Monday 22 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 October 2018

Tamil Militants from Mars and Politicians from Venus???

John Gray claimed that Men were from Mars and Women were from Venus. In terms of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community, our militants seem to be  from Mars and our Politicians seem to be  from Venus.
Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan seems to  confirm this yet again through the manifesto of her new political party – in which she ‘talks about’ the standardization and quota system to University Entrance in Sri Lanka – with the claim that the numbers from Jaffna entering the University had dropped drastically, due to the change in policy. As per published details – Mrs Sasitharan was born in 1971 – just two years before my eldest child was born. My siblings and I grew up in Jaffna and all of us completed Tertiary Education. Our family’s investment in higher education was pioneered largely by my mother. We have treasured this Jaffna heritage through our children and now grandchildren. In contrast, Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan has demonstrated her failure to inherit and nurture the most valuable heritage of Jaffna Tamils – formal education.
There is a saying in Tamil – ‘Kallai Kandavan Kadavulai Kaana Maattaan; Kadavulai Kandavan  Kallai Kaana Maattaan / one who recognizes the stone does not recognize god and v.v. Using the language of science – one who recognizes matter does not recognize energy and v.v. The quota problem is the parallel of Mrs Ananthi Sasitharan becoming Minister at Provincial level – based on her husband’s active participation in producing wins  through ‘possession’. Mrs Sasitharan’s appointment  was NOT on merit. A member of the Tamil Diaspora highlights this as follows in response to the latest move by Mrs Sasitharan:
[The TNA is helping the government to help the Tamil people to improve their shattered livelihoods and secure their political aspirations through a new constitution.
Ananthi is a woman who bit the hand that fed her. She is a political novice and it was TNA that elevated her from obscurity to be a member of the Provincial Council.
By co-operating with the Government, we have built 60,000 brick houses in North and East. Another 28,000 houses each costing Rs.1.2 million will be built during 2018/2019.
Additionally the Cabinet has approved the reconstruction of KKS cement factory, Paranthan Chemical factory and Vaalaichenai Paper factory. Many more.
The Tamil Diaspora must be realistic. They should learn from Muslim politicians when it comes to development.]

All of the above are also confirmation of ‘matter’. The real value of the merger of Tamil Energies to offset majority power by Sinhalese,  is being written through Indian investment in Sri Lanka – especially in East. Mrs Sasitharan as part of LTTE that sought to ‘show’ matter by killing the Hon Rajiv Gandhi, on Tamil soil, carries negative genes in terms of this power. Her hasty accusation of Indian Tamil political  leaders for the disappearance of her husband and some others during the last phase of the war, disconnects her from the Indian Energy that supported / supports Sri Lankan Tamils naturally – through their common cultural investment and the realization of self-governance through such investment.

Every individual / group achieving and sustaining self-governance – naturally empowers those who have faith in her/him /it – and also the places that are home to them. It was for this reason that the woman who quietly supported man – was/is  recognized as Shakthi / Energy, by Hindus. Mrs Sasitharan who inherited her husband’s militant genes lacks the Energy to invoke the Venus / Love power of Jaffna women – especially the educated Jaffna woman who quietly grooms more and more heirs of Mother Saraswathi (Goddess of Education).  They are the real politicians who bring about commonness in the community by accessing our ancient heritage.  

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