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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 09 November  2015

Leader of the National Opposition or Leader of the Tamil Only People?

Our thoughts about  Tamil Political Prisoners in Sri Lanka also need to be raised to the global level on the basis of Truth and Reconciliation Promises made to the International Community by the Sri Lankan Government through the. It is also important for migrants who have taken refuge in other countries – based on the claim of war in Sri Lanka. An expression and/or action by a person in different countries and/or at different times would generate different outcomes. Truth takes us to a mode of Virtual Reality – as if we are having the experience here and now. Truth cures all ailments through the mind.

One such reality is to go back in time. The best expression of appreciation to my article ‘How Northern Tamils defeated Mr. Rajapaksa’ was :
‘Very good article and wonderful comparison’. 
That wonderful comparison was about a woman/wife not being a commodity. Likewise any minority at physical level. We are all absolute beings. In the example used – Throupathi – the Queen refused to allow herself to be treated as a Commodity. She did not depend on others to do so. She had the courage of her chastity.

In his recent statement regarding Political Prisoners – Tamil National Alliance Leader the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan has stated that the Government must have courage to repeal the offending law and replace it with a more appropriate law. The Chief Minister of Northern Province – the Hon CV Wigneswaran, also of TNA is reported to have  proposed  ‘proposed that all detainees suspected to come under the provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), but against whom no cases have so far been filed, could be released on adequate bail.’

To my mind, Mr. Sampanthan needs to go back in Time and Mr. Wigneswaran has to go forward in Space to have the virtual experience and then publish their verdicts/suggestions. Such would merge naturally. To the extent of my investment in either position – I am able to invoke the reality of these positions. The National Leader of the Opposition has to identify with the Truth of the minorities in the Nation – all minorities. This would be easier for a Tamil or Muslim or Burgher than for a Sinhalese. In a country where the ethnic problem has been allowed to be brought to the world-stage, we need to limit the categorization to Community level until we become eligible again to use national identity.

Going back in Time to the LTTE period – how did Mr. Sampanthan as a Tamil Politician feel when  the LTTE eliminated Tamil Politicians? If Mr. Sampanthan found the LTTE guilty – what punishment would he have recommended to the LTTE as a whole?

Likewise, if Mr. Wigneswaran were to go forward in Space – i.e. – wider world at National level – as Resident  of Colombo  – and think in the shoes of a Sinhalese in a  Tamil suburb  of say - Wellawatte / Colombo 6 – would he recommend the above without any change?

Value of Truth is Absolute and when given form - Truth keeps our brain steady due to Natural  Balancing system of Equality. Some find Truth  as individuals and others collectively. The more we go back in time – for example through heritage values – with belief in the value and/or the person – the easier it would be for us to invoke the Truth as it happened through the combination of many forces. When we do so as individuals and/or locally through people we have known for some time – we need to use Time basis with least visible outcome being in our mind. That is the way of Subjective system. In a Democracy, healthy Politics would be based on subjective expressions of belief. One who has invested in the other irrespective of physical attributes – including money and good looks - would know whether the other speaks the Truth or not. As a Tamil whose colleagues were killed by the LTTE – Mr. Sampanthan must have felt a sense of Loss – as if a part of him was killed. Given that both the killer as well as the killed were Tamils – it is like one organ killing another – for example the tongue driven by taste of food,  killing the brain’s memory that that tasty food is also unhealthy. Whatever Mr. Sampanthan would do to ‘save’ that memory of higher enjoyment from brain to brain – is the rightly applicable law for Tamils as a self-governing Community.

Mr. Wigneswaran on the other hand needs to become the other side of the LTTE’s actions (opposition) of which he would not have had any internal warnings as an outsider in Colombo with which Jaffna needs to merge. It’s like in marriage. If Mr. Wigneswaran’s younger brother killed his wife’s brother – and taking that Mr. Wigneswaran loved his wife – the loss needs to be known through the loss his wife felt. It’s like how a Muslim married to a Christian would have felt about the 9/11 attack. If there were no significant feelings – then we did not incur any damage. It confirms also that we are not bound by higher common principles that would lead us to wider world.  We were just observers of what happened to ‘others’ and all we can conclude is quantitative – as in majority vote obtained through money. It goes nowhere on its own power – for better or for worse.

Both Tamil leaders have the responsibility to present their own suggestions in the form of new Draft Legislations at respective levels and not merely ‘tell’ the government it was wrong and/or suggest a lower escape route by closing the eye.

