Friday 12 October 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 October 2018

The real CM of Uva Province is a Tamil

I believe that when we are true to ourselves, the Truth supports us during the times of our need. Truth is Eternal and hence when we merge the net value of our recent work with our own Truth – the value is taken care of.  Most of us get  upset when a system fails to deliver as per our expectations. Those who abide by the laws and orders of their environment are likely to get upset when those systems fail us. They often fail because those in the system naturally use their own yardstick to measure us.
There is a Hindu lesson that when a human classified as ‘bad’ makes a report to the Lord – majority would be like the bad-human and v.v.  When the Mafia report to the Judge they would be incapable of using the same measure as the Police. But they would identify with other criminals when they are free to use their own measures. Hence a Police Force – that is ‘free’ of lawful thoughts becomes the Mafia. Likewise, professionals who work foremost for money and status – would not value the power of regulated thoughts.

The Sri Lankan civil wars in South, followed by North – have produced such ‘free’ thinkers –The final stages of the Sri Lankan civil war with Northerners, confirmed that the soldiers in the official army did not follow the laws of war. The soldiers in Vanni not only outnumbered the combatants but had more weapons in their custody. Most of all they were free of ‘supervision’ of law. Had they been handicapped by the law – they would not have beaten the LTTE which was already ‘free’ of civilian control. So the official Armed forces won by becoming De Facto in their thinking. Now the Civil Administration is apprehensive of this power of Armed Forces without commitment to Law and Order.

The case of Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran confirms this pattern within Tamil community. Some who invested in Vidya Sivaloganathan’s matter have used our true investment in law and order to clean the Northern official system of its impurities. This is confirmed by the following report:
[The Kayts Magistrate’s Court has ordered the arrest of the police officer, who allegedly aided and abetted in the escape of the suspects arrested in connection with the gang-rape and murder of a schoolgirl in Jaffna, and to produce him before the court.
The police officer in question, a Sub-Inspector (SI) named Sundaresan Srigajan, had been attached to the Jaffna police station at the time.

The order was issued by the Kayts Magistrate A. Judson when the case against the former Senior DIG of Jaffna Lalith Jayasinghe, who is also charged of aiding and abetting the suspects in connection with the gang rape and murder of Sivaloganathan Vidya, was taken up yesterday (10).]

Thus far, Mrs Maheswaran has not been disciplined by the Courts over her role in this matter. Mrs Maheswaran acted as if she was not bound by the laws and regulations of the official system. The Jaffna Courts failed in their duty to punish the Minister before punishing the DIG. Truth prevailed later to satisfy those who could identify with the failure in Jaffna Court system which failed to uphold the Truth that it had discovered. The positive Energy of those who used the one measure for the Minister and the DIG – manifested as disorder in Mrs Maheswaran who promoted LTTE. One gets the behaviour one rewards.

In contrast one admires the courage of Southern Tamil without high level portfolio disciplining the Chief Minister of her Uva province - Chamara Sampath Dasanayake:
[The Principal of Badulla Tamil Girls’ Maha Vidyanala, R. Bhavani, had filed a fundamental rights petition against Uva Province Chief Minister and several others for summoning her to the former’s house and allegedly forcing her to kneel before him, for refusing to enroll a child of one of his supporters, recommended by the Chief Minister.]

To my mind, the true investment we made in Law and Order has gone to empower this Southern Lady who is respecting the Court Process even though she is a member of minority in that region. I pray that Lord Muruga Who also has Residence in Uva province to help her maintain her courage and be the real Chief Ministerial power in that area.


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