Monday 2 November 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 02 November  2015

Remembering Tamil Heroes

Today is All Soul’s Day and the anniversary of my Mother’s passing away in Canada where it is 01 November today. I had just returned to Australia, from my service to the victims of the 2009 Battle in Sri Lanka when I learnt that my mother was in hospital. During the previous admissions to hospital my mother would send word through my brother to ask us not to come but to go about our duties. This time however, my mother gave out no such instructions. I felt intuitively that my mother needed me and I went without further calculations and paid my last respects to my mother. I believe that I was able to hear this inner voice – because I had completed the relationship with my mother, through my position as child. I believe that when such souls pray, such prayer  has powers beyond time and place limitations. Time stands still – as depicted by Dancing Shiva kicking Kaalan (Time) under His right foot. They are global. Place being stilled is depicted by Meditating Shiva. They are local.

This morning when I read the following I felt disappointed in Karuna – the Eastern LTTE Leader about his boss Prabhakaran:
Prabhakaran was a good man, but he had no knowledge of globalization” Karuna as reported by The New Indian Express.

I believe that others give form to our own contributions and therefore by criticizing Prabhakaran out of context – Karuna was diminishing his own origin. That origin may be wrong to others – but Karuna has promoted himself to the current status from that origin. His weakness is that he did not complete his relationship with his origin to become independent of that origin. Hence he continues to use that origin actively as a relation. He thus confirms his indebtedness.

During last evening’s  Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney,  meeting -  to welcome the new Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Australia - Mr. Somasundaram Skandakumar – the question was asked as to whether Karuna’s group would be disarmed by the new government? The question came from a person I recognized to be Sinhalese. According to the above mentioned news report:
[Prabhakaran was livid with Karuna for persuading his chief negotiator, Anton Balasingham, to sign the December 5, 2002 “Oslo Declaration” which had committed the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam to “exploring the possibility of finding a political solution based on a federal structure within a united Sri Lanka.”]

The Government representatives at last evening’s  meeting confirmed that Karuna was armed by the previous government and that he was no longer part of that Political party. They failed to give recognition that Karuna was now part of the TULF described as follows in the Wikipedia:

[On May 4, 1972 several Tamil political groups, including the All Ceylon Tamil Congress, formed the Tamil United Front (TUF). The Federal Party joined the TUF in 1976. The TUF changed its name to the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and adopted a demand for an independent state to be known as the "secular, socialist state of Tamil Eelam". In the first general election contested by the TULF, the 21 July 1977 election in which the UNP won by a landslide, the TULF won 6.40% of the popular vote and 18 out of 168 seats in the Sri Lankan parliament, including all 14 seats in the Northern Province.]

This confirms that the SOUL of the Tamil Fight for Self-Governance through a United Front was originated by the All Ceylon Tamil Congress led by the Hon G.G. Ponnambalam. The Hon G.G. Ponnambalam was the Sri Lankan founder of the principles of globalization which requires Equal Opposition to manifest Completed Subjective Relationships. Hence his call for 50:50 – 50% of the Parliamentary seats to be for majority Sinhalese and the other 50% to be allocated to coalition of minorities. This was / is needed until Sri Lanka moves substantially  towards Democracy -  driven by Objectively measurable outcomes and Transparency in Subjective decision making processes.

At yesterday’s meeting, the High Commissioner as the Government’s representative spoke highly of the pair -  Nathan Sivagananathan & Sarinda Unamboowe who raised millions to establish the cancer hospital at Thellippalai in Northern Sri Lanka. There was however little identity with the contribution made by Tamil Leader the Hon G.G.Ponnambalam – towards Sri Lanka being the big project.

To most of us, driven by Common Principles rather than our personal Truth - knowing whether we are using the pathway of Programs or the pathway of Projects is important to complete our work towards higher or wider values respectively. The above walk was part of a program of Reconciliation – initiated by South to reach out to the North. The subsequent declaration that the next walk would be to establish a similar hospital in South – damaged the Reconciliation Program Value of that walk to make it a project.

