth from one portfolio to another - are protected by that Truth. Not so those who take with them their status in one group to rule over another. 

Since God created heaven we need to accept that God created hell also. Man who plays god at the surface level , also has to play devil.

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