Wednesday 4 April 2018

The Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe, MP
Prime Minister's Office
No: 58, Sir Ernest De Silva Mawatha,
Colombo 07.
Sri Lanka.

04 April 2018

Dear Mr Wickremesinghe,
Governor or Prime Minister

Today is an ‘internal election’ day for you. It is also for us who have been facilitated under your leadership to express ourselves more freely and therefore share our Truth more freely with fellow Sri Lankans and fellow global citizens. I am voting to preserve that freedom which may be given shape by you contuing to hold the position of Prime Minister of our Sri Lanka or become essentially  the Governor of Sri Lanka, as I am of Australia and Sri Lanka – whatever the position I take, internally.

Mother Lanka needed you and you were there for Mother Lanka through your true feelings. If your inner relatives in Parliament fail to uphold your position as Prime Minister, then we as a nation will be taken over by lesser Sri Lankans colluding with ‘foreigners’. Hence we must do our best to protect Sri Lanka by pooling our Truth at this time of need. You may not get to read this communication but once it is sent on the basis of my own Truth – you have my vote of exponential value that would bring you the success you need. A win, based on the outer layer – meaning majority vote on the basis of  mere likes and dislikes – is not real success. The natural pooling of Energies/ Beliefs through the system of Nature / Truth brings one inner joy and peace of mind. My vote is towards sharing that belief with you, for you.

TNA become leading oppoisiton by the power of this belief. I append below an excerpt from the book I am currently writing as a therapy for my disappointments from those around me and through which book I am sharing with others how I feel healed by the system of Truth that never fails. This was my approach when I wrote ‘Naan Australian’ after being demoted  from my earned position from zero base in Australian Public Service. I later made the connections to my contribution to the downfall of then Prime Minister of Australia – Mr John Howard. My writings were my castings of votes.

One of the articles to which I commented was about your leadership – to which I added positive value through my comments. The other was my criticism of Jaffna Judiciary posted in relation to  Major General Duminda Keppetiwalana while serving at Ariyalai. Both have been deleted by Uthayan to whom I am now an outsider. We facilitate press freedom so Truth would be shared through lawful boundaries of the system of communication.  

Hence in this instance, towards maintain that freedom, my Energies have been allocated for you to keep the  position of Prime Minister and if this is not good for you – for you to feel relieved of the distress of imprisonment by the tangled webs woven by deceitful politicians. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Yours sincerely
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


I felt tired and distressed. Uthayan newspaper deleted my comments on Justice issues in Northern Sri Lanka. I participated in their work through my ‘comments’. Initially they were encouraging me with follow up messages. But when it came to serious issues  particular to their local readership they did not seem to want to facilitate ‘freedom of expression’.  I decided not to participate any more.  I am better off doing work that I know would be valued by someone, somewhere.
As if to cheer me up I stumbled on  the following site came when I was browsing:  ; Address Shopy Panda26/4 Devala Road, Hendala Wattala, Sri Lanka who have listed my book Naan Australian for sale. I felt comforted that my work was important to someone. That someone becomes part of my inner circle – my relatives.
Now I am used to such messages from Nature. Nature never fails us. We just do not rely on Nature as much as we rely on less reliable sources. Often such reliance happens due to ‘habit’.  But when we feel let down again and again and we accept it – we lose self-confidence. When we lose self-confidence we let others use us. I will not be used. I realised during the legal actions I took here in Australia, on the basis of Racial Discrimination Act 1975, that ‘I would not be told’.  It was one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of NSW that expressed that in his honour’s reasons for judgment. I identified with it. My complaint was dismissed but the lessons I learnt are now available  through my book which found its way to the National Library of Australia, without any intervention on my part.
When we are able to relate to an experience at Energy level, we realise that Nature ‘keeps in store’ the other side of our actions. When we have a true need – that Energy seems to manifest Itself through someone or the other.  It could be us also.
I was upset again with the Jaffna Justice system because  of the Civil Appellate High Court  of Jaffna upholding the verdict of the Mallakam District Court – that Administration was not necessary in the  Testamentary matter relating to the intestate estate of my brother in law, Yoganathan.  As per the Petition the following amounts were shown as deductions:

Amount Due to T Sabanathan                         450,000
Funeral Expenses                                              25,000
Legal Expenses (Advance Deposit)                200,000
As an Accountant, I knew that they were in the category of  liabilities.  Param’s siblings wanted only Certificates of Heirship and not Administration. But approving  the above  was Administration. But then who would listen to me? Even our side lawyers did not highlight it emphatically. But I never lost focus of this simple principle that I learnt as an Accounting student.  I remember – the three of us – Malar, Padma and I going to my senior  Ms Chitra Arunanthi  of Satchithananda, Schokman, Wijeratne & Co  for tutoring in Estate Accounting.

A breakthrough came when the Civil Appellate High Court  of Jaffna ruled that the funds in UK were to be separated from the funds in Sri Lanka which would then reduce the Sri Lankan wealth below zero level – i.e. the estate becomes insolvent  and the Sri Lankan law  requires such an estate to be Administered.  I have presented this as follows in my draft Appeal to the Supreme Court:

[The Appellants claim  that unless approved by all heirs  or are substantiated by an Accounting rule that they became eligible deductions from the Common estate – these do not qualify as liabilities / creditors.  The Appellants claim  that whoever recognises them as being due on the basis of their private arrangements have to pay out of their personal pocket. The Appellants claim  that one who claims deductions for funeral expenses confirms lack of common family feeling and therefore the eligibility to take leadership in this matter.
The Appellants claim that the above claims are the financial parallels of ‘hearsay information’ and do not qualify as deductions. Yet, the Judges affectively approved it without question – demonstrating that their mind was more receptive to the Petitioners than to the Objecting Respondents – demonstrating unequal footing to access their services]

We genuinely sought Administration but the opposition ‘avoided’ Administration. The Courts upheld the petition that there was no need for Administration. But because I pursued, the other side lawyer stated that they would obtain Grant of Representation in UK for the UK funds and not the Sri Lankan funds. In Court they separated me from the family by ignoring my true contribution. But the Goddess of Marriage  did keep an account and returned the ‘separation’ to the Opposition through the separation of  Funds. When  I was  separated  and stated in Court that I was ‘not family’ I had the power of true Belief to return that on the person/group who initiated the expression.  Truth being Truth will attribute the result to them.  Now as a creditor, I have the right to make my own claim against the estate as Mr T Sabanathan – the husband of one of the sisters of the Deceased is reported to have claimed.  This makes the Sri Lankan part of the Estate Insolvent. Even without such liabilities – the question arises as to which bank would honor the claims of already listed creditors.

In essence, Truth proved that those who sowed disorder at family level are now reaping disorder at Jaffna Court level. The verdict was delivered by Jaffna due to my true service to Jaffna.

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