Thursday 5 November 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 04 November  2015

Follow the Law Mr. President
Follow the Truth Ms Australian Diplomat

Yesterday, I received for the first time an email from a member of the News Ltd. media group. It was significant to me not only because News Ltd. is a big name in Australian media but more importantly that it happened around 05 November. The significance of 05 November is explained through the following sentence in the excerpt below( Appendix ):

[The reason for this is Swami came to me on 05 November 98  by materializing holy powder – when no one else (including Professor Dowton or Param) seemed to connect to what I was doing and saying and help endorse me to myself for myself. Swami Sai Baba  knew and therefore to me He is God. ]

This morning, as is my way I thanked Swami yet again – for helping me realize that Dharma/Righteousness comes to comfort and support those who uphold  Dharma/ Righteousness.

Back then I was in pain – like an orphan whose work was rubbished by custodians of Power at the University of New South Wales. Back then, I did not have conscious knowledge that my own Dharma would protect me. Even though I identified with the miraculous  manifestation of the Holy Powder I had no idea of the significance. The day after – on 06 November 98 when I went to the University to help one of the officers who needed my help – another officer – Phil Dulhunty called me over to his workstation and showed me the report in Sydney Morning Herald of 05 November, criticizing the University Budgetary system. Phil without formal accounting qualifications but with faith in me – made the connection to my work – already done and published internally and shared with Arthur Andersen’s who were the Cows with bells/m]i kdfdi[ maDkqf, preparing an expensive Consultancy Report..  The Arthur Andersen’s officer did thank me when I shared my Professional Intelligence with him but the report to the Public did not include my contribution. But Phil did not forget. Hence Phil became the medium through whom I learnt the pathway of Dharma – Cause and Effect.

Now I realize that through that lesson - I was being led to develop my writing skills to become my own Independent medium. I learnt also that I needed to become the spokesperson of those who were in similar plight as I was back then and if no one else was around – that I needed to endorse the genuine work of anyone who was hurting due to lack of recognition. In the process I learnt also - that revealing my own real status needed to be mandatory where the pathway of Truth was being damaged. Under those circumstances I needed to take on Rebel position to be equal to the highest ranking official responsible. Any more than that would result in unjust actions – including Reverse Discrimination which is in breach of Institutional Dharma.

During this morning’s ‘thanksgiving’ prayers I thought also of the plight I was in, in the village of Thunaivi within Vaddukoddai where the first political declaration of Independent Tamil State was made. Some of my actions based on Dharma may result in me going to prison at a time when LTTE supporters arrested under Prevention of Terrorism Act are being considered for release. I had to ask myself as to what my duty was in relation to that on the basis of my direct experience in Sri Lanka.  I had to start with the TNA which I believe is in the position of  Leader of the Opposition - due also to my contribution in influencing minds of voters - largely  through the Lord’s system – as happened to me in 1998 through Phil and others who did their duty one way or the other.  Like the voters – Phil was the last link in the chain that linked cause and effect.

If indeed these LTTE supporters were arrested through the Administrative Process and then released through the Political Process – their status is demoted and through them the value of the LTTE and through the LTTE the value of Tamil Self Governance itself.  One needs to go to the Vaddukoddai Resolution from which the LTTE drew its Authority to Rebel at National level. Hence every  Political Party that contributed to the Vaddukoddai Resolution has the responsibility to ensure that those who are released on the basis that they are Political prisoners – are certified by those Political Parties that gave birth to the Vaddukoddai Resolution. If any of these prisoners once released are involved in criminal activities and are established to be so through the Administrative and Legal processes of Sri Lanka – then the Political Party that endorsed them loses its eligibility under Vaddukoddai Resolution and therefore should not seek political status on the basis of  Separate Tamil State. Given that there is no legal provision towards this – it needs to be personal bail by the individuals supporting the release.

The TNA strategy is as follows as per published news:

[The TNA however said that if the President fails to meet his commitments by November 7 the prisoners will resume their fast and the TNA will also join them.
The prisoners have been demanding their release or to be tried for the charges raised against them.] TNA will stage ‘Fast to Death’ on the 8th November 2015 – published by UK Tamil News.

The TNA has no authority to undertake such a fast while holding the position of Leader of the Opposition. To do so would be suicidal and we did not send them to Parliament for that reason. When such fast is undertaken while holding official position it confirms disrespect for  the Administrative and Judicial Processes. It amounts to reverse Administration.

As per the above report:

[Several prisoners detained under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, have not be presented to court]

If there are Administrative rules – the matter needs to be escalated to the highest Administrative level – through those rules. That as per my knowledge would be the Minister for Justice – a position currently held by the Hon Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe about whom Wikipedia reports:

[He won the award of the Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) in the field of legal affairs in 1998 and was appointed as a President's Counsel in 2001. He had been an examiner in the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo. …..In 2010, he was elected to Parliament from the Colombo District. In 2012, he was elected President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. During his tenure he led the Bar Association in support former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake during her impeachment. Following the 2015 presidential election he was appointed Minister of Justice.]

