Monday 30 April 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 April 2018                                         

Who amongst the Sri Lankans is Barry O’Farrell’s twin?

[In 2014, Prime Minister of New South Wales in Australia, Barry O’Farrell, had to resign, as he had not declared a bottle of wine, received as a gift in 2011. We have to introduce such laws if corruption is to be curbed, if not eliminated. In this country, nobody in power, has to resign even if he is found to have received an entire brewery as a bribe.] the Island editorial – ‘Flogging a lame horse

I recall similar prediction by the Sri Lankan Prime Minister about Racial Discrimination laws similar to the Australian model. But structurally we Australians use various branches of  Christian Denomination whereas we Sri Lankans use various branches of Hinduism – which includes Buddhism to the higher mind. Majority citizens do not pause to think whether an action is right or wrong as per the stated law. The law itself is an expression of Belief. When for example - one practices the  ritual of transubstantiation in Catholic Church ceremony, adherents  would recall with Belief  that Jesus Christ shed His blood – represented by wine – for the good of the whole. The suffering was to let Truth flow and Jesus by accepting the undeserved punishment confirmed the excesses that the authorities had gotten used to. Those who practice such rituals with faith would naturally be disturbed when the other side is ‘shown’ to their mind.  

The recent resignation of Britain's interior minister, the Hon Amber Rudd confirms the lady’s commitment to Democracy. Such Resignations confirm the acceptance of People’s power to legitimately question leaders when the People’s belief in the issue is weakened/damaged due to the actions of the leaders. As per current Australian news, the Chair of AMP – Ms Catherine Brenner resigned due to evidence of misconduct by AMP staff heard during the inquiry. But had the genuine customer been heard as an equal at her/his parallel on the other side, the above damage would have been prevented. Belief in the core purpose renders good Order to the structure and the relationships that are part of that structure.

I learnt through my experience here in New South Wales, Australia, that members of government do not resign over principles based on Truth discovered by themselves and/or their ancestors. Usually – they have to ‘see’ to ‘believe’. This confirms the lack of ability to escalate the issue to the higher level and then allowing Truth to reveal Itself as per the Common structure of that environment. But the true seeker identifies with the ultimate reality and that becomes the base on which that true seeker operates from then on. Gandhi confirmed this higher pathway.

As per the above mentioned editorial ‘It has been reported that the government is planning to legislate for the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to be vested with powers to deal with the private sector as well.

Most businesses use their own relationships with Customers to be economically successful. So long as majority customers do not complain in a free environment – the system is taken to be working well. A valid law is limited by the depth of belief by the law-makers. Law-makers who ‘dismiss’ the genuine citizen/customer – would weaken the private sector by overregulating it. Excessive power weakens one’s own belief in the origin and therefore the power of Natural Energies that act independent of all concerned – beyond a certain point – the point of tolerance by the deeper believer.

The common Sri Lankan believes in religious structures and norms more than legal structures and norms and rightly so. 

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