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Tamil Opposition Leadership = One Nation

The importance of Structure is confirmed yet again in Sri Lanka after the recent Parliamentary elections. As per latest news report:

National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader Wimal Weerawansa says ‘President Maithripala Sirisena should not appoint the Opposition Leader but it should be based on the consent of the majority of opposition MPs so that the opposition could function in a proper manner

I doubt that the above would be taken seriously by the elected leadership. But it confirms the need for strong commitment to Law and Order through regular Administration if we are to prevent separation through rebellion – as would be the case if former rebels were not diffused by clever management. The first principle in Administration is that the process must be common to all sides and at primary level – to both sides of the matter under consideration. Facilitating Equal Opposition in Parliament is the first step in Administration. It has already happened – showing Tamil National Alliance to be the winning party. Those who talk about new pathways are confirming weak Administration if they are close to Government.

Administrative structures are like Savings Accounts. Majority rule is like loose-cash. It’s when we discipline ourselves from immediate enjoyment that we would structure savings out of loose-cash. Arts help us develop such structures for ourselves and not accountable to others. Rebels who are self-governing and seek to express themselves – would therefore use such art forms and express to themselves within their home-areas and not in public.

To be valid in public anytime anywhere, a statement / outcome must stand the test of  science/ logic.  As per the Lord’s Creation – when true discoveries are made and are shared with wider public – the discoverer/s are Energized each time the discovery is used anytime anywhere. That is Eternal Heritage developed by raising work to Energy level through sacrifice of benefits and opportunities. Once the Energy is experienced – one recalls the pain of sacrifice only to enjoy the beauty of Natural systems.

Using Einstein’s E = Mc2  in Governance Energy E is Self-Governance / Sovereignty. Mass M is Votes and Speed of Light C is the Speed with which we go into the True value of our Vote. The fastest known form of Energy is Light. Hence to be Self-Governing one needs to be able to invoke our own vote / endorsement of ourselves at the speed of light   times  the speed of light (exponential value). Hence Energy cannot be counted in numbers / mass measurements. It has to be experienced to be identified with. Einstein himself  said this about his above mentioned discovery – that he had to mentally travel with light to make the final connection.

Self-Governance  likewise needs to be Experienced. When we speak on behalf of  our group as Mr. Weerawansa mentioned above is reported to have done – the collective voters take the place of Mass in the Energy equation. Unless therefore Mr. Weerawansa is able to go into the Truth / Belief of all his voters and through such connect to the Truth of the whole – his statement is not supported by Natural system of Governance through Belief. At Public level  - my Declaration (confirmed yesterday by Mr.Sampanthan at Sri Lankan level) that Tamil National Alliance already has the leadership due to the 1st and 2nd  Parties forming unity government – is of Global Value.

Likewise if President Maithripala Sirisena ‘appointed’ the Leader of the Opposition – that would be in breach of the Law. If such appointee were from the President’s Political Party – then one who is true to her/himself – would continuously influence the separation between the President and the Prime Minister – for effectively – the President also becomes the Prime Minister’s Opposition (due to both being of two different parties)  and both have the duty to operate as each other’s opposition to show the ‘other’ side. The influence could happen through a true Tamil Politician doing his duty.  Lord Muruga – common to Tamil and Sinhalese – would deliver as per the Truth. 

When we are in particular positions that others rely on through structured pathways – we have the duty to override personal feelings / emotions to honor the consolidated value of all those who use/d those pathways – now and in the past and would be in the future as per our common heritage/savings.  That’s when we have ownership in the whole. A child thus may be equal or stronger in total value to the parent due to the child taking more care of her / his parent than the parent took care of the child. But once we take positions as child or parent respectively  as per structure – the apparent value needs to be raised to the invisible level as a Force and beyond as Energy. Force as confirmed by higher status -  could be brought down to voting / matter level – when someone has need – but then the structure must be changed if the changeover is long-term/permanent. Usually if Energy is drawn on – a restructure is needed. Hence the changeover to Democracy led by Equal Opportunity principles and values.

