Tuesday 17 November 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 17 November  2015
The Island

Money Rule = Majority Rule

Banning alcohol and cigarettes can even topple the government: President…… The President said that the government annually gained a tax revenue of Rs. 1150 million from taxes on alcohol and cigarettes…… He added that although he is willing to ban alcohol and cigarettes from the country it might perhaps topple the government as there is a significant majority who drink and smoke.” – Daily News, Sri Lanka.

Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran says that his party Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi was "deliberating" on what disciplinary action to initiate with regard to Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran’s refusal to go to Canada and raise funds.” – The Island

The ethnic problem in Sri Lanka is about majority rule. Tamils & Muslims who have truly suffered due to majority power – would have been cured of money based discrimination. It is understandable that the President of Sri Lanka who is of  majority race, would be driven by money. It is understandable also  that a young Politician of  minority community would be even more driven by money. But it is not admissible that disciplinary action would be taken against any Sri Lankan for lacking in money and/or ability to collect money. Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution states:

‘ The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).

As per my knowledge of  Lord Buddha – he renounced money attachment to make Policy / Sasana. Hence the above statement by the President could be considered to be in breach of the requirements of  Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution.

In terms of Tamils:
Article 10 states:
Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
10. Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.’

Article 14(1)(e)  states:
14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to -
 (e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching

The Hon CV  Wigneswaran – the Chief Minister of Northern Province where majority are Hindus – openly upholds that he is a Hindu. As per Hindu Lord Krishna – one must do one’s duty and this is facilitated when one is independent of  benefits. When one recognizes money first – then both sides are given form. Belief is one sided. Money is two sided. Truth is no sided.

Recently, we Hindus celebrated Navaraathri / 9 Nights - the festival dedicated to Education. The first three nights are dedicated to Mother Kali whose vehicle is the Tiger. During those 3 days  we celebrate Courage. Belief gives us courage. Politics is one sided. Hence Belief based Politics would render courage from within. Recently – the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan – the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament – was reported to have stated in relation to the Tamil Political Prisoners – that the Government needed ‘courage’ to take a stand. When belief is stronger than external knowledge – the right political decision would evolve. It would be right for Good Governance.

The next three days are dedicated to Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth, including money wealth. This has two sides. In democracy, one has to be able to produce visible / objectively measurable outcomes to be successful in Administration. Hence, when there is manifestation at public level – the other side must be taken to complete the ‘project’ / picture for Public consumption.

The last three days are dedicated to Saraswathi – the Goddess of Education. Truth is discovered through the path of Research and the Discovery is shared through teaching. I was arrested by Australian Police under the instructions of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW on 22 October 2004 - Saraswathi Pooja day.  That was the true manifestation of the University’s weakness in relation to the core purpose of its existence - Research until one finds the Truth and then sharing that Truth through Teaching activities. I was able to invoke this manifestation on Saraswathi Pooja day due to my Belief in Education as the highest pathway to fulfilment. I believe that because I did not consciously calculate and plan – I naturally accessed the powers of all those who have genuinely contributed to this Global pathway – including from within the University of NSW but not limited to it.

In her/his  yesterday’s editorial ‘Combatting terrorism and extremism’ the Editor of Daily News states:
sometimes awareness is not enough and States have to implement various laws to stamp out intolerance. Terrorism happens to be an extreme form of intolerance and the international community must strengthen anti-terrorism laws and actions through the UN Security Council. International cooperation is essential in this sphere now more than ever. Terrorism must be rooted out for peace to return to the wider world.

This to my mind is the educational pathway. Intolerance happens when a primary level believer tries to enforce her/his form in the territory of  people using another form of belief for the same value. ‘Sinhala only’ as the official language was of this kind. Given that Tamils opposed it – they completed the lesson through their opposition. In terms of knowledge – this picture was completed  through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution which recognizes Tamil also as the official language and English as the link language. . . But, the pathway was set to be that of Courage – Kali’s pathway – due to Sinhalese attacking Tamil civilians in the Capital of Colombo. LTTE gave form to this. The first three days dedicated to Kali – translates as ‘local’ due to physical attributes. LTTE therefore ought to have been limited to Defending its local territory and would have if it was truly of the belief that it was fighting for self-governance.  In true self-governance one does not find fault with others but highlights how one sees the other for the purpose of Defence. One has jurisdiction only over those in one’s territory.

The Hon M.A.Sumanthiran’s Political Territory is Jaffna. It is his duty to uphold the belief of majority in his constituency – when he is acting as a Politician. Yet – Mr. Sumanthiran spoke in Sinhalese to the Colombo Media yesterday when 8 of the Political Prisoners were released. http://www.dailymirror.lk/95497/eight-ex-ltte-detainees-released

If it was for Common purposes – English the link language should have been used. Like with the University above – Mr. Sumanthiran has proven that he is in the wrong position. Doctrine of Separation of Powers need to be upheld between these three territories in the one mind – Emotions, Knowledge for Money & Status and Truth to connect to one’s inner-self. My Spiritual Guru – Sri Sathya Sai Baba (who strictly rules out ‘asking’ for money in His name) expresses them as – Concentration; Contemplation and Meditation. In terms of Governing a State  - One needs Concentration in Politics, Contemplation in Administration and Meditation in Governance.

LTTE failed due to losing concentration on the target of Self-Governance and went into money-area where those of wider world – including India,  were willing to dump their excessive money for quick access to status. Now Mr. Sumanthiran is doing likewise on behalf of the People of Jaffna and as a Native of Jaffna contributing to Jaffna through the Educational pathway – I am offended. Jaffna means Education to majority Sri Lankans. Let’s not demote ourselves to the lower pathways and disrespect our Elders.

Like our body Money and Majority rule are most temporary. We need them only to give form to our work and environmental structures. If there is more – it must never leave home – but needs to be burnt as mistakes so we do not repeat them in the future. 

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