All these achievements have to be included by the Minister in his current service as Minister for Justice and any lowering of standards to bring a matter within the control of Political minds including those of the President and the Prime Minister – would be disrespectful of  his status through the above mentioned achievements. If the standards are so lowered it confirms that those qualifications  belong to someone else who includes the parallels in their service through their current positions. This could be an ordinary citizen and if such were the case – People must be facilitated to develop the Policies of that Ministry under such a person’s leadership.

Once we have strong and reliable Administration – there would be no need for reconciliation except with our own Truth. Here is a reality check about Jaffna from a Colombo Tamil:
“Jaffna drives me nuts – once when I was there (long time ago)an old woman walked the street with a huge palmyrah branch tied to her back to indicate she was low caste and to ensure the ‘others’  would not come out.  And then someone wanted to buy house on a certain street, but was not allowed because only high caste people lived on that street.
I hope things are changed or changing there.
I believe our karma (under majority rule) is due to these attitudes.”

In the meantime, the Colombo Gazette reports as follows :

Australia reiterates warning to Lankan boat people

After briefing interlocutors on a new development partnership, that, subject to national government approval, will create more local jobs in tourism-related businesses across the Eastern Province, the High Commissioner said “While Australia has been investing in education and economic infrastructure in Eastern Province for the last four years, we are turning the attention of our development cooperation towards the creation of economic opportunities for local people. Working with public officials, we hope to support partnerships between training providers and businesses of all sizes in the tourism industry, to drive a greater alignment between the needs of industry and the skills of prospective employees”.

Batticaloa – the Capital of Eastern Sri Lanka  is reported to be the worst affected area in the 2004 Tsunami – with 57,219 families being affected. One of the reasons attributed for the damage was also Karuna’s betrayal of Northern LTTE. As per Sunday Observer on the release of prisoners:

[Rev. Fr. M. Sakthivel, who is working as coordinator to the NMRPP told the Sunday Observer that the self-styled colonels and leaders such as Vinayagamurthy Muraleedaran alias Karuna Amman, Kumaran Pathmanahan alias KP and Sivaneshathurai Chandrakandan alias Pillayan are out but only the minor cadres who acted on their instructions are in prison.]

Unless we include Truth in our Decision Making – we risk punishment through Acts of God where the Causal Forces are pampered by those playing the role of Government in that area. In this instance, such could include Terrorism coming to Australia not through boats but through unjust lawful processes promoting foreign business and enjoyment while locals continue to suffer anxiety. At the recent meeting of the Sri Lankan Reconciliation Forum, Sydney, a Tamil raised the question about general Amnesty – so Australian Tamils could travel to Sri Lanka without fear of persecution – starting from the airport. The Sri Lankan Government’s representatives assured the group that there were no grounds for such fears under the new Government. The Australian Government also has confirmed this through its Representative in Colombo. I stated at the meeting that I knew of persons who carried those fears. When asked I say to them words to the effect – ‘it has not happened to me but that does not mean that it would not happen to you.’ I still feel anxious and I pray to Lord Buddha at the airport to prevent the officers from making mistakes and hurt themselves through the Lord’s system. Likewise in Vaddukoddai – I pray that the Government Officers would not act to damage my contribution to Peace and thus continue to invest in lawlessness. All this – without any Australian or Sri Lankan official or politician sharing her/his status with me. I need to do it alone to know the Truth of the ordinary citizen without portfolio.

To protect their minds from disorder in global environments, Diplomats need to be driven by the Truth discovered by them and/or the People they represent.

Appendix - Naan Australian – Chapter 25

[When we were ready to go, Dr. Hayes handed over a report to the Police Officer and looked back at his office as if to see whether anyone could hear him. He walked with us to the door and said that his report says that I did not need to be treated by them but that I needed to be under the supervision of Community Care. I asked him whether he had spoken to my husband and the doctor confirmed that he had endorsed what I had said but had accepted what he the doctor wanted to do. I found the second part a bit difficult to balance. When I rang Param the following day from Mulawa prison’s Brady East unit, Param said that he was very upset when Dr. Hayes rang and had said that I was quite normal and that I had received glowing references from Professor  Bruce Dowton, the UNSW Dean of Medicine and for Dr. Hayes to ring Professor Dowton up first before going further. My husband said to me that Dr. Hayes had told him also that they had the power to force the medication into me if I refused to take it. Param said he asked him not to do that and that I had been cleared as being sane by Prince of Wales psychiatrist – Dr. Peter Vaux.  Param said that he was so upset that he called Dr. Hayes back again and insisted  that I was sane. I realized after listening to Param that if not for Professor Dowton’s glowing references from a high position and my husband’s own position and the strength with which my husband had said it, I would have been placed under the care of  Dr. Hayes who would have forced medication into my body. I thanked Professor Dowton in my mind and heart for his genuine expressions of appreciation. As per my knowledge – Professor Dowton was not contacted by Dr. Hayes. But my belief in Professor Dowton’s endorsement of my higher mind and my sharing of that with my husband, came to my help in a way that was more acceptable to Dr. Hayes than if I had said them myself.  They were the cows with silver bells – m]i kdfdi[ maDkqf.. I felt that that influenced them to not go ahead with their proposed ‘treatment’. That was the value of faith. I had faith in Professor Dowton and Param connected to this and used that faith to influence Dr. Hayes. In other words, Param became Professor Dowton because of that genuine faith.  It is the same faith that I felt in Gandhi and Sai Baba. The time I feel faith in Swami Sai Baba is more than the time I feel faith in anyone else. The reason for this is Swami came to me on 05 November 98  by materializing holy powder – when no one else (including Professor Dowton or Param) seemed to connect to what I was doing and saying and help endorse me to myself for myself. Swami Sai Baba  knew and therefore to me He is God.

