Monday 7 September 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 07 Sept  2015

Why Sri Lanka Needs Ethnic Opposition

We witnessed, President Maithripala Sirisena in action prior to the Presidential elections consulting with Former President Madam Kumaratunga. Now both confirm through their inner intelligence - the dangers to their lives from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. I have just completed an assignment in relation to assisting  a Manager in Australian Public Service to work out the pathway of Natural Justice – towards healthier human relationships. Every position accumulates positive or negative energy as per the occupant/s in that position. In 2005, when I met with Madam Kumaratunga in that position – to obtain approval for Tsunami Reconstruction work - the meeting happened through Natural Forces. I believe so because I submitted my work to the Lord after I worked out that the local authorities themselves did not know what to do after a certain point. I was included in the Hindu Religious Leaders’ group scheduled to meet the President.

Even as I entered the President’s Office I admired and appreciated that Madam Kumaratunga was in that position despite being member of minority gender at that level. This gave me the true inner connection not only to Madam Kumaratunga as a person but also to the position of President. I believe that I was able to ‘appreciate’ because  of my own achievements as a minority – in terms of gender as well as ethnicity. In contrast despite making greater contribution to war recovery efforts – I did not meet with Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa during the time he was President. I did think well of  Mr. Rajapaksa in certain respects – especially when he made the effort to speak in Tamil and also when he prayed at Nallur Murugan Temple. Yet, the meeting did not happen. I concluded that the Lord’s blessings happened at the lower level in that structure at that time.

To my mind, true Service can only be provided when  we are Natural in our mind. Tsunami was a Natural disaster and hence there was no difficulty taking a Natural approach. The ethnic war was not and hence when I was physically approaching Madam Kumaratunga who lost sight in one eye – due to LTTE actions – I said ‘sorry’ to her as a person and walked slowly towards her so she would not get alarmed. This meant that I felt the pain as if it had happened to me but since it did not physically happen to me – I reduced my status by saying ‘sorry’. We were then One along the same vertical plane. The approval happened and the Tsunami victims got their new homes. It may have happened due to many reasons unknown to me. But to the extent of my work – I was able to identify with the return and complete the cycle.

Madam Kumaratunga and President Sirisena are now sharing with us the risks they faced due to armed power controlled by the Rajapaksa family. As per the recent revelations, I work out that Madam Kumaratunga who took her allocated place during Mr. Rajapaksa’s rule – demonstrated respect for the position and continued to produce outcomes as if she was still the President. One should therefore take the current President and Madam Kumaratunga  together when picturing the President. That is the value of Governor’s position.

Excessive Administration and control leads us away from developing Governors. Everyone who believes s/he is Sri Lankan is a Governor of Sri Lanka. We need to bow our heads to those before us and the positions above us to identify with the Truth. Towards this one needs to be humble. Hence the low doorways to homes in some parts of Sri Lanka. Those who enter Parliament need to therefore bow their heads to Parliament – and law making – to know the inner powers that work Parliament. Such true  powers would raise our enjoyment to Eternal level. That which is enjoyed largely at physical level dies with the body. Those who are driven by majority vote – as some seem to be – are not bowing their heads to Parliament and therefore the order of Law. They are confirming that they have come to Parliament for the money and popularity – as is the case with animal kingdom. The excess that gives us majority power to form government  needs to be sacrificed into the Common Administrative pool for a politician to become an Administrator. Those who fail to do so – would never be satisfied however much they may have in hand. Once human majority is exhausted, they would seek armed power to subdue the other and retain control.

Sri Lankans of all ethnicities have contributed to the current Government structure where Tamils are Opposition Leaders in Parliament. All Governors of Sri Lanka would have influenced this Natural outcome. Tamils in turn – need to raise their mind-order to the higher level to fill the numbers ‘gap’. The best issue through which we could do this at this point in time – is the investigations into war-crimes. As per most current news:

 ‘Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kachci (ITAK) leader Mavai Senathirajah scoffed at Northern Province Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran’s demand for an International investigation into the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka saying that an investigation had already been carried out by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Mr. Senathirajah is part of the National Political Leadership of TNA and we need to bow our heads when using the TNA’s Political pathway to pursue outcomes. Individuals without political portfolio are  ofcourse entitled to speak their own mind freely anytime – anywhere. Mr. Wigneswaran may tend to forget from time to time that he is no longer part of the alternate Government (Judiciary) at National level. If, like Madam Kumaratunga, Mr. Wigneswaran had not taken up any political position – he would also be a Governor through that alternate route of the Judiciary. When one holds official position – one needs to operate within its boundaries and not go back to past. The two cannot be indiscriminately mixed.

