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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 25 Sept  2015

Media Watch by the Tamil Diaspora

As per the New Indian Express about the Sri Lankan Government’s stand ‘ No Proposal To Build Bridge Across Palk Strait, Says Ranil

[Making a statement in parliament on his Indian visit from September 14 to 16, Wickremesinghe said that he was “surprised” to read in a newspaper about a proposal to build a bridge.
“This news item has been published without verifying the facts and it could breach the confidence of readers,” he said.
Lankan Foreign Ministry officials confirmed to Express that neither the bridge or the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) was discussed at Delhi at any level.]

This confirms that the Indian Government is not able to influence ‘good-reporting’ in the media. It means also that the Indian media is not an example of Good-Governance.

Gandhi – who successfully led India to release itself from foreign-administration was driven by Truth. Gandhi left behind the benefits from an official position.  Benefits are taken as being GIVEN when the person/s above us are not bound to us by faith. Had Gandhi stayed within the official system  - he would have empowered those in the system. By leaving the official system to be an ordinary citizen – Gandhi empowered all ordinary citizens of India and beyond – genuinely seeking Independence beyond the official system.

When we invest in Common systems – we are entitled to benefits through that system. Where we draw as per our own assessment and this matches what we ‘receive’ from that system - we are in the system of democracy.  Where we receive more or less than our true assessment and we remain without protest – we are in a system of autocracy. This is ok so long as we do not claim ‘democratic rights’. Often young ones who ‘remain without protest’ at family level – shout slogans of Democracy at public level and this eventuates in low/weak  brain order and in extreme cases disorder of the mind. Likewise immature citizens.

Yesterday our new Australian Prime Minister announced strong investment in the fight against Domestic Violence and stated that there was a need to respect women. This confirmed that Australia was still not democratic in terms of Gender. To the extent Mr. Turnbull is Democratic at home – he would naturally share this with wider Australia. To the extent Mr. Turnbull feels he is global – he would share this beyond Australian borders with all genuine seekers within Government circles. One who is true to her/himself has universal powers. The shape/form of that ‘universe’ would vary as per one’s own sense of belonging and the pathway through which one realizes the Truth.

As per my observations, majority Australians are not yet Democratic. But at the level of Government – we are committed to Democracy. As per my insight – one of the reasons for our domestic violence is our ‘welfare system’ which is also the untouchable sacred cow. It upholds the dignity of the poorest of citizens – so they do not give up on themselves. Welfare sharing is a duty of every citizen in her/his home unit. It must be shared and not ‘given’ nor ‘taken’. It must cease once that receiver is able to think as part of the ‘home-unit’. The time take to reach this point is longer in Democracy which requires the beneficiary to of Equal capability as the provider in that unit. Under the subjective system – one did not have to demonstrate equality but just take lower position than the parent/service provider.  

Fundamental rights as per the Constitution form the basis of such welfare sharing. Where there aren’t any structured laws and policies confirming that we are Common –  we have the authority of our Truth – to exercise our fundamental rights as per our own conscience but strictly remaining within the borders of  our cultural pathways and where there is conflict with the Official system – by staying away from the official system. This way the two travel parallel to each other – without meeting each other. Hence Devolution where one side or the other acts to damage the other during majority interactions. I still do not know whether this point was reached for the Tamil community as a whole nor the Sinhalese community as a whole. It was not for me. Those in both communities who have had such experiences must be facilitated to travel parallel to those who use the common pathway. This applies equally to Sinhalese – especially Sinhalese MPs with demonstrated disrespect for the Law because they have majority power.

Indian Tamils sharing natural rights with Sri Lankan Tamils is a ‘right’ in being governed as a region. Where there are no official  regional structures – one is entitled to use one’s Truth. Here in Australia, we have the Bali 9 Tragedy due to the absence of such Common Regional Governance that all citizens would participate in. I used my own Truth – largely through the religious-spiritual  pathway to invoke natural powers to escalate it to Heritage value. Others used art and social justice pathways. Our Australian Government, under the leadership of the Hon Tony Abbott  used the political pathway to share Australian dignity with the victims.  All of us honored the Human Dignity of those individuals who demonstrated in action their remorse and thus disciplined themselves. A law that punishes one who has cleaned her/himself – is an unjust law. All our contributions went towards highlighting  the need for Indonesia to either limit its authority to the laws that would uphold justice or turn a blind-eye to such cases that it does not have the moral authority to hear.