The wife of one of the persons who disappeared after a round up in Maravanpulavu, Chavakachcheri, Jaffna District,  Northern Sri Lanka (Appendix) submitted documents confirming the disappearance of her husband and the father of her children. Her story moves my heart because I am connected to that Land area as well as the culture. I would not need any documentary proof of the wife’s suffering. But then who is more responsible for the loss and pain in this family? – the Armed forces who rounded up Maravanpulavu or the LTTE who resorted to weapons based opposition and therefore invoked the armed power of the Sinhalese? From the moment LTTE denounced the Government – it lost its entitlement to be protected by the Government. Likewise its supporters. I got to know about member of my family who was with the LTTE and later got killed by them, only after he died. But in every instance when I went into my Truth as per my personal experience with those who died apparently prematurely, I was able to find no fault with what happened. Death of the body is physical. Once we go into our True experience – that person becomes alive for us and lives with us as part of us. In terms of the war s/he could be an offender or a hero. That becomes my responsibility only when I have an official position. Beyond that, recognizing them through their Truth and finding fault with them where I find them guilty of damaging wider world that I am part of – cleans my own mental environment and completes the relationship to make that person a natural part of me.

The war happened due to relative weaknesses – often leading to persons assuming higher powers than they truly had – with or without official position. When we are young we either go with lateral power of majority and remain at the same level as they or our brain instructs our body to lift our life to the higher level. When the body is old and the physical ability to enjoy  is diminished – one needs to be able to live with the diminished level of enjoyment to have harmony between the body and mind. One who enjoys excessively when young would burn out quickly and unless one is able to live within the body’s level of enjoyment – one would expect to enjoy what s/he thinks others are enjoying. This leads to disharmony of  the mind.

If our Politicians were the higher mind and the LTTE was the body-driven arm  – LTTE which has enjoyed relatively more than those driven by the higher mind – would have disharmony in the mind if it continues to think that others have more than they – the same way majority Sri Lankans think that Australians enjoy more than they. Only one who truly belongs to both would know that this is NOT so. One must have the experience or believe the person/s who has/have had the experience.

Tamil leaders have promised support for the UN Resolution. The more benefits based our thinking is – the lower our mind-order. Hence the Rajapaksa-Prabhakaran coalition which deceived the ordinary People who had/have the real mandate for self-governance as per their own Truth.  

The victims of LTTE on the Sinhalese side – includes Asanga Abeyagoonasekera, the son of Ossie Abeyagoonasekera who was killed by the Tigers 21 years ago. Asanga expresses his identity with his father’s goodness as follows:

[Albert Camus writes in The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt, "rebellion cannot exist without a strange form of love." My father had a strange form of love for his fellow countrymen. This very love was deemed rebellious due to the existing political situation. Many of the political decisions he made at that time along with his friend Vijaya Kumaratunga made them unpopular, but in such a volatile time I believe the decisions they made were for the people of our nation.]

Likewise, there may be ‘sons’ of Prabhakaran who identify with his value. But there are also those who contributed to higher pathways especially through Education who are not able identify with Prabhakaran and the LTTE or who have expressly found fault with the LTTE. Tamil Politicians are answerable to them also. If we do not wear that higher position uniform – we may feel ‘free’ and allow lower level mergers of the mind – which would be far deeper damage to the Tamil Community than the losses in 2009 due to the armed attack of the Government.

Missing person: Annalingam அன்னலிங்கம்
Name of father: Sinnavan Ramanathan சின்னவன் இராமநாதன்
Name of mother: Alvappillai Ratnapoopathy  ஆள்வாப்பிள்ளை இரத்தினபூபதி
Date of birth: 21st January 1969
Identity Card 690213206V
Birth Certificate number 3589

