Sunday 30 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 September 2018

LTTE  Attack from Chennai – True or False?

My client in Northern Sri Lanka said that her husband was aggressive and tended to break household items when in an aggressive mode.  The example given was breaking the phone that his son was playing with – after being instructed not to touch the phones. I explained to the wife that it was because her husband, when he is at work, continues to be ‘obedient’ to his seniors and once the excitement of getting a salary wears off – he needs to get the return respect from his juniors at work and/or at home. I explained to her that since she herself had not witnessed her mum expressly showing respect to her dad she was not likely to have inherited a system as I did – from my parents. My ‘advice’ to her was for her to expressly show respect to her husband – especially in his work related moods. I explained to her that if that was not possible – then to limit the freedom of their children in using adult equipment. Without this ‘connection’ the husband would accumulate ‘revenge’ tendencies and/or feel depressed at the thought of work. Given that the family is of junior caste – the risk of this accumulation of unreturned ‘sacrifice’ is greater especially when the family gets ‘benefits’ directly from richer relatives and / or where the wife also works for money with no status returns.  Majority lower cadre within the LTTE were suffering from this syndrome when they did not have ‘juniors’ to return the favour except from within their families in some cases.

A recent communication headed ‘Exhibition in Geneva by LTTE supportive group’, reported that this group sub-contracted most of the work to others – confirming the money-backing that the LTTE supporters continue to have. Those who understand the makeup of Indian society – know that this is the usual pathway of  leaders who rely on mafia power. Such groups are often formed in society where the time gap between costs and benefits is close to zero. It would therefore be wrong to use one measure on the other.

Those using the official system do not have the freedom to produce immediate outcomes, due to the ‘status’ taken. But where status is taken by force or at the lower level – for example cash for votes, the official system becomes unreliable and the natural system becomes more reliable. THIS is in essence what Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran stated when the lady asked the LTTE be brought back. But what the lady did not know was that if LTTE was brought back she would no longer have status that she now has. This is true of most Tamil leaders – including the current Chief Minister.
Cleverness is the measure of merit where inheritance value is low. Hence the above ‘show of money power’ by the LTTE supporters – especially those who did not get status return for their work and investments in that group’s hierarchy. Like the above family where the wife does not systematically demonstrate show of respect for the husband, Tamils with junior positions in the community do not show respect for these leaders. It’s largely barter trade-off.

The problem with unofficial groups who tend to have  their own system of justice – is the lack of heritage value. Their life ceases with the visible end of the apparent leader.

Recently when I referred to the 2005 Presidential elections and the karma where the Tamil votes were blocked by the LTTE towards paving the victory of Mr Rajapaksa I referred also to the allegations of money payment to LTTE towards this. Then an LTTE supporter responded by asking whether I had ‘proof’ of this bribery allegations.  I did not need proof. I was an insider and knew through the Key Performance Indicator. Those using the unofficial system needed to read Wikileaks know and identify with this characteristic. Otherwise they are not really heirs of the LTTE but are pretending to be so, to benefit from the outcomes produced by the LTTE.

 The Press Trust of India reports as follows about the LTTE power as perceived by the current President of Sri Lanka:

[Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday said that the LTTE had planned to attack Colombo with an aircraft flying from Chennai in 2009, but strategic analysts and politicians in Chennai dismissed his claim as far-fetched.
“The Tamil Tigers were going to operate an aircraft from Chennai or some other jungle area to bomb and destroy targets in Colombo,” the President said.
“No one knew it better than me,” said Sirisena, who was the acting defence minister during the last two weeks of the civil war with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) in May 2009 when the rebels were finally defeated.
“The former president was away, the former prime minister was away. There was no defence ministry secretary or army commander in the country at the time,” Sirisena said adding that it was a well-guarded secret that all senior leaders were out of the country, fearing an LTTE air raid.
“Even I did not stay in Colombo. I was at several locations outside Colombo in case the Tigers attacked the capital city,” he added. He was addressing the Sri Lankan community in New York where he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly.

Were Police not on alert when former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi arrived in Tamil Nadu in 1991? LTTE were trained in Tamil Nadu and therefore were likely to read the minds of Tamil Nadu Police and the people of Tamil Nadu as if they were part of them. Hence the ‘internal access’ to overpower them. This would have been made more easy through members of the Tamil Nadu Police who were committed to their jobs below the level at which they got paid. Crooks in the official forces are permanent negatives of that force.

After 1991, the media may not carry this negative heritage in its mind but Political leaders would.
That picture continues to be passed down to Sinhalese who compete with the LTTE heirs. So long as LTTE heirs do not desire status through politics or other avenue, they would tend to ‘win’ at that level.  That is the law of nature. JVP for example would read these minds more naturally than the President who is using the picture to ‘show’ how the Government continues to live in war-mode to ‘show’ and win the popular vote. Those who ‘completed’ the war experience would not, nor would those who operated Above the level of the LTTE. The question is – Is Mr Sirisena not as guilty as Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran?

Unless we raise our level of thinking to include higher structures that we have had the opportunity to inherit, the possibility of Tamils overpowering Sinhalese including through armed attacks becomes a reality. This is so due to lack of heritage of higher structures by both sides.

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