Thursday 3 September 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 03 Sept  2015

Dialogue is Finished Business Mr. Blair!

While working out as per my Truth,  the true purpose of the Blair family’s visit to Sri Lanka, I received an email from a retired Sri Lankan Army Officer who as per my observations is not happy with the Tamil Leadership in Sri Lanka.  That email was under the subject ‘Power of the Mind’ and was about this brave young lady Aisha Chaudhary who was not expected to live beyond her first year but like Markandeyar lives beyond her body-age, in the minds of those who know her and about her. That to me is of heritage value. The Legend of Markandeyar is as follows:

[Mrikandu rishi and his wife Marudmati worshipped Shiva and sought from him the boon of begetting a son. As a result, he was given the choice of either a gifted son, but with a short life on earth or a child of low intelligence but with a long life. Mrikandu rishi chose the former, and was blessed with Markandeya, an exemplary son, destined to die at the age of 16.
Markandeya grew up to be a great devotee of Shiva and on the day of his destined death he continued his worship of Shiva in his aniconic form of Shivalingam. The messengers of Yama, the god of death were unable to take away his life because of his great devotion and continual worship of Shiva. Yama then came in person to take away Markandeya's life, and sprung his noose around the young sage's neck. By accident or fate the noose mistakenly landed around the Shivalingam, and out of it, Shiva emerged in all his fury attacking Yama for his act of aggression. After defeating Yama in battle to the point of death, Shiva then revived him, under the condition that the devout youth would live forever. For this act, Shiva was thereafter known also as Kalantaka ("Ender of Death"). As sourced from Sati Purana, a secret portion of Markandeya Purana, Goddess Parvati also gave him a boon to write a text on veer charitra (Fighting character) on her, the text is famously known as Durga Saptashati, a valuable portion in Markandeya Purana.]

While communicating with  us through a large live audience (  young Aisha Chaudhary said that she sought to share five lessons she had learnt through life’s challenges:

1.      Belief in Miracles
2.      Living in the Moment
3.      Finding Opportunities in Problems
4.      Daring  to Dream
5.      Pets are the Best Medicine to the mind

Even as I watched the recorded version – I was able to become this young lady as happens when I meditate and go into my true self. This meant – when I came out, all my problems seemed tiny relative to this young lady’s. Young Aisha who confirms that the Power of the mind is limitless says also that all things happen twice – once in your mind and once in reality.

I could identify with most of the above through my own experiences – the most recent ones being in relation to Governance through common values in Australia as well as in Sri Lanka. I was reminded also of  Bali 9 leaders who continue to live with us in their transformed entity – even though like Aisha, their bodies are not on this earth anymore.
Applying the principle that everything happened twice,  to Mr. & Mrs. Blair – I was able to work out the contradictions between the messages given by Mr. Tony Blair on the one hand and Mrs. Cherie Blair on the other. As per Colombo Telegraph’s account of Mr. Blair’s Memorial Lecture  in honor of  Lakshman Kathirgamar Mr. Blair stated:
The sixth principle is dialogue.
The dialogue has to be deep, it has to be inclusive and it has to be constant. All the time we have to recognise the importance, even after there is peace, even when you have the framework that I described, of a constant process of dialogue, of interaction, of understanding, of people working out their differences together. One of things that happens in a conflict, and I’ve seen this again and again around the world is that people don’t see each other’s pain. They know about their pain but they don’t see the other person’s.

As per my experience – one must OBSERVE without participation and therefore without Dialogue once one ceases to believe that the other person is listening and therefore one is not able to rely on the structured system. If one continued to ‘talk’ / have a dialogue after that - one would be cheating oneself. Only miracles can show us the way and I firmly believe through my own experiences that miracles do happen when one truly BELIEVES.

Current British Prime Minister, the Hon David Cameron who had the heart to go to Jaffna in November 2013 – did have the quiet dialogue with the victims of war. This was preceded by Ms Navaneetham Pillai who set her UN feet on many parts of Sri Lanka’s North and East – for firsthand experience. THAT  was/is  needed to comfort and develop solutions that would compensate the victims of war who do not have access to the Government. As Mr. Cameron pointed out about the Commonwealth – these institutions are far from perfect but those who believed in them – would develop the Natural powers which are Governance powers and they are Governors of those institutions.

When such governors believe in one side or the other  they have the Natural Powers to heal and to empower the victims – especially victims who continue to feel more and more isolated and feel there is no other way but to cry their hearts out. They come to the temple and cry their hearts out  when there is no other ear to listen to them. How can one have Dialogue with the deaf? In any case what Dialogue has Mr. Blair had with either side victims of Sri Lankan war? Where was he in 2009 – when Sri Lanka needed the support of  Global Governments and Governors?  Government Leaders who have satisfactorily completed their experiences through top positions – become Governors. Those who come down confirm that they failed to complete their experiences in the top jobs. In this regard – Mr. Blair is not different to Mr. Rajapaksa who by demoting himself to the position of MP – is confirming that he did not satisfactorily complete his experience as President to promote himself to be Governor.

