Wednesday 19 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 June 2019


[The TNA is not acting in the interest of the Tamil people in the North, or in the other
parts of the country, but instead in the interest of the rich Tamil elite who along with
he Sinhala and Muslim elites (the rich 1% of the population) who are prepared to
serve the cause of America, and not that of the Sri Lankan people. It is in fact time that
 a genuine Tamil leadership is elected to Parliament which thinks first as Sri Lankan and
 then only as Tamil.] The Island article headed ] The Island article - ‘Prof. Vitharana asks
Tamil leaders not to align themselves with UNP promoting US interests’

Professor Vitharana does not have the mandate to express on behalf of Tamils.  I therefore conclude that Professor Vitharana is ‘telling’ Tamils and this effectively is racial discrimination.

Discrimination - be it just or unjust happens within the area of relativity. Separation of Powers as per diversity facilitates progress towards absolute power which is the basis of self-governance. It is one’s duty to the Nation to choose the narrow express pathway to self governance when  the broader common pathway is blocked by leaders who occupy common leadership positions while expressly claiming that their religious pathway is superior. Professor Vitharana who held the portfolio of ‘Senior Minister of Scientific Affairs’ during the Rajapaksa regime - is the litmus test of intellectual balance in the political group that he represents. He would therefore confirm whether  the Rajapaksa leadership would be balanced or biased in relation to the group with whom he shares his thoughts and beliefs.

As per the above report [Prof. Vitharana discussed the issue in a recent speech delivered at the Jaffna Managerial Forum]

In contrast - I recently got the confession of a senior legal counsel of about Professor Vitharana’s age stating to me ‘I made a mistake when I quoted the figure of   Rs 20,000 to obtain the Certificate of Heirship. If I charged only that - I would be doing myself a disservice. I need Rs 50,000’. As senior counsel he was part of the management group in Jaffna. This counsel confirms the dangers of ‘monopoly’ that limits development of the mind of litigant. They in turn have produced taxi drivers who claim ownership of parking space and dictate the order in which business is grabbed.

I refused to oblige and did not even try to reason - after the senior counsel stated that the revised fee was reasonable in light of what I stood to gain! Instead I updated our instructing solicitor to attend and obtain the Certificate on the date fixed by the Court. To me that denial of business to unauthorized occupier of ‘management’ position by the apparent senior counsel who was depending on the outcome is a major reason for disorderly conduct of a good proportion of Jaffna community. If TNA is representing such folks - then it is a natural representation.

As for American interests being promoted - a good proportion of current Tamil community in Sri Lanka would be happy to migrate to America in preference to staying in Sri Lanka. By intent - we would continue to exchange places with Americans - especially those who depend on Western monies. That is a natural barter system in immigration. Through such we accept also the threats that Americans face. The Jaffna Tamil has already gone through this experience of global proportions during the ethnic war. Professor Vitharana belatedly presents the following picture:

[Prof. Vitharana said that all faced a terrorist threat as the Easter Sunday attack was likely to be repeated as Zahran was clearly not its leader.

"Till we find who the real leader is and who is behind him the danger persists. It is generally agreed that there was a powerful international force behind the well- coordinated attacks. If the claim that ISIS was behind is correct, there are many questions that arise. In an article published in the Global Research journal, a scholar from Harvard University, USA proved that the USA played a leading role in the establishment, training, and arming of ISIS, and of other extremist Islamic groups like AI-Qaeda and Taliban. The ISIS which hoped to establish an Islamic state in the Middle East has yet to explode a single bomb in Israel, the main enemy of Muslims. Why should they want to explode bombs in small Sri Lanka, with a scattered 10% Muslim population of about 2 million, in which ISIS cannot hope to establish an Islamic state? ]

Good question. But is Harvard not American? If  Sri Lankan academics can naturally accept American leadership - why not Sri Lankan politicians? The Muslim who has realized self-governance through Islam would naturally merge with other Muslims. Likewise Christians and Hindus. To accelerate investment in self-governance through the Common Sri Lankan path - politicians have to lose consciousness of ‘benefits’. Belief based politics is empowered by natural forces. The more conscious we are of ‘benefits’ the greater the risk of desire and its other side - ‘fear’. The self-test is to know that we start believing when we are no longer conscious of the benefits. To the extent we are conscious of benefits we need to use the cost-benefit analysis to maintain a healthy mind. Yesterday when the cab-driver reached Jetwing Jaffna Hotel - he spontaneously stated ‘They have started coming again’. This was invoked by the coach parked at the entrance. Tourists including from Southern Sri Lanka have become relatives of these cab owners. I was happy about that relativity than about false declarations of oneness.

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