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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 10 November  2015

Vibishana Invoking the Powers of Lord Vishnu at Sri Rangam

Dual Citizenship & Racism

I have my own laws which keep continuously evolving as per the Truth I discover through MY experiences. Earlier this year our Prime Minister then the Hon Tony Abbott threatened to legislate against dual citizens who were supporting Community Activists outside Australia. This would have covered Australians of Sri Lankan origin also. Others pointed to Mr. Abbott’s ineligibility to be member of  Australian Parliament due to his dual citizenship – citing Section 44 (i) of the Australian Constitution:

44. Any person who -
(i.) Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power
shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

The test has come in the form of Australian of Sri Lankan origin – Mr. Premkumar Gunaratnam – a Sinhalese carrying Tamil name and Australian passport – a Hybrid personality who stands testimony to the failure of Hybrid Courts in war inquiries. As per the Island news report:

Australian HC won’t intervene to secure Kumar’s release
[Australia has chosen to remain mum on the recently arrested Australian citizen Noel Mudalige though the government says he will be treated as a foreigner.
Authoritative official told The Island that the leader of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) had given up his Sri Lankan citizenship to become an Australian citizen several years back, and, therefore he should be dealt with according to Sri Lanka’s immigration and emigration laws.
The Australian High Commission declined to comment on Mudalige’s arrest or action taken by the mission to secure his release. An Australian HC official told The Island that the HC wouldn’t comment on such matters.
Well informed sources told The Island that Australia hadn’t raised the issue with the Foreign Ministry…………………………………. A senior official said that the FSP should seek Australian help to facilitate Mudalige’s deportation as soon as possible. But, the question was whether Australia wanted to have him back against the backdrop of his political involvement here, he said.]

It is obvious that if the laws had provided towards this and Mr. Gunaratnam had dual citizenship – his Australian citizenship would have been cancelled by an emotionally driven officer of Mr. Abbott’s ancestry.

To my mind, dual citizens are not permitted to hold political power because like emotions, politics is a one way street. To be successful through politics/emotions,  one’s Belief needs to be stronger than Knowledge from external minds in wider world. It’s like seeing god through only one form all the time. So long as Politics is Belief based – it would merge with Knowledge based Administration – leading to Governance.  Belief, like God is One. In Politics/Emotions, Belief  has Only One form. At Governance level it has no form. At middle level for the purposes of harmony it takes Equal and Opposite forms in Knowledge Based Administration.

In Good Politics there is no reasoning at the primary level. One first identifies through her/his Truth and then seeks to explain through wider laws applicable to that jurisdiction. Hence if an Australian Parliamentarian were British also – which ‘form’ of  Belief would s/he use to believe and/or express? – Australian or British  - Mr. Keating or the Queen?

Likewise who is Mr. Gunaratnam’s Political Leader? – An Australian  or JVP Founding Leader Rohana Wijeweera?

Ethnic Equality is a long established Right in Sri Lanka. I have known this through my personal experiences as a Sri Lankan. But from time to time – those who are lacking in Belief – but manage to get into Parliament through false politics – dilute this Traditional Value that is to the credit of all Sri Lankans. The ‘language policy’ of the ‘Sinhala only’ politicians gave birth to the JVP armed rebellion through the natural system of Karma. I explained the difference between  Belief based Prayer and desire based ‘asking’ and ‘taking’ - to a Sinhalese responder to my article ‘Lord Skandakumar’- as follows: (The responder claimed that my statement "I myself pray to Lord Buddha to help the Buddhists .... " was false)

When the mind has that ‘form’ at the highest level – that form represents God – whether the physical body is alive or not. All these people at the temple are praying to Lord Skanda. They would never have seen Lord Skanda in person but have Him in their mind. Prayers happen when we seek from a source above the mind – the unknown Energy. If you take/ are given in a calculated way or as per the ‘seen’ and/or the known – it is NOT prayer.

Voters should be able to ‘pray’ to their political leadership – in the form of Person in Subjective system and in the form of Outcome in Democracy. Where there is Belief – there is room for Prayers. In Sri Lanka, JVP and LTTE produced outcomes through use of weapons. But once they came into Politics – the form of their ‘god’ / belief – made them lesser leaders relative to Politicians Elected by the People. By changing without renouncing - they became like Dual Citizens and effectively Stateless. To be fair to Northern LTTE – they held on until the last and died as heroes. To the extent they remained as the invisible armed leadership to defend against unjust invasion – living through their own Truth – they were Rebels. To the extent they attacked without being attacked – they were terrorists. Now that we Tamils have escalated the issue to UN level – we have the Responsibility to think at the UN level or remain strictly local and live as per the laws of our Truth. When we live within our Truth – no external law has the authority to mark us right or wrong.

This is the significance of Deepavali – the Hindu Festival of Lights which is now celebrated in Australia also.

Tomorrow, 11 November 2015 is Deepavali Day for Hindus and Remembrance Day for the Western world. In Tamil I understand the literal meaning of Deepavali as ‘Pathway of Light’ (Deepam=light; vali=pathway). It falls on the new moon day of the Tamil month of  October (Mid-October to mid-November of the Western calendar).

Deepavali is a Public Holiday in Sri Lanka and has been ever since I was a child. To me that confirms an earned entitlement demonstrating minority power at Equal level in Sri Lanka.  As a Community therefore Hindus have the right and the opportunity to enjoy Equal status as any other Community in Sri Lanka. Special Holidays such as Deepavali confirm this Equality at National level. In Australia – Hindus do not have such Public Holidays confirming our Equality as a Community at National level. But we have Equal Opportunity Laws at individual level to protect us at the individual level. By using this one could measure oneself to know whether one is on the right side or wrong side of the Australian Law, even though the Official Administration and the Official Judiciary may rule otherwise.

