Tuesday 1 September 2015

Ganesh welcoming us at Jaffna Library
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 01 September  2015

British Tamil – the Mouse?

The delay in announcing the Leader of the Opposition confirms what Tamils of Sri Lanka can expect from the Government through various angles of Administration. According to latest news reports about the 1st sitting of this new government:

Later when house sits in the afternoon, President Maithreepala Sirisena is to present the government’s policy statement to parliament.’

How can such policy statement be expected to be balanced on the basis of Principles when the structure is incomplete? The Parliament is the highest institution in the Nation. Its structure needs to be a model for the whole nation. The current situation is like a cricket team going to play with only the batting side having a captain. In other words the other side would never be allowed to bat. In a system of Democracy which by its structure needs to facilitate Equal Opportunity for both sides to bat – the voters ought to be able to work out through the rules as to who the Leader of the Opposition is – just as much as one knows who the Captain of the bowling side is. When the People are ‘told’ who the Captain is after the game has begun – then one must know that it is either a dictatorial structure or that it is getting pulled in all directions because it does not have a mind of its own. The current situation gives one the strong indicator that latter is the case.

Given that the Umpires are silent on this, Tamils have to stop looking to the Government to recognize their Equal status. As per my insight – the outcomes confirm that Tamils ARE the Equal Opposition to Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. I had similar experience to the TNA here in Australia. I shared this through my book Naan Australian (Chapter 2):

[‘Small body, big heart and great mind’  is the introduction I like identifying with. It came from an Australian academic. . This academic said it in his natural environment but failed to uphold it at the wider/higher levels. I concluded that those wider/higher levels were not yet part of his natural world. ]

The Tamil Community likewise needs to take itself as a package and not be driven by numbers. The bigger the heart – the closer we are to Divine powers. Going deep into that mind – I felt that the god in that academic was also saying ‘this is not the place for you; go and find your own place to lead naturally within your own rights’. I get the feeling that this is also the message from Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe – the one we have invested in.

Like Tamil Administrators in Sri Lanka – I performed here in Australia, at high level despite entering institutions through small positions fit for minority. But I learnt that even the best of them do not certify you on merit basis but are ready to acknowledge you as their juniors. Sometimes this is needed to confirm the official structure which they need – to uphold their positions and status. Minorities at the lateral level become juniors along the vertical plane.

Hence so long as Sinhalese are conscious of being majority – other communities will be juniors. The above academic confirmed to me in action that when it came to upholding the Truth – he lacked the courage. I find this pattern being repeated in Sri Lankan governance. Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, to my mind – would have been the most democratic political leader Sri Lanka could hope for at current times. But when the call was made – he has failed and like the above academic has joined his mates.

When I was wondering about this – I received two emails – both about Lord Ganesh as follows:

1.      From Sri Venketeswara Tample – NSW regarding  Brahmotsavam 16th-25th September and Ganesh Visarjan-20th September
2.      From Sri Lankan Diaspora Leader  about Hinduism in Indonesia -

I got to know this Diaspora Leader through a group of professionals and intellectuals. The leader of that group was described as follows: ‘He comes from well known family of lawyers doctors professors but he is racist and bigot. he is member of rightwing anti-hindu, anti-muslim anti-buddhist Christian society.’  

I feel strongly that this leader would also describe himself as leading  ‘member of rightwing anti-hindu, anti-muslim anti-buddhist Christian society’. His writings confirm this. Whether that is being more racist than other leaders in his society is the question. His mind structure is similar to that of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa who used rough methods to eliminate Tamil rebels. As per the law – a genuine Tamil Lawyer or Judge would find LTTE and other armed groups ‘guilty’ of violence. One does not find that to be the case because of Tamil reality. They became a necessary force for the average Tamil to operate without fear.