Occurrence in brief:
Missing from: 19 July 1996. At about 0830 hours in the morning, Annalingam, (a fishermen and a toddy tapper) was baby-keeping his 7 month old third son. His older son and daughter were playing with the tiny tot, while his wife Jeyakala was cooking breakfast.  Neighbours were talking about a round up in the area by the army. Jeyakala heard that men from eastern Maravanpulavu were taken away in the morning by the army. Army came to the house of Annalingam through the front gate as well from the backyard fencing. Intruding army men instructed all in the family to march towards A32 highway, to a place called the Banyan tree (Aaladi). Jeyakala protested saying that a nursing babe-in-arms was in the family and they cannot move out all of a sudden. Army instructed Annalingam to hand over the baby to Jeyakala and move. Prisanthini, the daughter went to hug her father and wouldn’t leave him. Both went together to Aaladi. Jeyakala could not with stand the ordeal. Leaving the kitchen with half-cooked food, Jeyakala went with her husband carrying the baby, followed by her son. Neighbours, most of them relatives of Annalingam were also instructed to march. Annalingam, Jeyakala and the two children walked for about 1.5 km through the paddy fields to reach Aaladi at about 1100 hours. It was hot sun. All were asked to sit in the open paddy fields. There was a crowd of more than 300 persons. Men from the army and navy were there with 2 to 3 long trucks. There were police personnel, both men and women, from the Kopay police station. Grama Sevaka Officer J/298 of Maravanpulavu was among the crowd having been part of the roundup. Army asked them to gender-segregate.  Pirasanthini was hugging her father Annalingam until forced to join Jeyakala. Females were asked to line up for screening. Women moved in a row towards west. Few young women in the row were taken into custody. Jeyalalitha daughter of Poopalasingham was one of them. Jeyakala saw Jayalalitha being isolated for detention. Annalingan was in the men’s row proceeding towards north for screening. While being screened Annalingam was isolated and pushed into a waiting army truck along with men of his age group. Jeyakala, Vasanthakumar, and Pirasanthini saw Annalingam being pushed to be loaded into a truck. Jeyakala and the children rushed towards the truck. Army, navy and police personnel used mild force to chase away all persons rushing towards the truck, for a distance of about 500 m. south. Crowd retreated before making another abortive attempt to go near the truck. Army men became harsher and threatened the surging crowd. At about 1500 hours the army convoy with detained persons in the trucks headed towards west. The crowd ran behind the truck. The crowd could not keep pace. Jeyakala with her 3 kids walked back 1.5 km to her home. She fed the children. Jeyakala with babe in arms rode on a pillion in the bicycle pedaled by Sinnavan, father of Jeyakala following the convoy at a protectable distance to Navatkuli.  Jeyakala reached the mound on A32 highway across which she was prevented from proceeding. Jeyakala cried. Many women in the crowd howled. Jeyakala shouted that her husband Annalingam was an innocent man attending to the family, working for a merger income.  Jeyakala told the army that she had a babe-in-arms. Army men did not care. They baton-charged Jeyakala while her baby cried. Jeyakala would not give up. Her loved one, her care-taker, her bread winner, her protector, her life partner was within a stone throw distance. Since the army announced a curfew, Jeyakala came back home with the babe-in-arms on pillion of her cycling father Sinnavan. Pirasanthini had a restless night. Thoughts about her father haunted her. She loved him most. So Jeyakala took Pirasanthini and the babe-in-arms at the wee hours of the morning, next day the 20th to Navatkuli. Jeyakala took with her a photograph of Annalingam. Army had blocked the road. Jeyakala sat with others on the road. Army men told the crowd that the detainees would be released after inquiry. Thirst choking, hunger burning, sun scorching, road gravel pricking, Jeyakala and the children ungrudgingly sat awaiting the release. With no light at the end of the tunnel, depleted, deprived, grieved with the feeling of prolonged separation haunting, Jeyakala returned home around 1500 hours. On Sunday the 21st the ordeal for Jeyakala remained the same. She was there in the wee hours of the morning with her two kids. She feigned that she was sick, her children were sick and managed to obtain a pass to cross the blockade and go towards Navatkuli junction. Walking westwards, climbing down the mound, she looked at the partially damaged building on her right. Pirasanthini screamed. She shouted “Appa”. She had identified her father standing blindfolded and handcuffed in the verandah. Jeyakala saw her husband. She shouted. She hailed. Army men came and chased her. There were many men handcuffed and blindfolded along with Annalingam. Jeyakala and the children strayed around the area and returned along the same route. Eyes of Jeyakala and Pirasanthini were wide open, fixed to their left. They were searching for their beloved Annalingam. Alas! None were in the building. However the crowd continued to wait on the road. They waited till dusk and later returned to their homes empty handed. On Monday Jeyakala with babe-in-arms went to the office of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) to formalize the record of missing Annalingam.

Documents :

Marriage certificate of Annalingam and Jeyakala married on 5th February 1990
Report on the enforced or involuntary disappearance of a person (undated)
Letter to the Government Agent, Jaffna 24th July 1996
Letter to Inspector of Police, Kopay dated 14th September 1996
Letter to HE President of Sri Lanka dated 14th November 1996
Letter from Major General Janaka Perera HQ 51st Division dated 30th November 1996
Letter from the Senior Supdt. Of Police, Jaffna dated 5th January 1997
Letter from Ministry of Defense dated 9th January 1997
Letter from the Additional Government Agent dated 13th January 1997
Letter from Chavakachcheri Palm Development Cooperative Society Ltd. Dated 19th January 1997
Letter from the Additional Government Agent dated 10th April 1997
Letter from Ministry of Defense dated 9th May 1997
Letter by Jeyakala to the Ministry of Defense dated 31st May 1997
Letter from Ministry of Defense dated 28th June 1997
Letter from the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) dated 4th August 1997
Letter from Ann Revcclier dated 4th August 1997
Letter from the Government Agent dated 10th December 1997
Letter from Divisional Secretary Thenmaradchy dated 24th December 1997
Letter from Divisional Secretary Thenmaradchy dated 10th November 1998
Registration with Northern Province Guardian Association for persons arrested and disappeared (undated)
Registration with Jaffna District association for arrested and disappeared persons (undated)
Affidavit by Jeyakala dated 7th March 1999
Letter from Ministry of Defense dated 11th November 1999
Letter from Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka dated 30th December 2002
Letter from Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka dated 12th January 2003
Letter from Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka dated 12th June 2003
Affidavit by Jeyakala dated 6th August 2003
Summons from Magistrate Courts, Chavakachcheri dated 6th January 2004
Letter from Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka dated 26th September 2005
Letter from the Presidential Commission to investigate into complaints regarding missing persons dated 24th October 2013
Letter from the Presidential Commission to investigate into complaints regarding missing persons dated 30th January 2014

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