Saturday 9 September 2023

09 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





We conclude that the former President Sirisena has been lax in affording the protection and guarantees enjoined under the Constitution and other laws and he has  breached his duty to protect” Supreme court of Sri Lanka on 12 January 2023. (reported by Al Jazeera)


The same medium reported yesterday:


Gotabaya Rajapaksa rejects British documentary that said the Easter Sunday attacks were carried out to influence presidential election…….

He said the documentary on Britain’s Channel 4 television was “mostly an anti-Rajapaksa tirade”]


Those who are driven by the Judiciary and its commitment to the principles of Res Judicata, would not be affected by the documentary. Wikipedia presents the doctrine as follows:


‘The doctrine of res judicata is a method of preventing injustice to the parties of a case supposedly finished but perhaps also or mostly a way of avoiding unnecessary waste of judicial resources. Res judicata does not merely prevent future judgments from contradicting earlier ones, but also prevents litigants from multiplying judgments, and confusion.


Sri Lankan Judicial Resources are much less than the resources available to the British Judiciary, leave alone the global media. Those driven by the global media, have the right to take the matter to global judiciary. To use such information locally in Sri Lanka is irresponsible in political terms. Discovering the truth is limited by our resources. But those who seek genuinely, will find it as per their need, through their respective pathways of belief. Hence I recently shared as follows with a group of Sri Lankan intellectuals, in relation to Peter Singer’s theory that  ‘ordinary people are evil’:


‘In terms of Singer’s theory, the rule of morality in terms of helping – depends on who is in our Energy circle.   Like planets, we revolve around ourselves due to our sovereign energies. The sun is the parent that empowers all other planets.

The parallel of the sun is the global community. This is the group Singer feels part of. Hence the Oxfam example.  When Swami says ‘Love All’ to my mind, Swami means all who are known to you. In the discussion, the presenter mentions that we now have the opportunity to have knowledge of world events, as they happen. Do we contribute to the victims of Russo-Ukraine war or to the victims of Sri Lankan war? At physical level our resources are limited.  Hence one gains and another loses/forgoes . If we feel the need, we would identify with the person/group who gets. When we share intelligence, every seeker finds it. Hence’ Seek and you shall find’


In terms of Easter Bombings, I accept the Sri Lankan judiciary’s judgment. The reason for this is my own painful experiences in Australian courts. Judge Moore said that he believed I was genuinely hurt, but that the court’s resources were limited. I therefore used the courts to learn how the judicial system worked and share my wisdom with others in need. The doctrine of Res Judicata is one of them.


The fact that Easter Bombers were suicidal and were from minority community in Sri Lanka, is of particular concern to me, not only due to LTTE but also due to high level of suicide in indigenous Australian community.


Those who take credits quickly and cheaply, will not find the invisible Truth. One needs deep ownership to know which pathway to use in seeking & finding truth. A good start would be to feel the pain of the victims as ours. I doubt that this is the case with Britain’s Channel 4 television. Recently I wrote about my own ‘closure’ to our Australian PM as follows:


‘Each time the Federal Courts of Australia, in Sydney,  failed me and I felt hurt, I went to St Mary’s Cathedral and asked ‘why’.  It took me a long time to realise that my pain, without a single thought of revenge was also prayers in ‘Reserve’. They strengthened my soul-power. The ultimate manifestation was that the book ‘Naan Australian’ (I am Australian) , came to National Library of Australia, via Congress Library, without my knowledge or effort. To me, that is a miracle. I believe that that is how Truth balances human karma.’

 Ultimately, Sri Lankans need to find the truth about their pain. Not fereigners.

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