The recently announced ‘Business Unit’ approach to Planning and Budgeting – by the Sri Lankan Government confirms that we need to have less dialogue and  produce independent outcomes as per our own interpretations of the law without expecting others’ endorsements of rights and wrongs nor us allocating rights and wrongs to others at process level.

As per Sunday Times article ‘Sri Lanka offered legal services of high profile British firm run by Cherie Blair :
Ms. Blair admitted that she was constantly under scrutiny. “But I have also been a lawyer for over 35 years,” she said. “The system that operates in the UK is actually the same system that operates, give or take, here in Sri Lanka or, indeed, in the Maldives. It does depend on everybody getting representation. It would rather prejudge the issue, wouldn’t it, to say they have been accused of X, Y and Z and, therefore, they don’t have the right to answer the case against them?

Many of the  laws in Sri Lanka were introduced by the British. But the way the People use them depends on their own BELIEF system. Sri Lanka that has gone through rebellion from rural folks – relies heavily on religion for people to find their own closures through belief. Their parallels in the United Kingdom are mostly Christians. Recently, when I shared through my email system, ‘the Premier of Ontario visiting  Canada Kandasamy Temple and participating in Hindu cultural activities’ - a British/American  educated Academic of Sri Lankan origin asked me some questions and I responded to confirm my belief. These are appended below. In conclusion the Christian wrote:

Christian: Who the hell are you to tell me about “education”!  I didn’t go in a verti with chunam on my forehead and balls to Hindu College, even though a couple of my uncles did. I proudly went to St. Joseph’s College. I took like a duck to water when I entered Western Christendom, unlike you and your ilk that have one convenient and expedient foot in Western Christendom and the other in some blood-letting orgy of animal sacrifice in a Mannar temple to appease another pagan god, Kali!  Even Aztecs seem more civilized! Please leave your Subcontinental gutter culture at the doorstep, instead of trying to propagate it, exploiting our Freedoms and the  Rule of Law, which are missing in your own country and in the Subcontinent. Certainly, your scandalous caste-discrimination of low-castes that is institutionalized in your Hindu religion is the most egregious “division of labor” known to Man!

The language used by the above person is rough because he was expressing within a private group. But it confirms also the risk of the power of  Colonial rule – returning to Sri Lanka in various forms. It’s about the damage to self-respect of minority in an environment where majority rule by votes, guns or money – would block the minority from declaring and practicing their true belief. In this instance the Sri Lankan Constitution gives first place to Buddhism.  Wonder how Mrs Blair would interpret that through her British mind-order?

The mind needs to expand to include others, for us to lose consciousness of particular borders. Until then the Sri Lankan mind-order needs to taken as being Equal but Different and not assumed to be easily ‘taken over’ because it seems similar.  That was the mistake the majority made with minority race in Sri Lanka.

This is a strong indicator of ‘takeovers’ by those of the West trying  to introduce Business – top-down in Sri Lanka – especially using their old powers. Zero base means –  we must renounce our past status and inherited wealth from a system that failed us – to start at level playing field. Towards this not only would Mrs. Blair need to renounce her status as former first lady but also would have needed to participate in the loss and pain of the victims of war to develop ‘Bottom-up’ structures on business basis.

Business basis means NO DIALOGUE. Where leaders had no time to listen and talk to the needy – but the citizens continue doing their duties as per their positions – there develops a Natural system – often based on belief on the citizens. Peaceful Assembly is one such outcome. Yesterday’s ‘Island’ article ‘Citizens’ Power wants TNA to be given Opp. Leader’s post’ for example confirms that such ‘capacity building’ is already happening in Sri Lanka. Those who have Experienced Sri Lanka during the past 50 years and continue to believe in Sri Lanka as a home – are the Natural Developers of Sri Lanka. This must of necessity be included in the official structure if we are to have a reliable government in Sri Lanka.

The above report states : [Ms. Blair said she was “very keen on capacity building”. “You have a lot in the African continent, for instance, who have not been targets for international business,” she related. “But now everyone’s going to Africa. Everyone’s looking for the natural resources of Africa.”
“Within the country [sic], you find that Government officials and indeed local lawyers haven’t really been trained to deal with that,” she continued. “They didn’t need to know about these transactions because they weren’t going on.”]

