Friday 14 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 June 2019

Most citizens are conscious of common family and workplace requirements. The are the unwritten laws of various groups - including religious groups. Each time we discover truth that needs to be shared - we have the duty to the relevant institution to integrate that discovery with the existing laws of the group. The person/s discovering would identify with that need. The Sri Lankan constitution was amended to dilute the executive powers of the President. Such a need was expressed by the incumbent as a basis on which he presented himself as an appropriate candidate in the 2015 Presidential elections. It is now obvious that he did not BELIEVE in the need for lesser executive powers to the President. What are the natural consequences of such deception?
As per News 1st report on this subject matter:

[Gevindu Kumaratunga criticized Jayampathy Wickramaratne, very person who suggested the committee. He noted that Jayampathi Wickramarathne was a person who tried to dismantle the government structure since the 8th of January 2015. He added that his idea of the 19th amendment lead the country to an unresolvable crisis and he is the person who supervised the committee on two occasions.]

This brought to my mind a recent experience with a Vaddukoddai businessman who was defaulting in his repayments of business loan. When asked he said that his brother in law was keeping ‘Sooniyam’ / Voodoo and started narrating why he thought so. After listening to him for a little while - I said words to the effect ‘I gave you the loan because you demonstrated respect and also common belief. When lending the money I stated specifically that I accepted  your need to purchase goods during the festive season. If you had acted in good faith  - those goods would be available for sale now. By making use of the funds for other purposes - you have kept Sooniyam on yourself.

The loans are interest free. Hence the system of belief is the appropriate system through which we can find truth and return the karma on the person making false promises.

Elected members of Parliament have the duty to measure through belief first especially the laws made during their period in parliament. If they are disrespectful - they keep Sooniyam on themselves. Politicians who make promises likewise - to the extent the People believed that they were voting for that stated promise. Even one true citizen has the power to return the karma to the person who made such promises. Belief is Absolute power and hence just one person is enough - as Gandhi confirmed.
The Sri Lankan Government that failed to respect the truth that resulted in the 13th Amendment to the Constitution - would continue to do Sooniyam on itself. Every victim who was killed unjustly during the ethnic war has the power to return the karma in one direction or the other. The true heirs of such victims inherit that power. A true heir is one who believes in the elder and/or the heritage. When Mr Hizbullah was appointed as the President’s representative in Eastern Province - the President kept Sooniyam on himself. It was disrespectful of the Spirit of the 13th Amendment which resulted due to India’s participation in finding a solution to the ethnic problem. The President - knowingly or otherwise practiced ‘divide and rule’ and hence lost the support of Tamils in East who genuinely fought for self-governance. Northern Province was protected and this was confirmed through the appointment of Dr Raghavan - a Tamil Sri Lankan as the Governor.

So long as the constitution was amended through Due Processes - it needs to be accepted as the belief of the whole parliament. The Opposition is taken as the junior believer through this particular form. Due Processes confirm the Energy of those who established the system and those who genuinely practiced and maintained that system. The are often invisible to those who are driven by immediate outcomes. But those who follow such Due Processes are supported by our ancestors. The architects of the 19th Amendment, to the extent they followed Due Processes - are fit and proper persons to inquire into the Easter Bombings - in terms of Policy and therefore Sri Lankan psychology.

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