Wednesday 24 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 October 2018

Thank you Our First Tamil Chief Minister

Yesterday being the birthday of the individual Mr C.V. Wigneswaran, I prayed for his inner peace and fulfilment of the purpose of his role as the first Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka. I believe that to the extent Mr Wigneswaran believed in Jaffna, Jaffna delivered to fulfil this pioneering role which confirms the need for Separation of Powers from Central Administrators driven by culture based majority power. Whether Mr Wigneswaran realized it or not – he naturally included common Sri Lankan values during his period as Chief Minister and strengthened the global connections made by the folks  of Northern Province to wider world, through Sri Lanka. Not many Sri Lankan Tamils living in Jaffna would have become such a bridge between Jaffna and Colombo which is Mr Wigneswaran’s home. Hence ‘Thank you Mr Wigneswaran - from all of us – who have come together beyond time  and space borders – to form the Diverse identity - Common Sri Lankan Tamil.  

Daily News published a ‘factual’ report headed ‘Term of NPC ends tomorrow’. But Global Tamil News published the final speech by Mr Wigneswaran to the Provincial Council and through the Council to all of us seeking to preserve our Diversity as self-governing Sri Lankan Tamils.

One identifies with many deeper   Energies that Mr Wigneswaran has actively contributed to, during his tenure as Chief Minister. The main one is to empower the Jaffna Tamil to place their demands in a peaceful manner. The Colombo government may or may not hear them. But all owners of the issues concerned would combine their powers with them. Mr. Wigneswaran has certainly contributed to intellectual expressions of the pain felt by Jaffna Tamils.

One who contributes Naturally through her/his Truth is a Governor. As reported by Daily News, this position may be held by Mr. Cooray who is currently appointed by the President:

[The term of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) ends tomorrow (24) and the administration will be vested with Northern Province Governor Reginald Cooray until the elections are held.]

Between the two – Mr Wigneswaran is the real Governor. Mr Cooray is an appointed Administrator. He lacks the independence to identify with the owners of Northern Province which does not include any Southerner of current times. As a White Australian said during my battles with the Central Administrators of the University of NSW – Northern Sri Lanka is where the ‘Bad Tigers’ are from, to many Southerners. Any person who recognizes her/himself as a person  elected who identifies more with Southerners than with Northerners – would not qualify as Governor of North. Without such local governing power – Provincial Council Administrations are extended Administrative units of Central Government. Elected members would continue to make unilateral declarations as  Northern Tamils did in Vaddukkoddai and later Mr Annamalai Varatharaja Perumal did in 1990. But the latter lacked the belief of self-governing Tamils of Sri Lanka. Mr Annamalai Varatharaja Perumal is more Indian Tamil and hence was driven by the urge to form Majority Tamil Power which is now producing results in India’s favour. Jaffna Tamils do not carry the name of their home district in their personal identity. Annamalai is such a representation.

Mr Wigneswaran has by his very nature uplifted the structure through which we group ourselves as a diverse community eligible to Administer ourselves independently. He himself lacks the higher Administrative skills to develop appropriate systems that would,  by diligent practice, connect Jaffna and Northern Province to global democracies. But he himself stayed within the borders of the Administrative system  known to him. His warnings that the current appointed Administrator – Mr Cooray would tend to not uphold lawful processes – is valid. Truth alone is higher than Administrative outcomes. Northerners have the duty to actively reject such projects. The Tamil Diaspora also has the duty to not contribute to such projects that are lacking in Governance power of  Tamils. If driven by ‘seen’ outcomes – of money and status  - the risk of assimilation is high. This is the case with most Sri Lankan migrants living in Western nations. The problem with such assimilation was confirmed recently here through Mr Nizamdeen – the ‘foreign’ student from Sri Lanka, used by New South Wales Police in a ‘home-project’ needing Australian migrants. Money and status can ‘buy’ our skills. We need to protect ourselves from those who promise money and status without common belief.

Thank you Mr Wigneswaran for sharing your insight.

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