Tuesday 2 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 October 2018

President Sirisena or Mr Sirisena spoke at the UN?

We received an invitation to attend the family function of a friend of mine. We had also another to attend a function of a friend of my husband. In both instances, there were institutional values involved but most of that  were NOT common to both my husband and I.  Hence we decided not to go to both. If using individual as the yardstick, the value needs to be close to absolute value – such as Love at first sight. This is important as we mature and are less flexible at the physical level, due to age. If the relationship is due to common values – then we need to work out the value that we derived in our mind-order. Common values strengthen mind-order.  I guess this was a big reason why I left workplaces despite liking some as individuals. The more we invest in structures – the wider the support network; and hence the effectiveness of majority power.  Individuals without structures / borders work better and faster than individuals with the same level of IQ but with structural commitments. Hence the cleverness of LTTE and the war-crimes threat faced by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces at global level.

The representatives of Sri Lanka have the duty to express their investment in global values on behalf of all of Sri Lanka. Towards this, one is entitled to use one’s Truth as individual but the experience needs to be raised to the higher level so all of us who have invested in Sri Lanka could identify with the outcomes as per our own Truth. To those who invest in common laws without taking any active return for it – that residual value is their Truth. This is of positive value to raise matters to issue level.

Likewise, in the case those who receive/take more returns (money and/or status) in the name of those structures, than their investment in those common structures and the laws that operate the structures, negligence becomes a negative value that keeps pulling down the value of those with positive energy to escalate a matter/problem.

The person who spoke at the UN had structural responsibilities. But that person revealed his lack of respect for that structure by using the UN to present his own personal credit as an individual. The Island reports as follows:

[President Maithripala Sirisena came under severe criticism from the war-time general Sarath Fonseka for announcing in New York that political and military leadership fled abroad fearing Tiger bombings in Colombo.

Fonseka, minister of Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Regional Development, dismissed Sirisena’s claim in New York last week that the country’s military and political leadership were out of the island in the final two weeks of the war in May 2009.

"The former president was out of the country, even I had to go to China. We don’t have to be pressing the trigger. In the final two weeks, it was a job for corporals and sergeants.

"Those who think like corporals and sergeants may think it was in the final two weeks one could display capability show results. Can a person who was acting (defence minister) for two weeks understand the complexities of a war that was going on for over two years," Fonseka said.]

In other words, General Fonseka is claiming that it was Mr Sirisena, the individual who spoke at the UN and not the President of Sri Lanka. Relative to General Fonseka, Mr Sirisena was far from the war-experience and was speaking out of turn – to ‘show’ where one was required to ‘share’ .

One could be committed to Common Principles and Values – and thus keep relationships active enough to merge and produce common outcomes. One could on the other hand share one’s Truth within the boundaries of that Truth and then Truth does the rest of the work to UNITE including beyond local borders. When using Sri Lankan experience – the President ought to use both side experiences on common footing. Otherwise the President is representing the individuals and groups that he feels part of. According to the UN speech/declaration – this is Sinhalese and not Sri Lanka.

Tamil leaders are also facing similar problem of dividing and ruling.
As per report received, Mr Ganeswaran Velayuthan  - an Associate of TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization) complains of similar in the case of Tamil Political leaders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i61CXi1QA2M
What do we, the ordinary shareholders do to revive, maintain and handover an improved heritage to our heirs?  If our values cannot be merged through Politics – then we need to develop our own structures that would sustain themselves beyond time and place boundaries. One that currently spreads naturally beyond local borders confirms Sovereignty needed to support our community beyond time based generational borders. As Mr Velayuthan highlights – if we wait for a political solution through constitutional changes – the current  generation that shows strongest demotion through our ranking in Education – would be as incapable as Mr Sirisena’s group of developing stronger positive structures capable of sustaining global development.

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