I did not respond to Dr. Hayes’ final remarks but quickly got into the Police caged truck where I felt safe. It was close to midnight, but I was alert. We reached Mulawa jail and it was raining on the way. At Mulawa I was informed at the reception that my cell at Brady East was still available. I was happy about that and asked for a copy of the Doctor’s report. The officer was not sure whether he had the authority to give it to me. He said he would leave a note for the supervisor. I was then taken to the Medical unit. After a short wait the officer came back and said I was not going back to Brady. I was taken to another unit which was referred to as IMU. It was a cell worse than the one I had occupied after I was arrested on 29 October 2004. The good thing was Kirlee who was with me at the cell at Local Court was there. I  liked Kirilee because she asked the officer for toilet paper for me even though she did not have when she used the toilet. Kirilee shared her fruit with me that afternoon in the court cell. I slept on the lower rolling bed and Kirilee occupied the bed. Kirilee was upset that someone was coming through the locked door to get her. Kirilee’s  twin sister was murdered and hence Kirilee’s fears. Half way through the night Kirilee was taken to another cell. I continued to focus on myself and started working out strategies to protect myself from becoming  a victim of those horrible people who controlled the system. On the way from Caritas, I was planning on fasting on fruits alone – so as to prevent any contaminated food. I had not drunk anything for hours and had difficulty passing water before going to bed. It was aggravated by the dirty-looking cell with ‘OPEN’ toilets. I covered my face in bed and started crying. That released some of the pain and I felt  stronger. I woke up early (must have been around 4a.m.) and meditated on the Truth I knew. I realized that if I did not desire anything, it was easier not to be controlled by others. This was why Lord Buddha recommended that we renounced desires – for desires are the other side of fears. I thought I was sent to that wing to share a cell with  a person who was hearing voices. Kirilee came back in the morning and we shared more experiences. Kirilee said we might not be allowed to shower in the room where there was no shower curtain but in the community toilet. I was thinking of not having a shower when breakfast arrived. I said I was vegetarian and asked whether I could have fruits. They said no fruits until lunch. I went back to my seat. Kirilee offered me the sultanas in her muesli but I declined.

I was later taken to a psychiatric nurse. Lois was very kind and when I informed Lois about the threat of  medication, Lois said that the Mental Health Act did give that power. On hearing that I had not eaten and was not drinking water, Lois gave me her bottled water. Lois assured me that the officers at Mulawa  would not contaminate my food. Before I left Lois asked me whether I would start eating normally. I said to give me a little time to recover. Lois said I should not be in prison. When the session was over I asked Lois whether I could give her a hug and she said of course. I felt better after the hug and returned to my cell shared with Kirilee. Kirilee said that she had showered in the room but water had stopped before she finished showering. I had asked for tooth paste and brush the previous night but did not get them. I was told to wait until morning. Kirilee asked the officer on my behalf. A little later I was moved to Brady East – to my old cell.  I felt it was due to the influence of Lois. Lois said when she heard my anxieties about changes in my accommodation the previous night, that it happened for some other reason. But I remembered being informed that I was getting my old cell back – before I was taken to the Medical Unit. I had a shower in the new cell and was later transferred with Florence on 08 May 2005.

Today is Mother’s day and is 08 May which is Our Lady of Velaangkanni’s (in India) day too. I was back in my cell with my cell mate Florence Vorhauer, after my family visited me. My son Pradeep said there must be some provision in the Mental Health Act about permission from family before committing a person to mental care. I said that did make sense to me but that Dr. Hayes and other staff did not inform me of any such rights. I said if it was not there it needs to be brought in. I said it was bad enough that I needed my husband’s endorsement even though I was an individual in my own rights, but to not have family and friends’ involvement BEFORE being placed under psychiatric treatment was worse. I said it negated my work for family, institution, community and society. Back in the cell I was talking to Florence who informed me that she was in prison for daring to fight against her local council who in her opinion were acting unlawfully in ordering her to get rid of her chucks. Florence had taken the Council to Court. The Police entered Florence’s residence without a warrant and eventually Florence was arrested and placed in jail under a 4 year sentence. Florence appealed to the Supreme Court. Florence was declared insane and was sent to Long Bay jail for treatment. Florence said that she was held down with her face down, by three men and was injected with medication. Now Florence takes the medication orally.

I know that Our Lady is giving me support through Florence . I consciously thanked Our Lady of Schoentat at Mulgoa for being there for me. Florence shared her experiences with me and urged me to get out of prison through the conditional bail and to not become  victim like herself.  I signed the bail conditions on 10 May and came out. Later I helped Florence release herself out of that prison.]

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