Saturday 21 April 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 April 2018                                         

Is Terrorism a thing of the Past?

Northern terrorism is, thankfully, a thing of the past, but, sadly, southern terrorism is on the rise”  - Island Editorial - Barbarians on beaches
In the absence of scientific definition, the terminology ‘Terrorism’ is taken to describe the  mind of Politicians to describe their mental picture about the group concerned. Those who do so for pleasure/benefits  would experience the fear of pain. So says the  law of karma which the Buddhists of Sri Lanka have the duty to follow before applying any external secular measures. Since the militants upstairs (in North) are Non-Buddhists, the Communities they are a part of  are entitled to apply their own religious laws to describe the wrong doers for their own purposes.  As per that description, to majority Tamils of that era - they are the Tamil parallel of the Sri Lankan Army.
If Sri Lankan Government claims that the terminology is valid due to UN, America and others listing the Tamil Tigers as Terrorists, then they have the DUTY to follow the instructions of the UN in terms of War-Crimes inquiry by an International panel of judges. Likewise, those who use the term ‘terrorists’ on LTTE, have the DUTY to themselves to call the armed forces who are known to have gone outside the rules of war – ‘war-criminals’. The easier way is to use the impartial name the LTTE or not include them in the relativity formula.
As per the Island Editorial :
[It was thought that the law and order situation would improve considerably after the 2015 regime change, but there hasn’t been any discernible improvement, if the spate of grave crimes, reported in the media, is any indication. The netherworld of crime and drugs remains as impregnable as it was before.]

This then means that according to the Truth in the deep mind/heart of the Editor, Southerners were also Terrorists. When the Army moved back to South, it brought with it – the same knowledge and the same disorder which would operate naturally in its birthplace. This then infects the families and communities that they are ‘part of’.
What is the solution then? Do what was done to Tamils!  Send the rehabilitated LTTE soldiers now in the army, to South. The Government would if it truly believed it cured the LTTE as well as Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka.
The Editor’s choice to present his suggestion is:
In Mirissa, two foreign women, on holiday, were sexually assaulted, and others who attempted to save them brutally attacked, on April 08. According to some eyewitnesses who have spoken to the media, on condition of anonymity, a powerful ruling party politician was sighted where the attackers had been boozing, prior to the attack.
Majority Tamils in North know that this kind of conduct was summarily dealt with by the LTTE. This was reported to be the reason for the rift between LTTE leader Prabhakaran and PLOTE leader Uma Maheswaran who was rumoured to have had an affair with one of his staff.
That was the good side of the LTTE which would stay to strengthen the conduct of its believers at individual and community level. If the Terrorism label is foremost in the minds of Southerners – the passage is blocked for this natural sharing. Solution? – eliminate the excess authority through intellectual discrimination where one part of the brain sees the other part – in Administration using Common measure – or take the label attributed by Tamil Political leaders with respect. The latter confirms attribution of Equal status to those with whom we do not share common belief. Tamils do with the LTTE and all militant groups. Mere law without belief returns the karma on the user as per the purpose. Hence the escalation in South who produced those who profited from the war.
If one is able to use labels such as ‘terrorism’ only after it has happened – then that confirms that such a person lacked the intellectual discrimination and cognisant power through which one side of the brain recognises the other side on a flat plane of Equality in the present. This is the reason why the claim of Tamil politicians were not recognized by those who enjoyed majority vote pleasures – which are actually stagnant waters.
The water that falls from Lord Shiva on Mount Himalaya runs as river Ganga. The fall happens due to gravitational force. The water runs even on flat plane due to this stored energy. Without that hierarchical Energy – the water becomes stagnant on flat plane. Likewise, democracy and majority vote without belief in higher structures – stagnate and pollute.  
When the Island Editor had used Buddhism foremost Article with belief in Lord Buddha – the above philosophy of karma would have flowered in her/his mind. If s/he is non-Buddhist – then s/he has no authority to use the terminology of majority – even if such expression was derived through Buddhist pathway.   

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