Friday 6 April 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 April 2018                                         

President’s Horoscope
[Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, who also addressed the media, stated that President Maithripala Sirisena never expressed his views on how they should proceed with regard to the no-confidence vote on the Prime Minister.
He said that the President never told them to vote in favour, against or abstain. The President said that regardless of the outcome of the no-confidence vote, he would have to govern the country come the next morning and therefore he would not take sides, Samarasinghe added. ] article President did not tell us how to vote - Samarasinghe

The above account confirms that the President has matured and is bringing about a closure to the Executive Presidency.  Taking the above outcome on behalf of the whole nation Mr Wickremesinghe will be re-elected as Chief Executive Officer of  the Nation through 62% of Sri Lankan voters. Mr Rajapaksa would win 38% of the Sri Lankan votes.
Mr Rajapaksa ‘lost’ not through the No Confidence Motion against the current Prime Minister but when he claimed victory at National level after the local government elections.
One who demotes structures to ‘benefits’ level loses self-confidence. I realised this amazing Truth after my sister in law by position elevated herself to the position of CEO and wrote to Barclays Wealth regarding the withdrawal of funds. This happened after she repeatedly claimed that her father did not educate her and that she had to stay at home and take care of her siblings. Every time she claimed so in the presence of someone who had greater credit than her in that regard, but did not claim so, that lady demoted herself and thus lost her father’s investment in not only higher education but also family-making. Work alone does not make family. Someone somewhere sacrificed personal credit for the common good.
On the side this sister suppressed the amounts by showing only the local bank account balances to her brothers and asked the brothers to write over their shares (making them out to be insignificant) in the name of the sisters. This was after Barclays Wealth responded by saying that  the representative of the heirs needed the consent of all heirs.  The Sri Lankan Judiciary through its Northern part delivered the representation with full knowledge that my husband objected and claimed that the Estate needed to be Administered and they themselves heard the matter to determine whether or not dowry was paid to the sisters. When they did not get the answers that they liked, they dismissed our objection. Through the Appeal process – Truth delivered that  the two parts were divided – the global part and the Sri Lankan only part. The parallel of that in Lankan Government is UNP and SLPP (Rajapaksa faction – the remnants of the Executive part of SLFP)
More importantly in terms of structures, the participation in the above experience at family level helped me appreciate the need of the government of the day on behalf of global minded Sri Lankans who invest beyond Lanka’s shores. We may call them the Diaspora, Foreign agencies, Foreign Judges or the UN – but whether they are expansion of the mind  or mere physical extension depends on how we take our Sri Lankan investment with us. It is when we take the essence of the Truth we have discovered through our Sri Lankan life that we would develop the structure we need at the next stage. Those who do not complete their Sri Lankan life would only extend. Those who carry pain as the net value, but accept as redemption their new life in the countries they migrated to, would strengthen their Sri Lankan structure to suit their current environment. Those who convert the pain to benefits are merely extending their Sri Lankan life. They would then tend to take ‘revenge’ against the group they think caused them the pain or worse they copy others who so claim. They do not have the power to work the Sri Lankan system nor the system of their new country – except at the physical level. Mr Rajapaksa has become such a person in Sri Lanka’s rural areas that were ‘foreign’ to him. In terms of Tamils he had to divide the LTTE and reward Karuna of the East to defeat Prabhakaran of North. Then by claiming victory over ‘terrorism’ – he discredited his own claim to wider world to whom Karuna was very much part of the LTTE. Those who really defeated ‘terrorism’ quietly through their Truth demoted him and hence his party the SLFP got divided by the blood of those whom Karuna demoted by accepting political position as ‘bribe’. Every person who trades at the benefits level is a traitor to those who maintain true structures that would protect relationships. Without institutional structures – real or developing structures – we are mere individuals and would tend to operate at the level of animal within us.
Majority Sri Lankans of my generation have invested in the horoscope system at some stage of their life. Our horoscope tells us the structure of our consolidated Truth in previous lives. It’s the corporate wisdom that we bring into our current state. Our parents are part of that true structure. The moment we the children contribute to that position of parent than the parent to our position – we have every right to joint-parenthood or become independent unit.  If we remain physically together and the junior takes over power, we lose the parental structure that we brought with us as part of our horoscope. Restructures need to be carefully constructed for this not to happen.
UNP has promised restructure. If young ones are likely to takeover leadership of veterans – then UNP’s parallels of Mr Sirisena need retire and become governors only. They would then be like the Alumni. On  Mr Wickremesinghe’s side the parallel of military promotions were his Royal College mates (this includes our High Commissioner here in Australia)  being activated into current positions. In some ways they defeated their counterparts in the SLFP claiming victory over ‘terrorism’.  When Parents demote themselves to children’s level – the protecting structures of an institution are damaged.
Parents become  facilities to children as per the parent’s Truth and this will be in store for the children to draw on at their times of need. Likewise, a governor becomes a facility that the true citizen can work. Where this is blocked – the citizen is entitled to separate and live in her/his little corner and work the whole system – undisturbed by current benefits.
Tamil Politicians negotiating  for such corners - need to work out their truly earned position – not as it existed before militancy but as it exists now. Then Tamils would deliver outcomes that represent Independence that would merge naturally with not only the rest of Sri Lanka but with any part of the world that needs such support. That is how we become Global/Independent  Tamils.  Global means Independent.

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