Thursday 4 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

04 October 2018

Good Muslim or Good Sri Lankan?

 [‘He's a good Muslim': Family of Sri Lankan student accused of plotting to kill Malcolm Turnbull says he is known for his Elvis impersonations and has been framed]
The above description may actually go against Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen in Australia where we allocate rights and wrongs  through common secular measures. Anyone measuring through a particular religion is actually strengthening the case against Mr Nizamdeen in a secular court. There may be no law against such internal measure but it does interfere with the Common structure developed by Australians to allocate rights and wrongs.
88 Australians were killed in Bali Bombing 2002 and it is generally understood that the bombings were by Muslims, using the name of Islam. That is the way the minds of the Bali Bombers becomes most active.  To my mind, a big part of that reason   is credit from within their community – the Muslim community. One who is not committed to wider laws – would tend to overlook within her/his group acts that are ‘wrongs’ by laws which may include irrelevant laws.  Those who identify with  the psyche LTTE – Tamil Tigers would appreciate this – especially in terms of PTA – Prevention of Terrorism Act . In this instance, Muslims in Australia and America are the parallels of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Once we mark the rebels right or wrong, we automatically reject the wider measures.
Hence when Mr Nizamdeen is marked ‘right’ by the Muslim community Australians who read distant  cultures by the covers – are likely to distance themselves from such a person. I have heard from reliable source that some white Australian academics resent high proportion of Chinese at the University of NSW (UNSW) where Mr Nizamdeen had his experience. There is also the cumulative karma of UNSW-NSW Police partnership through which I was demoted to criminal status. Now that the correct-by date has expired – it is a negative aura that UNSW carries through such partnerships. Once our rights and wrongs become Energy – they can be offset only by opposite Energy.
Why Mr Nizamdeen had the experience could be worked out at three levels:
1.     Apparent level
2.     Discriminative thinking using Common measure such as the law
3.     Truth that is carried by all participants, their institutions and the places.
The most difficult one to identify with is the root cause – the Truth – especially where one is not conscious of one’s own Truth in a particular issue. Where one is pampered by one’s community, one’s cognitive powers tend to be low at individual level. This often results in ‘assuming acceptance’ in multicultural environment, at the same level as one is used to within one’s own culture.
Apparent level
The only known objectively measurable evidence is the   notebook:
[Last Friday, Mr Nizamdeen was released on bail after Director of Public Prosecutions solicitor Soo Choi conceded the evidence contained in the notebook was weak and that no extremist material was found.
'The prosecution has become aware that an expert handwriting examiner found an inconclusive result on the relevant entries contained in the notebook,' she told Central Local Court in Sydney today, the ABC reported.
'Without a conclusive expert opinion suggesting the defendant was the relevant author, evidence for the charge has been significantly weakened.'
Magistrate Robert Williams acknowledged the prosecution had raised doubts about the notepad, found by a fellow UNSW student, and granted Mr Nizamdeen bail.]

