Sunday 15 November 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 15 November  2015

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, second right, and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison (second left) during a ceremony commissioning two Australian-gifted naval patrol boats

Disturbance to Self Governance of  Australian Tamils

The latest Terror attacks in France have strengthened the need for Self-Governance in Democracy which opens the door to early freedom of expressions. The conduct of young Tamils during the visit of Tamil National Alliance spokesperson the Hon M.A. Sumanthiran has been questioned by SBS Radio through an interview with Mr. Yogarajah who is described as an Activist. One of the problems on the side of Mr. Sumanthiran seemed to be this premature ‘freedom’ which led to him criticizing the Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka – the Hon C.V. Wigneswaran – here on Australian soil.

Ceylon Today, through its article ‘Rift in TNA reflects in Down Under’ reports as follows about a similar incident in Paris:

A couple of weeks ago Deputy Chairman of Committees in Parliament, Selvam Adaikalanathan, who is a TNA Parliamentarian from the Vanni District, came under attack by a group of angry young Tamil men in Paris, because of the recent attitude of the TNA in the North and East politics.
Paris problem
Following the skirmish in Paris, Selvam Adaikalanathan and those who accompanied him from Sri Lanka had to be escorted, outside the auditorium where they held a meeting, by French policemen.
The incidents in Paris and Sydney have highlighted the internal 'brawls' which remain within the TNA.’

In my yesterday’s article Nainatheevu or Nagadeepa? Eelam or Lanka? Sri Lankan or Australian?, I stated my discovery about the way of the Lord’s system as follows:

Land holds that heritage value as Energy. Good as well as bad are carried as Energy when they are upheld beyond their physical life. Earth as well as Humans carry this Energy. True believers invoke these positive  Energies.  The negative Energies invoke the negative powers of those who activate disbelief

The Sydney incident as well as the Paris incident involving Tamil Politicians confirm the above discovery. The question is who the bad Energy was in both instances – the Politicians or the young Activists?

As per the above article:

According to Sumanthiran, he had travelled to Canada along with his Leader R. Sampanthan to collect funds for the Northern Provincial Council poll. Sumanthiran also told the SBS that Wigneswaran who refused to go to Canada with a lame excuse during the parliamentary polls campaign period had travelled to the USA and UK ridiculing the TNA leadership………
As far as the political entry of Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran is concerned, R. Sampanthan and M.A. Sumanthiran were in the forefront to field him as the Chief Ministerial candidate at the Northern Provincial Council poll two years ago.
Wigneswaran had even said at a recent meeting in Jaffna that after his retirement from the Supreme Court, he was happy engaging in his spiritual activities, and it was on the insistence of the TNA politicians that he entered politics.’

I am able to identify with Mr. Wigneswaran’s self-assessment in this regard, due to being in the same stage of life as he. The contributions we make to others’ lives are of the following three categories:

1.      Money
2.      Relativity
3.      Ownership/Policy

Taken at face value (I do not know Mr. Wigneswaran on personal basis to think otherwise) – Mr. Wigneswaran claims that he was at Policy stage. He may have entered Political life but he is naturally a person who contributes to Policy – be it positive or negative. But Mr. Sumanthiran confirms that he was  expecting Mr. Wigneswaran to collect funds for the election campaign. That kind of money business might suit Mr. Sumanthiran who practices law in addition to being a politician. But it is not a fitting job for Mr. Wigneswaran. As a Tamil in tertiary life – I myself am committed to sharing directly at Policy level. Gandhi gave up Money and Status towards strengthening Policy. Truth goes directly into Policy of the group that we are Naturally a part of. Strengthening Law and Order is a deeper need in Jaffna than accumulating money and status. The results are indicated by some manifestations.

Today is the 2nd anniversary of the day Mr. Wigneswaran as Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka received the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, in Jaffna:
On the 15th of November 2013, he received the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, in Jaffna. It was the first time the political head of another country had visited Jaffna since independence from colonial rule in 1948.’ - Wikipedia

 Mr. Wigneswaran  earned that recognition due to his deeper investment in the Judiciary which deals with English law also. Hence the cultural connection and the quiet sharing of respect. When the time is ripe – the manifestations happen. This brought much strength to the self-esteem of the People of Northern Province.

To my mind, if Mr. Wigneswaran had gone along with money collecting responsibilities – he would not have invoked this policy level recognition from the British Prime Minister.

In contrast, the report about our then (2014) Immigration Minister was: ‘Australia's Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has reportedly made a secret visit to the war-torn Sri Lankan region of Jaffna during his whirlwind stop in the South Asian nation

During his recent visit - Mr. Sumanthiran met with the Australian Government which includes Mr. Morrison and therefore his negative contribution to Tamils. When we are active at money level – we would change sides as per the money benefits for us. This is fine – so long as we do not take it upon ourselves to find fault with others who do not follow us in our money based activities.

One supporter of Mr. Sumanthiran wrote to me yesterday:

Australian Tamils do not understand what is going on in Sri Lanka at the present time? Would you please keep quiet until December 2016.’

Tamils as a Community expect the UN to take action against wrong-doers so that our path to self-governance would be clear. But unless we ourselves follow global principles and values in relating to each other and wider world – we would not recognize the opportunities at global level. Policy is at ownership level and this would not be influenced by money or other relative value. Like Spirituality, one cannot own for another.

Our returns would be as per the level at which we paid the costs. Australian Aid in breach of UN Policy would negate the contribution we have made to raise the problem to UN level. Every investor in this issue, who contributes at UN’s Policy level will identify with the outcomes as per her/his level of contribution. Mr. Scott Morrison obviously is not one of them. We, the Australian Tamils as the community directly affected – have to make additional sacrifices to negate these blockades to us developing as a self-managed independent Australian Tamil Community. My contribution is largely through Equal Opportunity Policy. Unlike our Australian Government, I do not need to give any aid to any Sri Lankan and/or Tamil to do this. No I do not know what is going on at Political level – be it here in Australia or over there in Sri Lanka. But I do recognize that the above person and Mr. Sumanthiran are seriously lacking in self-governance Policy.

The young ones who protested were expressing their emotions but did not act in breach of the law. I recognized former Councilor for Holroyd City – Mr. Vasee Rajadurai’s influence in this regard by continuously warning against any damage to Public Property. I identify with the claim of Mr. Yogarajah mentioned above – that the young activists  had the right to protest. The style may not have been attractive to some – but the Political Leaders within the Australian Tamil Community have to take responsibility for this kind of conduct which is common after the LTTE led uprising against any government / management that one disagrees with. Sri Lankan Tamils come with that karma – be it positive or negative. Mr. Sumanthiran failed to respect Mr. Wigneswaran’s natural position as being that of a senior due to Mr. Wigneswaran’s investment in the judiciary and Mr. Sumanthiran therefore earned the return karma – when he stepped on Australian soil Energized by some of us who have completed the experience of self-governance with the little resources available to us . Our returns will be through the strengthening of global values of the Tamil Community by sharing our true experiences – directly at Policy level. 

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