 Aboriginal Community – led by Eddie Mabo got their Equality as a Community confirmed  through Land Rights and these rights  are remembered and honored now at public ceremonies. To my mind, Thai-Pongal (Farmers’ festival) and Deepavali as Public Holidays in Sri Lanka – specific to Hindus – confirm Equality at Community level. Buddhists do have more Public Holidays in terms of numbers. But the ‘gap’ is filled by minorities through time-based heritage. The older the value we invoke through such festivals – the narrower the man-numbers based majority at current times at that place.

Tamils need to invoke the oldest ancestral person possible within the family and/or community to know for themselves that they ARE Equal. This however should not be given ‘form’ to claim status in Democracy. To do so would be like Dual Citizenship. It’s like us claiming while we are in University - that we were outstanding at primary school. Likewise when we migrate to countries we need to base our express claims on ‘current performance’ and not how well we performed in Sri Lanka. We have the right to be assessed on that basis by any employer. In turn – senior migrants to whom the Queen is the Head of State – need to bring about closure to their past and bring into the current system of Democracy – only the Truth from the past – as invisible Energy – which has no form nor reason and hence no relativity. When the past is brought as is into the current which is no longer mono-cultural – racism happens and hence I was listed as Sri Lankan for legal purposes in Australia and this was upheld by the Courts. It happened all the time at the workplaces and I preserved my Equality through higher performance than those who criticized me. When I could not ‘hope’ any more – I surfaced my Truth through a Transparent process – as Tamils did in Sri Lanka through the Political process after the British left.

I give form to  Australia also as my home because I brought about closure to my paid work and therefore position responsibilities under those who were living off their past. This gave me the separation to enjoy the diversity in our cultures and complete the picture as per our Truth which includes Common Wider Principles to the extent we turned them into values. Had I not done this – I would not have qualified to serve war-victims in Sri Lanka through the Educational pathway. Emotions need to be escalated to the level of Knowledge – so discriminative separation would clear the pathway for the Administrative leadership. I needed to uphold the Truth that as per my experience during my time – Australia was not a really Sovereign Nation. Now that I have upheld the Truth – I have included myself as an Australian and since I believe I am Sovereign – Australia is also Sovereign to my mind.

Deepavali signifies that Light of Truth thus dispels Darkness of  Maya/Delusion. In terms of Sri Lanka,  Rakshasas (those driven by physicals powers) were dispelled by Rama – personification of Love. :

[ It was on Deepavali day that Sri Rama's coronation took place after his victorious return to Ayodhya from Lanka vanquishing Ravana and his Rakshasa brood. For a long period, Ayodhya had been plunged in darkness when Rama was in exile in the forest. In the absence of the effulgent Rama, Ayodhya was a city of darkness. The forests were filled with light. The return of Rama was hailed by the people of Ayodhya as the return of divine effulgence and hence they celebrated the event by the lighting of lamps everywhere.] Light the lamp within – Discourse by Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Deepavali Day – 05 November 1991

The moment Rama killed Ravana the king of Lanka and handed over the ruling power to Ravana’s younger brother Vibhishana – Lanka became a higher Nation to Hindus – irrespective of whether others in official position recognized it or not. In terms of Time – this precedes the arrival of Buddhism to lead Sinhalese towards realizing their Sovereignty. Hence Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which affords Buddhism - status as ‘foremost religion’ is an expression of desire and takes its practitioners to the dark old days of Ravana. Both – Rama as well as Ravana were Hindu. One was Governor and the other Voter Representative ONLY. The physical  had to die to clear the path for the Eternal to be recognized. That is Deepavali. Every Sri Lankan who celebrates Deepavali is also celebrating the Hindu pathway to Sovereignty.  Every such Sri Lankan empowers the nucleus / constitution of Sri Lanka. Laws are needed to protect the contributions of such Sovereign souls and the first one needs to be to repeal Article 9. No UN power could redeem Sri Lankan Policy based on a Constitution that confirms ignorance and fear. 

Vibhishana is recognized by Sinhalese history also:

According to the Ravana Katha of Wickramasinghe Adigar (Prime Minsiter), after the defeat of Ravana, Vibhishana transferred the Yaksha capital from Alakamandawa to Kelaniya

Will the current Prime Minister also recognize Tamils as One Community of Equal Status to Govern themselves and either repeal Article 9 or preferably facilitate the merger of North and East as per Section 4 of Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution as follows:

Section 4 Insertion of Chapter XVIIA in the Constitution

4. The following Chapter and Articles are hereby inserted immediately after Article 154, and shall have effect as Chapter XVIIA and Articles 154A to 154T, of the Constitution:-
154A (Establishment of Provincial Councils)
(1) Subject to the provisions of the Constitution, a Provincial Council shall be established for every Province specified in the Eighth Schedule with effect from such date or dates as the President may appoint by Order published in the Gazette. Different dates may be appointed in respect of different Provinces.
(2) Every Provincial Council established under paragraph (1) shall be constituted upon the election of the members of such Council in accordance with the law relating to Provincial Council elections.
(3) Notwithstanding anything in the preceding provisions of this Article, Parliament may by, or under, any law provide for two or three adjoining Provinces to form one administrative unit with one elected Provincial Council, one Governor, one Chief Minister and one Board of Ministers and for the manner of determining whether such Provinces should continue to be administered as one administrative unit or whether each such Province should constitute a separate administrative unit with its own Provincial Council, and a separate Governor

I believe that a merged picture of North & East would be seen as the protecting fortress by Sinhalese suffering from ‘invasion’ fears and Tamils desiring to match majority power through coalition with Indian Tamils. Mr. Abbott also was trying to prevent such coalitions of Communities by damaging Australia’s Sovereignty.

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