Tuesday 9 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

09 October 2018

Terrorism & Defamation

[On the surface, your own brain may be your furthest consideration when you are trying to improve your relationships. Yet it is the very place that processes where you perceive, understand, remember, evaluate, desire, and respond to people. The somewhat bizarre fact of life is that the people who are in our lives are not simply who they actually are. They are some interesting mix of who they are and what we make of them in our brains. If we understand the ways in which relationships impact our brains, we can likely change our brains to alter the ways in which we interact with others too] Harvard Health
Today is the first day of the 9 day festival – commonly recognized as Saraswathi Poojah, dedicated to Education Energy. The first three days are dedicated to Mother Kali. The Tamil Tigers found the Tiger symbol through which to  present their identity to wider world. Likewise, the symbol used by the Sinhalese to represent themselves is the Lion. Neither represents Lakshmi (Economic Energy) or Saraswathi (Intellectual / Brain Energy).
Mother Kali travelling on the Tiger and Mother Durga travelling on the Lion, both represent the aspect of bravery at physical level empowered by belief. It largely bypasses the brain. One who operates at Energy level bypasses the brain. Hence we bypass relationships and the principles, laws and processes that shape our actions / outcomes. The brain is the intermediary machine from body to soul; from individual to soul-mate.
Where faith is strong, the brain is not as important as when faith is weak. The Doctrine of Separation of Powers between the Executive driven by Faith and the Judiciary driven by brain – is confirmation that one who starts with Faith does not need the brain as much as one who starts with External knowledge of the other side. Hence the Separation to start with zero advantage.
The latest victim of this lack of Separation is Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran who has been named ‘A Lone Tigress’ by Mr Sathiya Moorthy, who presents his thinking as follows:
The Monday morning arrest of former Minister of State and ruling UNP’s known Tamil woman’s face, Vijayakala Maheswaran, that too on what could tantamount to ‘terrorism charges’ has raised more questions than answering any. Though Vijayakala may not have non-UNP Tamil sympathisers and supporters thus far, her arrest, even more than her controversial speech on the LTTE, may have won her friends and voters, already, back home in Jaffna Peninsula.]
Mr Sathiya Moorthy specifically highlights  non-UNP Tamils and rightly so. To those Tamils who are close to militants – the SLFP by their stated purpose is the enemy. One needs the brain to keep them at Opposition level. In war – opposition is the enemy. Outside war the enemy is called ‘outsider’/foreigner’ – needing external knowledge based pathway.
When we use the brain we prevent wars. Had Tamils not been prevented from voting in the Presidential elections 2005, Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe would have become the president. Had Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe become President, we would have been each other’s opposition and not enemies. Then the 2009 battle  would have been prevented. Those driven by relationships – would vote for UNP out of the major parties at national level. To the extent such relationship is projected on our own Truth rather than hearsay driven desires – we would naturally influence the manifestation through apparent major players.
True experience supports us to the extent of our genuine need. Deepening our experiences through our allocated position – however small it may be – gives us this return ‘ownership’ power of which we ourselves are not often conscious. Positive or Negative – the more subconscious we are of the power the faster it works – as I stated in Court – about racism in Australian workplace.  Intellectual discrimination based on Equal Opportunity principles steadies the mind so infected by the subconscious which would be negative manifestation in democracy.
Mrs Maheswaran got entry into Parliament through a small position – based on the murder of her husband who was with the UNP. Within UNP, Mrs Maheswaran lacked the brain power to form relationships and the power of faith to be part of them. When in Jaffna – the group that she naturally identified with was the one to which politicians were ‘outsiders’. The most sensational of the militants are the Royal Militants -  LTTE.
To uphold Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution, which requires Buddhism to be foremost the Judiciary have the duty to apply the principles of Dharma. This requires Mrs Maheswaran to be tried first through the laws and principles of the institution that she is part of – the Parliament. That outcome must then go before the Judiciary if the Executive found her guilty through Administrative pathway. A member of Parliament who expresses her/his Truth/Faith  for political purposes  is making a positive contribution towards tomorrow’s workable laws. A war criminal protected by her/his parliament naturally entitles all citizens of that nation to such protection by their elected members. Hence to the extent Mrs Maheswaran believes she is Tamil – the lady had the entitlement of her faith to express herself within that electorate.
Yesterday’s  arrest was unlawful. The UNP failed to prevent the arrest probably due to its Association with the SLFP. They did not form a relationship nor were they One except to defeat Mr Rajapaksa. They are not even friends. Physical togetherness without the protection of relationships – leads to one being infected by the other through everyday living. Their true positions in democracy  are as opposition. That is when their brain would become active and be positive in value to the whole nation.

Mrs Maheswaran needs to sue the Government as well as the UNP for defamation and unlawful demotion respectively. That is when she would restore her powers as a Sovereign Sri Lankan.  Relationships are maintained through ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ / gratitude and remorse. Such is good for the brain. 

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