In terms of the Indian Subcontinent - I was able to identify with the positive aspects of a Bridge between India and Sri Lanka due to my observations that the official system is disorderly. The latest such ‘disorderly reporting’ is as follows:

[The Government today said that the people in the North will be given equal rights similar to what people in the South enjoy.] Colombo Gazzette
The actual words/ sentences used by the Government are reported to be:
[Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said that the policy of the Government is to protect the rights of all communities. He said that Prime Minister and United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has always maintained that policy but that worked against him in 2005. The Education Minister said that in 2005 certain extremist groups had prevented the people in the North from backing Wickremesinghe at the election since he stood for unity between all communities.
Akila Viraj Kariyawasam was speaking at the 125th anniversary of the Jaffna Hindu College where he was the chief guest.
He said that he was the first Education Minister to attend the anniversary event of the school which has a rich history.

The Minister said that the school authorities had made several requests to him in order to improve the facilities of the school and he has given consideration to those requests.
He said that he has decided to allocate funds to construct a new three storied building and also improve some of the basic facilities in the school.
The Minister said that his Ministry will also take steps to assist the education sector in the North to ensure it is on par with the South. ](Colombo Gazette)

There is no ‘factual’ support to confirm that the Government said,  it would ‘give’ equal rights to the people of North. Rights by their intrinsic value cannot be ‘given’. Benefits could be given or taken. Rights are confirmed when Costs are Equal to Benefits. Rights are inherited from our predecessors. These are confirmed through the Constitution. Once the Constitution recognizes this as a ‘right’ it is the duty of the Government to facilitate the drawing of benefits.

 The Minister has confirmed such interpretation as follows:
[Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said that the policy of the Government is to protect the rights of all communities. He said that Prime Minister and United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has always maintained that policy but that worked against him in 2005.]

Like the Indian media in the Bridge matter, the Sri Lankan Media is also not ‘factual’ in its reporting.  But the following two expressions about Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe confirm that he is a reliable person through his natural inheritance:

1.      In the Bridge issue – as reported by the New Indian Express:

[Incidentally, it was Wickremesinghe who had first suggested the building of a bridge across the Palk Strait and even named it the “Hanuman Bridge”. That was in 2002 ,when he was Prime Minister for two years during the Presidency of Chandrika Kumaratunga. The Lankan Transport Ministry had prepared a project report and even given an estimation of the cost.]

2.      In the Northern Education issue as reported by Colombo Gazzette

[Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said that the policy of the Government is to protect the rights of all communities. He said that Prime Minister and United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has always maintained that policy but that worked against him in 2005]

Hanuman Bridge is confirmation of the Natural inheritance by Tamils of Indian origin. Given that majority Tamils are Hindus – it is taken as a Natural Right to be exercised by Tamils of Sri Lanka. At the Relative level - it’s a Reconciliation between Natural ‘fact’ and  Political reality. Following is made up of extracts from published work – largely – from the documentary ‘This Land Belongs to the Army’ – which I understand was Screened in British Parliament | University College,London | United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva | Officially selected in International Documentary Film Festival of Kerala | Kalakka's Best Documentary Award | Special Mention - Social Justice Film Festival

These would go towards the development of Natural inheritance as per one’s own Truth:

Except for the last picture  about Chemical weapons having been used – the rest are ‘factual’. They are objectively measurable. The value varies as per each one’s investment in the issue. To the extent the value could be measured through the official system the experience one has in seeing, reading and studying this for the self  would strengthen the inner confidence of the reader. To the extent this experience is shared by that person – it would strengthen the ‘Common Systems’ that one is part of.  The more global we become the more independent we need to be to have this inner strength to go about making our own contributions to our environments. The last picture above is of subjective value and is valuable  to those in that person’s immediate circle. In democracy this needs to be confidentially shared and not published.

Likewise in a subjective system – there is no need to talk about ‘what happened’ through the process. The final outcome is ‘shown’ to outsiders by the leader - as the CEO presents the work of all to outsiders. If one did not know what happened – through regular living – then that person is an ‘outsider’ – as UN and foreign governments are to a large extent - in relation to our ethnic issue. Confidentiality within internal circles is essential in a subjective system – to prevent different versions of the same happening going to the public. Where a group is largely subjective – which often happens in people rich countries – the leader’s interpretation is taken as the ‘right’ interpretation. Hence the ‘Terrorism’ label to the LTTE. Internally majority Tamils would not classify LTTE as Terrorists – not only because a good section of the Community’s children joined the armed struggle but also because Tamil civilians suffered more due to the Sri Lankan armed forces than due to LTTE.