At last night’s meeting, we were informed that the Government was planning on Village based project-development. I was myself taken to Thunaivi village in Vaddukoddai district through our family temple shown in the picture above. The first request from the People based on their past difficulties was for an allocation of part of the Temple land to connect them to the main road – the Navali Road that leads to Jaffna Town. Our family happily agreed to this donation. Thus we became part of the Government of that area.

This was however spoilt when a local  NGO sought Land to construct a building as part of  War-Reconstruction through NECORD -  North East Community Restoration and Development (Sri Lanka) and we donated a block for that purpose also. That building is now largely idle and is at time used stealthily by some locals. Due to our connections to the origins of the Land from our ancestors – we picked up the early warning signs. We have since then installed Security Cameras and Solar Energy (so they would not deny the lighting needed for the cameras). It’s a long process in which we keep replenishing Security Cameras and lights that are damaged by some locals. When we complained to the Police (largely Sinhalese at the Vaddukoddai Police Station) they wanted ‘proof’ and rightly so due to lack of local intelligence. But to their credit they demonstrated cooperation with us – by visiting the place and warning young ones who were idling at our temple. We thus shared with them the opportunity to exercise their authority through identifiable damages in that area caused by locals.

 Even at last night’s meeting the issue of armed officers’ presence in North was raised by a Tamil Activist. The problem would be if the powers were to go to locals – then it is highly likely that they would not be able to ‘see’ anything wrong with what happens – but would leave it to the People of Thunaivi to manage themselves. Except for  contributions from some generous souls like our Engineer friends Santhiragasan & Thiruketheeswaran and our close family – all work above has been/is out of our past/ongoing retirement savings and mostly through our Human Resources. It therefore has the work Energy through which we have possession of that wealth visible to others. Not so the Government that received the donation of the Land on behalf of the People.

Thunaivi was considered a high risk zone due to the rough nature of those folks. Unless such villages are ‘adopted’ as homes by Service Providers – projects within such areas would breed illegal activities which would seem quite normal to those who do not go very far from those villages. Prabhakaran – the LTTE Leader was from such a village. It would be wrong to measure him in a global context only. Thunaivi folks themselves said to me at the beginning of our relationship – that they were a very backward area. They have difficulty relating even to Jaffna Customs – leave alone Colombo Customs. The High Commissioner confirmed that he himself was now more Colombo than Northern Sri Lanka. One of the first reports about him informed us that he was of Vaddukoddai origin:
[Somasundaram Skandakumar who is from Vaddukoddai, Jaffna served George Steuart Group of Companies for 34 years. He was the Managing Director of the company for three years and also the Group Chairman for eight years. - Tamil Diplomat]

Yet, there I was as part of discussion group organized by the Reconciliation Forum – representing the most needy folks in Vaddukoddai area – without any connection being made by the Government’s group. I tried giving leads – by referring to my knowledge that children in Vaddukoddai were taking private tuition in Sinhalese; that there were events confirming break down in law and order in Jaffna Town and most importantly – that the folks lacked self-confidence because we seniors abandoned them and left them  to fend for themselves and this has resulted in them not being able to project too far ahead. The lateral spread is as wide as the depth of the root.

Should I then be saying the other side of Karuna’s claim –that ‘the current President whose praise was sung by the Government team was a good man but did not know much about the People through whose real need he came to Power?

The High Commissioner made a statement that it was only his conscience that he would take with himself when the call came from the Lord. To me it is the Truth that we Share – i.e. - take, as well as leave behind. That is the way of absolute values/powers. The voluntary contribution to Independence / Self Governance - whether given form through the LTTE/JVP or the Government – is never lost. It will take rebirth in different forms as per its original Creator. Let’s therefore connect to the Truth in every village and give form to that Truth AFTER we become one of them. That would be then Program and go direct to Policy. SHOWING more than that through numbers and dollar values – would generate more idleness inviting the devil. Completed Truth will manifest Itself whenever there is a need. Where the origin was based on Truth for the benefit of the whole  – that manifestation would be the God’s Homes. Where the origin was for selfish purposes and falsely propagated – it would manifest as Devil’s workshops. 

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