Pleasure and Pain at the physical level have their ‘use-by’ dates. If Pleasures are accelerated they burn us out and the body/structure suffers in later years. The mind that is used to excessive enjoyment suffers due to withdrawal / inability to enjoy at the increased level. Hence the damage due to pleasure drugs and other intoxicants. Those who ‘save’ pleasures during current times – develop natural reservoirs in their mind. When the savings are raised to the Common level – they become formless Energy and hence Eternal Happiness/ Bliss – known as Peraanantham in Tamil. At that integrated / consolidated level the value is exponential.

Likewise, pain when not returned to the one who apparently  caused it,  but is endured,  gets raised to the higher level to develop into Peace – as if we caused the pain to ourselves by failing to use our Sovereign powers. Towards this we need to not take revenge, because revenge plunges us into the world of relativity which when extended separates us. We are entitled to react at the current time in that environment on the basis of our belief based emotions. But to carry it beyond that current environment carries the risk of harming others who were not part of the cause and/or developing excess karma which would return to us at a later time. The latter happens when we fail to find fault with ourselves/our side but find fault only with the ‘other’ side. By taking part in Parliamentary elections, Tamils have confirmed that they seek to be part of the solution. This confirms recognition that we were also part of the problem.

We need to recognize that opinions at the International level strongly influence opinions of investors outside Sri Lanka in addition to Sri Lankans who have invested outside Sri Lanka. Other resident Sri Lankans tend to be influenced by how their elected leaders interpret international actions and opinions, in addition to being influenced by their relatives and friends outside Sri Lanka. The latter does not have direct political clout in Sri Lanka. Only the global minded would directly use these in their own lives. Towards this they need to raise it to the higher level and not keep it at the political level. Foreign Governments as well as Diaspora groups that use Political order would tend to abuse the International status for selfish purposes.

External assessments would need to be raised to the Common level towards wider usage. Sri Lankans seeking international solutions, need to become Observers in relation to outcomes within Sri Lanka. If one traded at the level at which the outcomes were produced – it becomes infringement of the sovereignty of both groups. This is the reason why we have Separation of Powers between the Executive Government and the Judiciary. The Judiciary is the alternate government. Likewise the UN in relation to war-crimes. If one has not produced evidence to the UN by now – and yet one has suffered and continues to suffer – one needs to submit the problem to the Lord. This was effectively the message from our own Australian Government through the Hon Philip Ruddock at a Community meeting in Homebush.

Every person who provides Service to heal war-victims – is a messenger of God. All their good work must be built into the new structures if we are to experience Peace. One who does so – would recognize that the TNA leadership ‘happened’ due to such forces including from the Sinhalese side led by the likes of Madam Kumaratunga in Politics. Majority  providing such service are non-political.  It’s time to say ‘thank you’ to all of them whose lives were / are at risk when moving along that pathway.

We also lost close family to both sides. We have done our best to make amends to those who depended on their positions and continue to support those families and communities. In the process we raise the need to the highest possible common level – and then provide the service. That is how new governance structures have come about to prevent ourselves from pain and loss due to premature war. It’s a duty we owe our own young ones – whatever our ethnicity may be. Otherwise we would live and die without heritage through which the next generation and wider world would pass their current work to royal level in their own respective environments. A woman seeking to be Equal could be an attractive opposition completing the ‘other’ side through her Diversity or a woman could be man competing with man. Former Creates and the latter divides, separates and shrinks. Likewise Minorities with Higher Mind Order. Sinhalese driven by majority status would tend to treat Tamils as competitors at best. Sinhalese of higher mind-order would be attracted to Tamil leadership and would be Creative – for they would recognize and value  the Diversity. Likewise Tamils who seek to be competitive would tend to separate and create their own territories as ISIS is doing. It’s up to us Tamil Governors to work through true leaders to maintain our earned position of Opposition Leadership to create and develop higher minds. We have come this far. Just a little more to go.

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