In Sri Lanka’s Political  structure – Tamil minority is the parallel of the child. But once we go into Administration the structural rule is that a Tamil = Sinhalese = Muslim = Burgher until proven otherwise through common law/applicable legislation.

The call is now on the UNP leader – the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe to facilitate the public acknowledgement of the outcomes of the Political process. THAT would confirm whether or not Mr. Wickremesinghe would lead Sri Lanka towards global integration or weaken the Brawn power that Mr. Rajapaksa exercised to keep Sri Lanka as one Country.

Once Tamils went to vote under the One structure – we have the responsibility to honor that structure until all other avenues are blocked. Like the child who may take care of the parent more than the parent took care of the child – as minorities we must take care of the Government more than they took care of us when we declare that we have realized self-governance. Likewise any citizen. Then, our contributions and sacrifices rise to Energy level. This Energy clears the pathway for us anytime, anywhere to uphold our Truth and enjoy the Beauty of Nature through Experience.
Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka stated in April this year through his article ‘Mr. Sampanthan most Unsuitable to be Leader of the Opposition Due to the Political Project he Subscribes to and Political Views he holds.’:
 ‘We have already had a bitter experience with Mr. Wigneswaran and we mustn’t repeat or compound it. Mr. Sampanthan is a cultured gentleman, a superb speaker and a fine parliamentarian in the old tradition. But he would be most unsuitable to be made Leader of the Opposition. It is neither because he is an ethnic Tamil nor because he is the leader of the TNA that Mr. Sampanthan must not be appointed the Leader of the Opposition of the Sri Lankan parliament. It is because of the political project he subscribes to and the political views he holds.

As Political  leader of Tamils – Mr. Sampanthan has the DUTY to bring forward the collective emotions of Tamils as they are during the current period.  His own feelings may be different or may be the same. It’s when he is in Administrative mode that his performance needs to be measured on merit basis.
Mr. Wigneswaran may have disappointed politicians like Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka. But as Chief Minister of  Northern Province he has connected to the hearts and minds of majority Tamils seeking to elevate themselves through higher education. Many of us are already using the Provincial Council facilities to join forces with the officials to regenerate confidence and motivation in the folks of Northern Sri Lanka – through Public Administrative structures on democratic basis. If Mr. Wigneswaran is a disappointment to the likes of Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, the Politician – then it is political victory for Tamils. Mr. Wigneswaran upheld the Law and to the extent he raised his contribution to Energy level – he would be empowering those who believe in him to respect the law.

In addition – Mr. Wigneswaran uses the higher religious pathway to raise the mind-order of his followers. The Himalayan Academy,  Kauai's Hindu Monastery in Hawaii has recently published Mr. Wigneswaran’s article entitled ‘We Are God’s Instruments!’ in which he states: ‘The proximity of great souls reminds us that we are just humble servants
who should fulfill duty with dispassion and faith and leave the rest to God’. The above Monastery was established by disciple of Yoga Swami of  Jaffna.  Yoga Swami is known to have guided Sri Lankan Administrators and beyond. I was guided by Swami here in Australia – confirming Swami’s Divinity. Majority in the group of Yoga Swami devotees who gather regularly for prayers and meditation are professionals. One feels the value of  law and order shared through such activities by many such leaders including the Pasupati family – well known for their Professionalism. In our own ways we are continuing to support the folks in Northern Sri Lanka and such pathways to promote self-confidence as a Community. Spiritualism spreads Itself  with the blessings of the Energy of Holy souls such as Yoga Swami.

Mr. Sampanthan might disappoint Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka the politician who supported Mr. Rajapaksa – but his claim to the Opposition Leadership is already inspiring us – the Diaspora – to share our Energies – so Northern Province would lead the Nation through Reliable Administration. 

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