As per the law
Given that Mr Nizamdeen worked closely with the NSW Police, the application of any relevant law would need to on the basis not only that the notebook belonged to Mr Nizamdeen and his explanation as to how the writings got there.
In addition, the reliability of his own evidence would need to be measured through his seniors in the UNSW-NSW Police project in 2016. The person who handed over the notebook also needs to be brought in as a witness. This would help assess both in the common environment of the UNSW which has a terrible track-record in terms of Multiculturalism and running to the Police before exhausting internal powers.
One of the University’s core purpose is to seek and find Truth. But UNSW has moved  far away from such purpose – that they lack the cognitive power to recognize their own weaknesses.  If the informant had greater influence over the NSW Police, due to her/his own culture – this also needs to be taken into account. Such information is kind of undercover work that gives us natural access to each other’s mind.
As per the Truth
This week I heard during a Skype tutoring session  -  the elder of twin brothers – 12 years of age – prompting the answer to his brother. When questioned they both denied it. But I heard it. The measure I used was that the elder brother, a deep learner was not to look in the direction of the younger brother – a repetitive learner with the tendency to stop thinking through fundamental principles once he hears/sees an answer. I had no visible proof but I was certain that one was feeding the other with the answers. The reason is – I had already worked out their mind structures and after observing this habit of  plagiarism – I made a ruling that the elder brother was not to look in the direction of the other and v.v. But while I was  ‘waiting’ for the answer – the elder one broke the rule and turned in the direction of his younger brother. The habit of ‘helping’ in return for leadership status  - was apparently uncontrollable and hence I picked up mind to mind. I pointed out  to the elder brother that by ‘helping’ his brother with the answers by overriding my Lakshmanan Line/Rule/Rekha, he was now getting the wrong answers.  Lakshmanan drew the line beyond which Rama’s wife Seetha  was not to come. That was Lakshmanan’s Energy line. Seetha in her enthusiasm to honor the apparent holy person – stepped beyond that line and was taken into captivity by Ravana.
This mind to mind pick up happens to me with many of my juniors who come within my structure and in respect to whom I draw Lakshmanan Line.  So long as they stay within my line – they are protected from temptations.
It is for this reason that most Sri Lankans seek the blessings of their elders – so the ‘thought structures’ of the elders are placed in the juniors. Energy of the elder is thus placed into the mind of the junior through common form. This is a natural protection to the extent the elder has developed such Energy.
Wikipedia confirms in terms of Bali Bombing – which caused much anxiety in the minds of Australians :
[The organization suspected of responsibility for the bombing was Jemaah Islamiyah, an Islamist group allegedly led by radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.]

A member of the Indonesian Islamic community accepting the above leadership status or merely acknowledging it, is bound to have conflict in the mind when such person is demoted through secular laws. Happens all the time in Sri Lanka’s North and East and in Tamil Nadu where the Police have a reputation of being  unreliable. One therefore needs to resort to Truth – to uphold Dharma / Universal Righteousness.

In the case of the twins mentioned above, the repetitive learner thanked me more strongly at the end of the class – as if he felt free of his brother’s dominance. That confirmed to me that I had done right. The mother who was listening in the background said to me later – that I was right in identifying that the mind structures were exchanged with the deeper learner making the mistakes that his brother was making before I drew the line.

The UNSW is weak in such protective energy and hence takes on others’ weaknesses in free environment. This includes the Police as well as those who may be clever but not feeling ownership in Australia – as is the case with Mr Nizamdeen.

Mr Nizamdeen thanked the Sri Lankan consulate and the high commissioner who helped him. They are all high status officials backed by Mr Nizamdeen’s uncle. No one came to me even after I asked the consul-general after I informed him that the NSW Police had listed me as Sri Lankan. Back then there was no evidence of any criminal activity on my part and more importantly there was no law to arrest me. Yet the Public Prosecutor did not ‘see’ any need to clear me – and the only reason I see is that I was a nobody. I was actually drawing the Lakshmanan Line that would protect the University from weaknesses in their own system that would naturally collude with the weak Police officers – resulting in dependence on the Police and therefore failing to protect itself through its own Sovereign / True powers. All this will result in more anxiety in the mind of the Australian citizen who depends on the Government and institutions like the UNSW that carry negative karma in terms of Multiculturalism.

We are being informed that the Sri Lankan Government is planning on establishing a University for Police Officers. The core purpose of a University is to seek and find the Truth and share that Truth through teaching. The core purpose of Police is to apply the law to bring those who are found to be wrong as per their own Lakshmanan Line – to Courts. One who waits for Truth is not likely to ‘catch offenders’.  They would cure naturally. What a waste of public resources – especially after the collapse of the private medical college – SAITM. Lankan leaders including the uncle of Mr Nizamdeen – seem to not want to learn.  Why should they when even the Australian officials could be infected by the official portfolios?

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