Friday 21 June 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 June 2019

Man Proposes, God Disposes

Artist - Edwin Henry Landseer
Year - 1864
Location - Royal Holloway, University of London

[The ‘Saree’ and the ‘Osari’ are attires that were originally worn by Muslims, says UPFA Parliamentarian S.B. Dissanayake.
Addressing an event held today (20), the parliamentarian said these dresses hailed from the Middle East and were later adapted by India.
Muslim women have been branded as ‘inactive machines for reproducing offspring’ claims the parliamentarian.] Adaderana article ‘Saree & ‘Osari’ are Muslim attires from Middle East - SB

Reproduction is a healthy activity. It certainly was considered so  when Muslim influence was strong in India. During our Tamil Literature classes at Holy Family Convent - Jaffna, Ms Muthuthamby would usually ask the question that prompted the chorus from us ‘Airopiyar Varuhaiyaal’ / Due to the arrival of Europeans! We were caught out when we sang the same chorus for the question ‘why are women less visible in our society?’  The lesson that followed was about greater visibility of the Europen woman!

Mr Dissanayake would have served Sri Lankans better, had he come here to Vaddukoddai where also junior caste families produce more children than senior castes. Even at the opportunity shop - the customers who patronise vary according to the Service Provider. When the junior caste lady serves - there are more junior caste customers than when a senior caste serves. Prior knowledge does influence our behaviour - especially when we are in ‘free’ / ‘unsupervised’ environment.

Maintaining tradition is more important to those who are currently minorities in an environment. Miss Malala Yousafzai had the inner strength to fight for equal rights of women to be educated about wider world. One needs stronger will to fight against the inner enemy. I became ‘Australian’ as per my assessment - before taking legal action against those who denied me my earned status at the workplace and later within family. In both instances I was ‘failed’ by the judiciary - but was passed with distinction by Truth. The manifestations keep happening exponentially. My writings confirmed that I graduated with distinction in the subject matter of Equal Opportunity.

On that basis, I find that Mr Dissanayake is making negative contribution to ethnic as well as gender based  harmony in Sri Lanka. The more commonness we feel less the differences we ‘see’. Minorities often have the depth of their pain to drive the natural forces in an environment. A mother is an intuitive feeler due to her pain in carrying and delivering children. Mothers often cure children confidentially through this intuitive power. In addition, the Homemaking women who rely on men for money and endure quietly the difficulties that these cause - have additional power to work the system of truth. In Sri Lanka, where the Muslim woman is being punished by cowardly men - these Muslim women who do not take revenge but relatively use lesser resources than their parallels in other  communities of Sri Lanka - accumulate much stronger energies than those others. This confirms the saying ‘Man Proposes, God Disposes.’

Wikipedia confirms the strength of such power as follows:

[It is well-documented that students at Royal Holloway believe the painting is haunted. It comes from the urban myth that a student sitting their exams in the 1920-30s stabbed a pencil into their eye, writing "The polar bears made me do it" on to their exam paper, in reference to the painting, and committing suicide. There is, however, no university record of death in the picture gallery.The college's curator, Dr. Laura MacCulloch, explained about the myth, saying that "if you sit directly in front of it in an exam, you will fail - unless it's covered up".
Due to the perception that the painting is a bad omen, there is a college tradition that requires temporarily covering the painting with a Union Jack when student examinations are ongoing. This is due to an incident during the 1970s where an exam invigilator hurriedly covered the painting with the first thing they could find that would be large enough, as a student refused to sit their exam by the uncovered painting.]

Producing children is a natural function. The pain is balanced through the intuitive power of exponential strength. When Muslim women who carry this strength are insulted and they feel hurt - the person/s so hurting get cursed by natural forces.  The Union Jack flag that cover the Painting by Artist - Edwin Henry Landseer is the parallel of the Hijab / saree / veil by women who inherit and/or develop such latent powers that would invoke themselves when their heirs are disrespected.

The SLFP whose first lady Mrs Banaranaike wore saree and if Mr Dissanayake is genuine - then he invokes the spirit of the Muslim in Sri Lankan women who wear saree.
The example that comes to my mind is that of my own experience :when an Australian police constable asked me to remove the pin holding the saree fall to the blouse. Then she asked me whether there were any more pins on me? I said ‘yes, the ones that are holding my underskirt in place’ . So saying I lifted my hands away from my body and asked the lady officer to go ahead and remove the pins herself  warning her that I was likely to stand naked if the pins came off! The officer just said ‘get into the vehicle’. The Minister wrote in response to my protest that the officer  did not go ahead - that it was a question of protecting modesty. In other words - they recognized that I was virtuous.

The common lesson here is that an expression of belief (god-power) should not be invoked for current purposes (man-power). When so invoked for current benefits - the other side takes exponential proportions due to time related additional strengths - the parallel of accumulated interest on investments. In Hindu culture this is depicted by the rituals around the Navagrahas/Nine Planets - depicting our past karma. We usually prostrate before other altars but not so at this shrine. The explanation is that Saturn would sit on our shoulder if we did. The student examinations at University of London are the parallels of rituals at other shrines for current life. The painting of ‘Man Proposes ; God Disposes’ confirms that the grades from those examinations would die soon and will be killed by the evil that such grades contribute to.’ Hence the suicides.

Suicide bombings likewise happen in Sri Lanka due to the curse of unjust discrimination which resulted in militancy. Like the academic grades, the death of the body of an armed fighter was likely to happen in the battlefield. Where the battlefields of a country are cursed by unjust deaths - the militants commit suicide and bring about immediate death.

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