Saturday 27 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 October 2018

If Obama Can  - so can CVW’s Heirs

The 2015 Government was formed on the promise of unity between faith based power and intellectual power. Shocking as it is – the new development in which the former President has been made Prime Minister by the current president of Sri Lanka, was bound to happen as per the vibrations we have been receiving. True owners listening to their intuitions would have known. We had similar ‘takeover’ here – by Ms Julia Gillard in 2010. But Ms Gillard did not last long in that position.

The surprising part is that with all its ‘Freedom’ the Sri Lankan media did not see this coming. But the Island did project the probability  of  Tamils fielding their own candidate at Presidential level:

[If the Wigneswaran-led political alliance manages to improve upon the performance they put up at the local government elections, there is the possibility that by the time the next parliamentary elections come around in mid-2020, it may be the largest Tamil group in Parliament, representing the North and East. Before the next parliamentary election, the Wigneswarn-led group needs another election which they can fight under Wigneswaran’s leadership and make their mark. If the government does not give them the provincial council elections that they are obviously expecting, Wigneswaran may be compelled to put himself forward as a candidate at the Presidential elections to show that the people of the North and East are with him.] Island article - Wigneswaran’s new party: Debut at PC polls or Presidential election?

Mr Wigneswaran’s thought structure would work more naturally with majority Colombo Tamils than with majority Northern  Tamils. As Governors it is not necessary for us to show ‘wins’. In fact under the Sri Lankan structure – a true governor would not have the status of Governor. It’s the Governor in everyone that works the system beyond place and time borders. That is Universal power that all of us are capable of achieving.

Like Ms Gillard, Mr Sirisena also ‘overtook’ his leader to get to this position. Those who are disrespectful of their elders need strong lateral power to sustain their leadership positions. Ultimately Sri Lankan positions are transitional positions in today’s climate of globalization. Those of Sri Lankan origin living overseas are continuously making connections with their relatives and friends and to the extent they are true – to their current nations that are more orderly in global terms – they would naturally lead Sri Lanka’s globalization. That was how South Africans also empowered the Black leadership in America. Tamils have this much more strongly now than ever before. In fact with Mr Rajapaksa in leadership – that investment would be more passionate than before.

We all contribute to Universal Governing force through genuine self-governance – not for position or money but due to our inner Divinity. It was on this basis that I wrote as follows to a Sri Lankan Professional who to my mind was disrespectful of this Universal power of the media and wrote to me to take his name off the list:

[ I believe you have a duty to at least mentally contribute to Public Debate on issues that affected your family and community. I notice that you also write to the public and that you are in the ‘Professional Lankan Group’.  There are inner workings of the Tamil mind that you could access only through persons like myself – common to both groups. You have a DUTY to not ‘tell’ such people. If you do you lose the protection that comes with us to the Public.]

True Governance power in Sri Lanka continues – despite the changes to the structures for the purposes of status and money. That was Gandhi power – the Power of One.

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