Rights and wrongs are relative. Truth is absolute and there are no rights or wrongs in Truth. Hence there are no rights and wrongs in Belief. But such persons would lack the courage to uphold their Belief in wider circles from which they draw benefits. This I believe is the reason why we have the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between Judiciary and the Executive.  Likewise, between the Leader of the Opposition and the Government. Whether it be the Government or the Opposition, when they bring matters to Parliament they have to use Common Language of Administration and law through which to uphold their claims. They are our law-makers and they need to respect the law by bowing their heads when entering Parliament. People’s Truth is the god in Parliament. The Law that represents that Truth is the god in Court of Law.

The Parliament represents all people current and past – of Sri Lanka. Administration has two sides whilst belief based politics has only one side. Former is intellectual discriminative thinking and latter is emotional influence. Once Administration starts the two sides must be distinctly seen. This is the reason why a member of  one party cannot sit on one side of the Parliament and another member of the same party sit on the other side. Such a government is assured of acting in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between two Equals. Such Judiciary would fail to uphold the principles and values of Equal Opportunity system. Sinhalese without experience in self-governance ask ‘What is it that we have that you do not?’

My mind is already working on the next strategy that Tamils would need to follow if  the earned position of Tamils is not recognized in Parliament. This is where the above emails are significant. In his article ‘Why is Lord Ganesha on the Indonesian currency?’, author Raghul Shyam states:

Ganesha is worshipped as god of education which fits the main theme of the note — education. If you look at the backside of the note, you'll see a picture of typical classroom activity in Indonesia and in front, a picture of Ki Hajar Dewantara whose birthdate is celebrated as National Education Day in Indonesia. The use of Hindu's deities and symbols is common in Indonesia as in the early centuries, Indonesian archipelago was heavily influenced by Hinduism.’

Education is also the strength of Tamils of Sri Lanka. All other pursuits come after Education in Jaffna. In terms of Ganesh and His vehicle – the mouse – the above author states:
Tamils have Ganesh statue from 6th century AD. But Indonesia has Ganesh statues from 1st century AD, discovered in Panaitan islands. Lord Ganesh travelled faster by sea than on land in his Mushika (mouse) vahana’

This is the parallel of saying that 16 is more powerful than 60 (Majority Numbers & Minority Energy to confirm Sovereignty – at http://austms.blogspot.com.au/). In Hindu structures – the vehicle on which we travel to realize our Sovereignty is the animal within us. There are different animals for different pathways. Lord Muruga for example – travels the globe physically on His peacock.  Those who follow Muruga philosophy must do the physical travel and OBSERVE the outcomes produced by various societies in a Multicultural world divided by physical boundaries.  Ganesh with elephant face – clears the obstacles to facilitate His deep memory. The elephant is known to have the deepest memory in the animal world. The reason why His vehicle is small is the same reason why the mouse used to operate the computer is small.  The vehicle is the opposite of the Deity in the altar. Murugan is egoless. His vehicle  Peacock is proud.  Ganesh has fast internal memory and the mouse least memory of its own. I conclude that Hindu mind structure must have influenced the Computer and the Mouse formation!

Once discovered Truth is everybody’s. Muruga is one pathway while Ganesh is the other pathway. Muruga’s is democratic pathway of  global Tamils. Ganesh is the Traditional pathway of resident Tamils. In the mango legend – Ganesh went around His parents to get the prize mango.  If therefore there is no room for Equality in One Sri Lanka – Tamils must mentally go around their parents – Tamil Nadu to win Sovereignty – but without leaving home.

If TNA  is denied the Leader of the Opposition position – then Tamils must unite through Tamil Nadu to confirm majority power. When there is a threat – they must invoke those powers by praying to Lord Ganesh. Once we leave Sri Lanka and go overseas – we need to go along the path of Murugan. If we stay at home we need to use our Traditional pathway to realize self-governance. Tamils need to be careful not to indiscriminately mix the two pathways – for example by TNA going to British Tamils as well as Indian Tamils. In size Indian Tamils are like Lord Ganesha and British Tamils are like the mouse. All we need is our deep memory of IPKF – Indian Peace-Keeping Force to confirm our Traditional strengths upheld through Hinduism. THAT would be Tamil Common Opposition upholding Dharma (Rightesousness).

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