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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 April 2018                                         

Mind of the Law – Australian or Sri Lankan?

[Sri Lanka and Australia has had the inaugural round of talks under a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement signed on November 2017, when Prime Minister Malcolm Turbull visited the island.

 "The agenda encompassed discussions on economic reform and cooperation, free trade and regional trade agreement agendas, market access and investment facilitation and sector specific opportunities for investment in both countries," Sri Lanka's High Commission in Canberra said in a statement
..]- economy next article - Sri Lanka and Australia talk free trade, investment
Let’s look at the lessons we Australians are learning about this leadership:

[A week after a painful and terse interview where she repeatedly avoided questions on delaying the establishment of a royal commission, Financial Services Minister Kelly O'Dwyer has finally conceded the Government got it wrong.
The Coalition has faced repeated criticism for opposing the inquiry into the banking and financial sector, in the wake of shocking evidence presented at early hearings.
On the ABC's Insiders program last Sunday Ms O'Dwyer was asked around a dozen times whether the Coalition had got it wrong in delaying the inquiry.
Each time, she dodged answering.
 But after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull admitted it was a bad political move to delay the royal commission, Ms O'Dwyer made the concession.
"Many people have asked why the Government opposed a royal commission for so long, and it is a legitimate question," she told a conference in Melbourne.
"With the benefit of hindsight we should have called it earlier, and I am sorry we didn't, and I regret not saying this when asked earlier this week.
"The Government did get the timing wrong."]

I alerted the Australian government many years ago about abuse of dead people’s accounts by the ANZ Bank to which St George Bank turned a blind eye. When banking laws become irrelevant it is Truth that protects the Banking Industry – the Truth of the Common Customer. We lost $5,000 due to the Bank’s negligence and I reported the matter to the Banking Ombudsman. But the Ombudsman dismissed my complaint – which effectively ruled that the Bank was right. Back then I did not understand why it had to happen to me? But now I know that it is to elevate the level of my participation in the Banking Industry to ownership level. One who owns despite pain – is the true owner. Such a person will work the institution as a facility. To a genuine follower of applicable  laws, the ‘fail’ marks is to confirm the limitations of the official system – that the ‘mind of the law’ is not with the current users. One who is wrongly marked a ‘failure’ as per that system but accepts it due to belief in the whole, inherits the real mind that constructed that law. In turn those who mark such a person ‘fail’ demote themselves to immediate benefits level.

The global community has been expressing concern over media reports about the comeback of former President of Sri Lanka – the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa, whose new party (SLPP) performed well in Local Government elections. But that party lacks the heritage value that the main party SLFP has and would have, even when  the SLPP numbers were greater than the SLFP numbers. This weakness was brought out as follows by the son of the former President:

[Joint Opposition (JO) MP Namal Rajapaksa today said he was against the decision taken by the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) to support the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) in appointing a SLFP mayor to Hambantota Municipal Council.
“I am against and deeply concerned regarding the decision taken by the Senior Leadership of the SLPP in Hambantota to support the SLFP in appointing a mayor there,” the MP said in a tweet.
Beliatta SLFP organizer Eraj Ravindra Fernando, who was involved in the “toy pistol’ case two years ago, was appointed as the Mayor of the United National Party (UNP)-led Hambantota MC with a majority of two votes on Thursday.
He received 11 votes from the SLFP and the SLPP, while the UNP candidate received only nine votes] – Daily Mirror report –‘ Namal against SLPP backing SLFP in H’tota MC’
To truly own the heritage of the Rajapaksa family in that area  – Mr Namal Rajapaksa needed to be part of the SLFP – the parent party, or believe wholeheartedly in BEING Hambantota. This is difficult due to his father emigrating northwards to Kurunegala for immediate benefits through Parliamentary elections 2015. That is like demoting oneself for cash instead of policy.
The 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution became the lawful authority for Southern Province that Hambantota is part of – to operate as a Sovereign Province in relation to the powers that are delegated to the Province. But in Truth – the Rajapaksa family demonstrate time and time again that they see themselves as National leaders towards which Hambantota is USED. That is the way of those who are lacking in heritage value. In order for us to identify with the pathway of Natural Powers – we need to know whether Hambantota promoted the Rajapaksas or whether they used Hambantota as a doormat to enjoy benefits at National level.  The two would not be confused by those who stay at ‘home’ close to the source of their Belief. That is the lesson. To my mind, it happened due to Hindu faith in Kathirgamam – at the border of Uva Province and Southern province – merging with beyond Tamil, Sinhalese borders.

Whether it is trade between Australia and Sri Lanka or Politics between Hambantota and Sri Lanka – adherence to Truth even by one during current times, will bring about natural harmony. Without Truth – shows of Policy amount to wastage of resources. 

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