Tuesday 17 April 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 April 2018                                         

Third Eye Insight

Most of us know that there are one or more unknown influences in most of our experiences. If we travel through the known, being guided by the knowledge we worked and/or sacrificed for, we would reach the Truth needed by us. Laws constructed on the basis of this Truth would support the life of our heirs. Heirs are those who believe in us. Those who practice those laws without taking immediate benefits, would develop ‘rights’ to access the pathways that would lead to that Truth in the current form. To the extent we practice those laws at a level above the custodians of power in that environment, we have the right to govern through our Truth but not an alternate law.

On that basis, I analyse the following recent expressions by the Chief Minister of Northern Sri Lanka:
[The Sri Lankan government has not done anything effective to oust the Sinhalese who have illegally occupied the lands and houses of the Tamils ever since they fled the island following ethnic crisis, C.V. Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, has said.
During an informal chat with the reporters at Old Courtallam in the district on Saturday, Mr. Wigneswaran said that a few thousand properties of Tamils had been encroached upon by the Sinhalese after the rightful owners of these properties left the nation to save their lives.
Utilising this, the Sinhalese had occupied the properties of Tamil diaspora and the government had taken no effort to evict the illegal occupiers, he said.] The Hindu article ‘Sinhalese still occupying properties of Tamils

As per the Truth I discovered by living in rural areas of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, if the Armed Forces did not occupy these ‘abandoned’ properties, the neighbours would have. In fact one could see it as the karma of encroaching Tamil towards her/his neighbour that has brought about this ‘occupation’ by the government forces.

More importantly, it is well known that many Tamil homes were taken-over by the LTTE forces. One was our cousin’s home at Brown Road, Jaffna about which ‘home’ Mr Mr Rajasingham Jayadevan – the younger brother of Dr Narendran  Rajasingham wrote as follows in his eulogy ‘Farewell To My Dear Brother Dr Narendran’:

[Born on 31 May 1946, Dr Narendran is the eldest of the seven siblings, with an eleven year span between him and the youngest. I am the sixth with the age width of nine years.  My father was the descendant of well-known Penang (Brown) Kathiravelu and Gate Mudaliyar Nicholas and my mother was from a much humble Samuel stock. Brown Road in Jaffna is a representation of Brown (Penang) Kathiravelu.]
That home is of deep heritage value to our common family. That was the first home I was taken to after I was born at Jaffna Hospital and was blessed by Saint Yoga Swami.  Our branch of the family made a home at that property, after we moved to Jaffna at the invitation of my uncle – the son of Penang. The core reason was the 1958 civil riots in Colombo.

I was therefore upset when the ‘occupants’ of that home were questioning me as if I was the outsider and they the insiders. I firmly said to them that that was our home and they said they would vacate in due course. But the legal owners had to take serious legal action to evict the LTTE occupying that home. One grandson of the Mr Brown (Penang) Kathiravelu was killed in Kilinochchi by the LTTE. As per the report we received, our cousin was stabbed 32 times before he died.

Unless therefore Mr Wigneswaran uses the same measure on the LTTE before finding fault with the Sinhalese Officers, such ‘judgment’ does not have validity in the Court of  Natural Justice.
As for Mr Wigneswaran’s  statement ‘Sinhalese had occupied the properties of Tamil diaspora’ - what is the Tamil Diaspora whose properties are being ‘occupied’ doing about it. My genuine feelings for my ancestors led me to take measures to ‘protect’ our family temple from becoming part of the negative karma of occupation. The purpose for which the property is being occupied by someone other than the legal owners and/or their representatives, determines whether such occupation is to prevent ‘abandonment’ which makes the property an ‘orphan’ or development of prescriptive ownership rights.

If the Armed forces believe that they are developing Energy to prevent another ethnicity related war – then their occupation is more valid than the rights of those who have ‘abandoned’ properties without feelings for their ancestors from whom they inherited the land. I know of Singaporean and Malaysian Tamils who thus abandoned their legal ownership and contributed to cheating by the thugs with greater say in that area. Mr Wigneswaran as Chief Minister, opened such a cultural hall built in the name of the father of a Tamil Diaspora member on a property abandoned by another member of the Tamil Diaspora.

In that same area of Thunaivi, in Vaddukoddai, we donated land towards development of a pathway to facilitate access to the main road and also towards building the Development Secretariat out of post war Development Funds. I made the proposal after hearing proposals to takeover Diaspora Land for this purpose. That building is largely idle due to ‘possessiveness’ by those in charge. But the heritage that we confirmed by donating to the Common Public remains there to protect lawfulness in that area.

As per my discovery, it was my Third Eye wisdom that led me every step of the way to protect the lawfulness of our ownership. My father bought that property in the open market, for his mother. I have since then invested quite a sum to protect that lawfulness – so that any person who prays there with faith in that temple will inherit a doze of that lawfulness – if they believed that they got something due to their faith in Vairavar-Kali. We have to contribute for us and / or others to withdraw. Now the responsibility has been taken over by our son.

Every member of the Tamil Diaspora who feels heritage value in their properties in Sri Lanka will be drawn to that place to preserve that heritage. Other properties belong to ‘common owners’ by higher purpose and not by rule of majority.

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