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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 06 November  2015

Courageous Tamil Heroes

Australia Playing Double Game in Sri Lanka?

Tomorrow is the deadline in relation to the Sri Lankan Presidential Promise to deal with the matter of Tamil Prisoners who are largely described as Political Prisoners by the media. Majority of the prisoners have been arrested under Prevention of Terrorism Act . As far as the prisoners are concerned – if they acted to uphold the Government in their area – even if it were the LTTE – they are Political Prisoners. In a Democracy the prisoner has the first right of declaration of belief. As per the Colombo Gazette Report :

[A group of Tamil detainees were presented to Court today and most of them were re-remanded after they refused to accept an offer to undergo rehabilitation.
The detainees, who call themselves “political prisoners” but are not recognized as such by the Government, said that the court, Government and Tamil National Alliance will be held responsible for their lives if they are not freed unconditionally.]

I immediately blessed these guys and recognized them as Political Prisoners. That was the Heritage  of my own experience here in Australia. The Truth from a relationship is the Heritage that we take into our next/other  relationship/s. To be productive citizens therefore – these prisoners must identify with the punishment they get.

It is interesting the these prisoners have included TNA – Tamil National Alliance also in their group of those responsible. Yet one does not recognize any admission of these charges on the part of TNA:

[Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran told Parliament today that there are over 200 political prisoners in the country. He said that while the Government does not recognize these people as political prisoners, most of them are political prisoners. Sumanthiran said that President Maithripala Sirisena had given the prisoners an assurance that they will be released by November 7.However the MP said that as of today there was no progress to be seen and the Government must act fast.]

As a practicing lawyer, Mr. Sumanthiran ought to have recognized that lawyers  need the ‘authority’ of the client to represent that client in Court. If there are no such instructions it is the responsibility of the Government to facilitate representation of the ‘other’ side for Court purposes. Once the prisoners charged the TNA – the TNA no longer has the mandate to represent them. It is reported that:

[While leaving court some of them said that they were offered rehabilitation but only two of them accepted the offer while the others refused and sought their release.
Those who rejected the offer to undergo rehabilitation said that President Maithripala Sirisena, the Prisons Commissioner and parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran will need to take responsibility if any harm comes to their lives.]

THAT confirms that Mr. Sumanthiran did not have the confidence of the prisoners and therefore did not have the authority to take a Political stand in this issue.

What are the true political rights of this group? Given that Karuna – the Eastern LTTE Leader was accepted as part of the Government - all his deeds were effectively made ‘Political’ and the immunity granted became ‘Diplomatic Immunity’. The authority for such immunity is based on Truth. Laws are thus set aside to facilitate the flow of Truth which is healthy for the mind.

As per the media release of the Australian High Commission in Colombo about the Australian High Commissioner’s Political Declaration in Eastern Sri Lanka:

[The High Commissioner also thanked partners for ongoing cooperation with Australia to combat the shared challenge of maritime people smuggling. “Since the introduction of Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders in 2013, every Sri Lankan people smuggling boat that has attempted to come to Australia has failed. The Australian Government’s policy on maritime people smuggling remains unchanged – if you travel illegally to Australia by boat, you will never be settled there” Ms Mudie said.]

By specifically ruling out Boat arrivals – Ms Mudie was confirming that it was more about ‘hiding’ Australia’s inability to protect its boarders than about Australia’s commitment to Global Refugee Policy. It effectively is  discrimination on the basis of money.

As per the Australian High Commission’s report:

[Australian High Commissioner, HE Robyn Mudie, was Chief Guest today (4 November) at the opening of the Advanced Seminar on International Humanitarian Law for members of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, jointly organised by the Faculty of Law of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University and the International Committee of the Red Cross.]

While Ms Mudie is preaching to the armed forces of Sri Lanka – one of the citizens the High Commissioner represents is reported to have acted in breach of the laws of Sri Lanka:

[The arrest had been made around 1.45 pm at Gunaratnam’s house at No 211/26, Anguruwella, Kegalle by a team of policemen from the Kegalle police on charges of violating immigration regulations, police said. Gunaratnam has been remanded till Nov. 18 by the Kegalle Magistrate.
Gunaratnam is an Australian citizen and he would be handed over to the Controller of Immigration and Emigration to be deported to Australia, police said.] – ‘Leader of FSP behind student protests Kumar remanded’ – The Island

In terms of Administration / Application of Law – the Australian High Commissioner’s first duty is to Australians. The actions of an Australian must therefore be the natural responsibility of the Australian High Commissioner than the actions of Sri Lankan armed forces on their soil. When their Sovereignty is interfered with through such ‘lectures’ – then Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders  Policy is naturally damaged.

 As per published information, the question is being asked as to why Mr. Gunaratnam is not able to take a political position whereas Karuna Amman – the LTTE Leader is able to? Sathyagaraya 30-04-2015 Part 02

Once Australia accepted Mr. Gunaratnam as its citizen – it must demonstrate responsibility  for his actions in breach of the laws of another country before the Australian Government preaches to the other country.

Whatever we may or may not do – Truth produces its own outcomes in support of those who contribute to the system of Truth. If at least one Australian of Sri Lankan origin was persecuted including through imprisonment for upholding her Truth through the lawful Democratic Process – and that  injustice was never ‘corrected’ for the purposes of Administration – Australia would get illegal immigrants by all means including by boats – proportionate to the manifested outcomes of the injustice. The rest would be carried as a cardinal sin carried by the position/s responsible and the country. The minds of the leaders would be infested with fears of Terrorism through this verdict of Natural Justice. One may escape punishment from human system by making and forgetting laws. But no one escapes their own mind structured as per their Truth and nothing but the Truth in the long term/wider world. This is the reason why Diplomats need to be driven by their Truth and remain silent where they are lacking in experience or learn from the wise who have had the experience. 

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