International Business without appropriate settlement of domestic issues would lead to a form of ‘invasion’. The above Western educated Christian for example confirms that he does not appreciate the value of the original caste system based on type of work. It’s not different to gender based discrimination as per the type of work performed on the basis of heritage of traditional values. It’s when we moved away from this time based  traditionally inherited work – that we needed to override gender based as well as caste based discrimination. Without the lateral system of Equal Opportunity – to assess through objectively measurable outputs -  possession of money becomes the measure of status in the lateral system – just as majority votes become the measure in politics.  In both instances, without commitment to Equal Opportunity principles, we become disorderly – living for benefits that could be immediately enjoyed. Often poorer countries like Sri Lanka become the targets of the more affluent Westerners who lack the capacity to respect heritage.  

As per my experience in Northern Sri Lanka, those who failed to inherit their parents’ skills and work values,  but had more money in their hands – tend to take authority into their hands to consider themselves Equals to those who are already in high positions and happen to be of different  caste and/or gender. They do not have natural leadership within their groups to comfortably operate in those higher positions. This is also the case at national level – now that we have had lesser members of minority communities holding senior positions after independence in addition to  ‘jobs for the boys’ within majority race.

Using Business Unit approach in Government Planning and Budgeting is one way of restructuring  the system towards lateral power of Democracy. But this must come from within – bottom-up for which Mrs. Blair needs to work as Equal with Sinhalese who naturally practice  Kandyan Law, Tamils who practice Thesawalamai Law and Muslims who practice  Muslim Laws. Otherwise the legal business in Colombo would make the rural folks relatively poorer in status and money than they already are.

As young Aisha said -  all things happen twice – once in your mind and once in reality. In the case of  Mr & Mrs Blair, if Sri Lanka is the platform for their Dialogue and Business - to become realities – we Sri Lankans would need to go to Britain for Dialogue with their Politicians and for jobs as migrants without the higher status we enjoyed in Sri Lanka. Mr. Abbott in turn will have to expect more shiploads of  refugees from Sri Lanka to Australia. All because leaders do not BELIEVE that they are citizens first.

Gaja: It’s amazing how the Truth about the self surfaces in a natural environment.
1.      Christian: Why are you living in Western Christendom, if you do not want to assimilate and integrate into Western tradition and culture, which is a Christian culture, not a Hindu, Islamic, or Voodoo culture?
Gaja :Assimilation and Integration are not the same. Those who lose their previous identity to become part of majority assimilate. Hence White-Australia policy. I DO NOT assimilate even at family level.
Integration happens at the higher level – where the form does not matter. It’s like One Truth; One God through many religions.

If you are asking questions – try not to infuse your own decisions such as ‘Western tradition and culture, which is a Christian culture, not a Hindu, Islamic, or Voodoo culture?’  You are letting down your education system. That is the way of assimilators. They start imposing when they think they are in power

2.      Christian: Do Subcontinentals like you think that Western Christendom is some kind of smorgasbord, to pick and choose, as they please, and deride the rest? Are they only here to make money and educate their kids in Ivy League universities?
Gaja :No those Subcontinentals are YOUR parallels. They assimilate. Hence you are in competition with them. Given that majority Sri Lankans qualify as Subcontinentals – of strong religious following – outside Christianity – were you not doing exactly that – through your forefathers converting to Christianity? If this is wrong on the part of migrants – then so were your forefathers. When you inherited their wealth – you inherited this assimilating genes also from them. Now that you are ‘home’ with your Christians – you are desiring to subdue the very people out of whose faith as Sri Lankans – you got the opportunity to go to your Christian homeland. In any case – I am NOT one of them. I have publicly claimed here in Australia that I am SRI LANKAN educated.  I do not want a dollar more than they would pay a Sri Lankan for the work done.  That is how I have carried my dignity – but only after proving my high standards as SRI LANKAN. It’s that  thanksgiving that completes the cycle of ownership and renders us the dignity – which I find seriously lacking in you. I feel strongly that within you, you know this. One who truly cares would  identify through feelings. That is what belief  is about.

3.      Christian:If you wish to spread Hinduism, by imposing your Hindu religion and culture in the Christian West when Christians are persecuted in Jaffna, I respectfully submit that you immediately leave Western Christendom and return to your native Jaffna. There, you can consort with your half-naked Hindu fakirs, or go to Kataragama and walk over coals.

Gaja :No I do not wish to spread even my name – leave alone religion. If I had imposed Hinduism on anyone – let them speak. Why are YOU stealing their opportunity.  Likewise in Jaffna – persecution of Christian – especially after LTTE leader VP – converted to Christianity is a myth.  As for me leaving Australia – you forget – that on time basis – Aboriginals who worship Nature came here before Christians. So if one must leave for your reasons – the Christians must leave – as I am related to Aboriginals through our faith. As for fire-walking – our Priest can do that in Jaffna. Why would I need to go to Kathirgamam? You mean you do not know the scientific way of fire-walking? 

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