At civilian level – as per my observations - majority educated Sinhalese refer to the LTTE as Terrorists. That does create a problem. Most of them are ‘inside’ the system and hence they use the Subjective measure of ‘following the leader’.

A Rama bridge between India and Sri Lanka would invoke good relationships with the good on both sides. It would be a merger of faith due to Rama history. As per Ramayanam Rama crowned Ravana’s younger brother Vibhishana as the king of Lanka. I identify with the essence of the following:

[Vibhishana IAST: Vibhīṣaṇa or Bibhishan (Sinhala:විභිෂන) was a king who ruled what is part of Sri Lanka today and is also written about in the historical epic Ramayana. He was the younger brother of the Rakshasa (demon) king Ravana of Lanka. Though a Rakshasa himself, Vibhishana was of a noble character and advised Ravana, who kidnapped and abducted Sita, to return her to her husband Rama in an orderly fashion and promptly. When his brother did not listen to his advice, Vibhishana joined Rama's army. Later, when Rama defeated Ravana, Rama crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka.
In some period of history Sinhala people have considered Vibhishana as one of the Four Heavenly Kings (satara varam deviyo). This belief was more prominent in the Kotte period. According to the Ravana Katha of Wickramasinghe Adigar, after the defeat of Ravana, Vibhishana transferred the Yaksha capital from Alakamandawa to Kelaniya. In the 15th century poem of Totagamuwe Sri Rahula, the sælalihini sandesaya, the Myna is ordered to carry the missive to Vibhishana at his temple in Kelaniya. After the 16th century he was replaced as a God of the four warrants by the goddess Pattini. He continues to be worshipped by a diminishing number of adherents, mainly in the Kelaniya area.] Wikipedia

I myself had a Vibhishana experience at the Hare Rama Temple in Colombo. The essence of it is that some ladies at the temple were critical of my ‘loose-hair’ even though it did not block their view. I got up and looked for another spot and found one close to the altar.  Later the priest from India talked about how Vibhishana was rejected entry by the priest at Lord Vishnu temple in India because Vibhishana was Ravana’s brother – and the Lord had asked the priest to not serve the Lord for failing to recognize a true devotee. We become family through our Oneness feelings. Those who are biologically related to us may drop off on the way to realizing this Oneness. But to the extent our investment in them  as per the family structure  is true – we would find the Natural families to give shape/form to our feelings. That is what Marriage  is all about. Likewise in terms of country relationships leading to Nationhood. A Sinhalese may realize Nationhood through a Tamil and v.v.

The ethnic war in Sri Lanka has confirmed through not only the Sinhalese leadership but also Tamils ‘attached’ to armed power – that attachment to the physical leads to separation and isolation. A large part of the victims of war are isolated while their families and extended families are busy taking action against Sinhalese leaders. Tamils who under the leadership of LTTE failed to recognize value in the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe back in 2005,  have now confirmed that to them he is the parallel of Vibhishana. Thus we would confirm that we are the natural Descendants of Rama. This was facilitated by Sinhalese Ramas who voted the Sinhalese Ravana out. In Democracy nothing will last without  People Power.  

Mr. Wickremesinghe himself was never rejected by Tamils. Like Vibhishana Mr. Wickremesinghe was banished by the  combined Ravana force of Sri Lanka. Ravana is depicted with 10 heads – demonstrating double power of the five senses. Like the exponential value of  higher relationships – the physically driven persons also get together naturally and multiply themselves at the physical level through similar characteristics. Once they are beyond our direct control and/or influence – all we can do is become Observers if we have higher minds that would merge or surrender to the higher mind – if we recognize that we are Ravanas. By Rama defeating Ravana we inherited a purer Lanka. Now with one Ravana defeating the other – we have allowed mortal sin to happen and this regenerates itself exponentially. The Ramas in both Communities are the only solution left but they are sure solutions. They should lead the Truth Commission for they would heal victims naturally.   If left unchecked and unbalanced – Ravanas on both sides would pollute their own home-territories. Involving the UN in the structure of the solution would be a Natural facility. Hybrid Court with Administrative powers would lead to more Ravanas – including white Ravanas from invading Sri Lanka. 

The latest news that Sri Lanka would co-sponsor the US led Resolution in relation to Accountability at the next UNHRC session is a positive indicator from Above.

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