Wednesday 2 September 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 02 Sept  2015
The Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam of  Vaddukoddai Blesses and Rajavarotiam Sampathan of Trincomalee Delivers

God is Blessing  Sri Lanka

The Hon Appapillai Amirthalingam was the chosen Parliamentary  Opposition Leader in 1977. The Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan was confirmed by TNA – Tamil National Alliance -   again as the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. This has been confirmed by News 1st as follows:

The Tamil National Alliance parliamentary group has decided to appoint R. Sampanthan as the leader of the opposition.
This decision was arrived at subsequent to a parliamentary group meeting of the Tamil National Alliance where R. Sampanthan will continue to act as the TNA’s Parliamentary Group Leader.
Furthermore, the TNA parliamentary group had also agreed to accept the post of Deputy Chairman of Committees.

Reading this news I felt so very happy – as if I was leading Sri Lanka. That comes with feeling ownership which is necessary for truly voluntary work through which to serve and support the needy. The reward is often seen through others which means also that the outcomes come with Divine blessings which has its own invisible network.

Many times I would go into institutions including socio-religious groups driven by my belief but without official positions. Somehow – I would find myself right in front having the experience that higher officials miss out on. It has happened many times at temples and groups  where I believe in the Leader but where the Leader is not present. It happened during the 2009 encampment in Sri Lanka, when I felt I was given the clearance to go to the camps to be there for the needy. I believe that my investment in Health Service and Medical Faculty – here in Australia – for which I was not rewarded as an Australian – came with me to Sri Lanka to clear the pathway. The ‘gap’ accumulates and manifests Itself when we need It.

Those who embrace Democracy in Public  Administration and Zero Base approach to Planning and Budgeting – as the new Sri Lankan Government is promising to – need to renounce the past. I was happy to note Prime Minister – the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe, yesterday  censuring an MP who brought the past  of the Tamil side into this new Parliament. That censuring  made me very happy – for that confirmed Zero Base start.  Tamils also need to do likewise and the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan confirmed that TNA also sought fresh approach on behalf of Tamil People of Sri Lanka.

In Democracy – there needs to be a facility once a person had followed the law genuinely up to the highest level at which the person in the highest position has followed in that institution/environment. Beyond that one is entitled to FACILITATE her/himself to the position s/he believes has been earned by her/him. This is exactly what the TNA has done and I feel so very happy. The Media does it all the time and those who are genuine – influence through Natural networks of Facilities.

Mr. Sampanthan said in Parliament words to the effect that Sovereignty needs to be shared with all in the Country irrespective of their cultural background and other differences. TNA, by facilitating for Mr. Sampanthan  to take up the position of Leader of the Opposition – has confirmed that Tamil Leadership has recognized this FACITLITY. I feel blessed.

In contrast the following report about  Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa in Ceylon Today, confirms lower positioning for non-believers:
For the first time in the country's history, a former President would take oaths as a Member of Parliament today. Given that parliamentarians in general have been criticized for having more privileges than necessary, it is learnt that former President and  Kurunegala MP, Mahinda Rajapaksa would enjoy the benefits that accompany both titles.
Minister of Justice, Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe speaking to Ceylon Today said by law, Rajapaksa is entitled to the salary and perks of the MP, as well as the privileges he was enjoying as former President of the country."It is unethical but not illegal. By the statute which deals with the retirement benefits of former Presidents, he has been given certain privileges and you cannot deny him that. Under parliamentary salaries and allowances, he is entitled to allowances and a salary like all of us. It is around Rs 58,000 basic and then allowances. He is entitled that," said the minister. He added, "The reason behind this is that the drafters of the President's retirement bill never thought there would be an instance of this nature. I think it is high time to look into and make necessary adjustments in the law."

The drafters of the 1978 Constitution sought to deny the Equal Sharing of Sri Lanka’s Sovereign status at global level.  Now the Constitution itself has become the problem. One who believes s/he is Sri Lankan is entitled to that Sovereign status at the same level as the highest official in the Country – in this instance the President.  

Now the person who held that same position of President -  Mr. Rajapaksa, has demoted himself to be an ordinary member in Parliament. He looked happy in that position and I concluded that that was his more comfortable position. A Tamil Politician who followed the Law – has been chosen by the Divinity in all of us to a higher position – the Leader of the Opposition position. As a Community – Tamil Community of Sri Lanka is Equally Sovereign as any other.  In terms of ethnicity – Tamils are the second largest group and therefore are entitled to natural Equal Opposition position in  natural Administration. From time to time the Sri Lankan structures confirm this.

Where majority use political powers to deny this – including by changing the laws – and the person/group that has earned that position keeps following the law – and mentally  takes up the position to do the work – without being conscious of the monetary and/or status returns – Divinity / Truth confirms the position at the first available opportunity at the highest possible level.

I have seen this happen in my family and work life followed by Public life. Most of us seek Divine intervention but not many include that in their structures. If we contemplate through our own contribution only – we would identify with the return karma.

Structures, and the Laws that keep the network connecting various parts  alive and healthy within those structures,  are important for harmony especially in a Multicultural environment.  In countries that have high literacy rate – Education is an important pathway through which this network is maintained. In others where the literacy rate is low but there is harmony – one would conclude that there is Belief based network.

That Belief based network has produced these outcomes and God has blessed Sri Lanka through both side leaders.  The President and the Prime Minister, I believe have facilitated it by not interfering. Mr. Sampanthan has done his DUTY as leader of Tamils. What more can one ask for in confirmation of Sovereignty of both groups led by and facilitated by such leadership?  One is in awe of  Lord Krishna’s message– ‘Do your Duty and leave the rest to Me.’

To me it is no coincidence that both my experiences in relation to this Governance Facility happened during Nallur Festival time. Back in 1998 I resigned from my substantive position at the University of New South Wales – but continued to contribute to Democratic Management at the University – through my writings. When the internal mechanisms failed to uphold the Truth – I escalated it to the Prime Ministerial level and beyond by taking Mr. John Howard to Court. In terms of Equal Opportunity laws – I believe/d that I had practiced the law far above the level at which Mr. Howard had practiced. From that point onwards I was a Sovereign Australian and therefore an Equal Australian to Mr. Howard and his successors in that position. Now that I have made the connection AND confirmed it – I believe that every time I was genuinely hurt by Mr. Howard, I was influencing his downfall through the system of Sovereignty – the path of Divinity. I did not know it then but every stroke of work I did went towards this straight into the voters who were also connected to me – i.e. – migrants who were denied - Equal status followed by  merit based assessment. I thus became the Natural Leader of that group. I now feel strongly that now that Sri Lanka is part of the Global Community – all of us who believe in Equal Opportunity values – and seek them for our folks in Sri Lanka – influenced these outcomes. It is not limited to Tamils but include Sovereign individuals who believe in Sri Lanka  irrespective of their ethnicities.

Where there is no law – Belief must prevail for a Nation to quality for Sovereign status.

Relative to India or even Australia, Sri Lanka has higher literacy rate. We need to use Educational pathways at all levels to uphold this structure that the gods have competed. Thank you God for the positive start. 

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