Thursday 25 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 October 2018

Coalition of Tamil Opposition

Equal Opposition is essential in Democracy at the primary level. Opposition at the primary level is disastrous to Autocracy. Jaffna during militancy did not enjoy the practice of Democracy and the various freedoms that came with Democracy. The leading Tamil Political Group TNA,  has facilitated opposition and that is a huge improvement in Democracy. This was possible only because we included the Truth of militants as part of our Community’s Energy.

Mr Wigneswaran whose term as Chief Minister ended this week is taking rebirth as head of  Tamil Makkal Koottanii. Mr Wigneswaran states about this:
[I would have retired if the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Members were loyal to their policies. It is the TNA that forced me to form this Party. I did not wish to split the TNA. People will join me if my objectives are correct, and if not they will walk away. It is the choice of the people]

TNA cannot be split in terms of its powers with the People. TNA is the face of  the struggle for Tamil Self-Governance through the Political Pathway. Policies are like Budgets. One has to relate through actuals towards which Budgets / Policies provide a common pathway. Be they Policies or Actuals – they  would be read by various ‘investors’ as per their own needs and desires. Those interpreting on the basis of their need would make the ‘right’ conclusions which must be included in the new policies.

The lesson learnt here by some of us – is that Northern Province operating as a stand-alone unit lacks the self-determination ability to maintain itself at standards acceptable at global level. TNA at National level is more senior than TNA at Provincial level. Mr Wigneswaran had difficulty merging with TNA as it was when he first became a member. When we join any new institution, we have to first merge ourselves with the existing institution before we set out to make structural changes. Sometimes those new institutions may be headed by our juniors. The rule of Democracy is NOT to tell such ex-juniors but become their Equals. The excess credit – if true will become Energy – as confirmed by the woman-head of a household being considered Energy / Shakthi.
In his speech, as head of new party, Mr Wigneswaran outlined the options that came to his mind:
1.     To go home quietly to be with his family
2.     To stay with the existing  Party and stand in the next elections
3.     To form a new Party
4.     To head a People’s Movement.

Gandhi chose the 4th option. In my own small scale I also chose this pathway. I must say it happened. But this option would be preceded by sacrifice of opportunities that we know to be within our reach. I made that sacrifice and hence function independently and live out of the credits I allocate myself from time to time rather than those allocated by others – many of whom allocated for their own purposes.

Our brains function actively under different structures, based on the depth of our investments in the common pool. Some of this comes from bowing to our elders who contributed to our current environment. Bowing to TNA may have been difficult for Mr Wigneswaran but as a woman in Jaffna community including the one led by militants – and as a migrant professional working under seniors with less wisdom than I in Financial Management, I am used to the pain of sacrifice towards ‘commonness’.  I objected to discrimination against me as a woman by an office boy who placed the Agenda before the two males on either side of me but not me – probably because he thought that I was a secretary assisting one of the males. Thamilini was present at that meeting in Vattakachchi and promised to internally take up the issue.

The way Mr Wigneswaran had direct experience with leading Tamil politicians, I had direct experience with some of the militant leaders in Administration. The Truth we learn could sometimes be ‘shown’ only through Opposition.

It may be true to say that TNA is not open to change. But it is true also that Mr Wigneswaran was telling the TNA at National level – especially through Mr Sumanthiran – his ex-student. That  to my mind, confirms attachment to the form of the past which gets a ‘wrong’ in Hindu philosophy. The state of ‘Tat Tvam Asi (thou art that)’  is achieved by Truth alone. One we merge with through our Truth – we work the system naturally – often by just being there.

Recently, a White Australian lady said to me that she had thought from her conversation with me,  that I had eventually won in my Court Challenges against the University of NSW, the Police and the Government. The lady said she could not find that in the book ‘Naan Australian’. I said – the victory was in the fact that the book is now with National Library of Australia, without any direct or indirect influence on my part. It was NOT in my Policy / Budget. But it happened through Natural Forces – during a period when the Australian Judicial system was incapable of upholding the outcomes of experiences through Racial Equality laws in which majority victims are non-whites. But my Truth as Australian about Australia, would support anyone seeking to uphold Racial Equality and therefore Diversity.  I had to truly become Australian to work the true Australian system that was not receptive to painful Truth. That is self-determination through self-observation. Thus I became both sides – the perpetrator as well as victim.

I do believe that Mr Wigneswaran has value to add to the Tamil Community. Unlike mine, Mr Wigneswaran has chosen the active pathway of Politics with its benefits – especially in terms of status. Since Mr Wigneswaran identifies with the direct victims of the war – I would strongly recommend that he starts with communities which provided manpower to the militants – so they do not get left behind in a political solution that they cannot relate to comfortably. Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan performed poorly during the post-mortem debate headed ‘Closure of Incomplete Provincial Council’. That appointment by Mr Wigneswaran was the litmus test about the independence of  Northern Province in terms of women – especially war-affected self-employed women who have the duty to not take handouts from men. One who is truly committed to eliminating race based discrimination would naturally be committed to eliminating gender based discrimination which exists more in the less educated sections of the Tamil community. They also actively practice the dowry system. It is therefore important to distinctly recognise the success of women leaders in that area through those special issues governed by the Laws and Principles of Thesawalamai until they are ready to practice Common Laws and Principles. I know through direct interaction that some leaders within militants – did subconsciously use caste and gender when making decisions.
As Mr Christopher Pulle of St Joseph’s College Colombo quotes   "One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy." - Aristotle

Mine, however small it may seem is known as the grassroots movement. To be successful in his new phase – Mr Wigneswaran needs to seek and find partnerships with those doing likewise – including as part of their paid jobs/work. We find politically motivated young lawyers representing our community at global level through emotional speeches which at times are not even technically accurate. They need grounding through the wisdom that Mr Wigneswaran naturally carries through his first career. This new formation may pave the way towards such a merger – one hopes.

The Natural Opposition to TNA that already exists is healthy for the Tamil Community. This is also part of our evolution towards Democracy. 

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