Saturday 23 September 2023


23 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







The conflict between Indian & Canadian governments, has affected Tamil Eelam supporters within the Tamil community of Northern Sri Lankan origin. I consider myself Australian of Sri Lankan origin. The following is an example of Diversity within the Tamil community:


Tamil Eelam supporter: Mr.Hardeep Singh has been loyal to Canada ; otherwise Mr. Trudeu would not have gone to the extent of repeating his allegation against India and taking the risk of losing Canada's diplomatic relationship with India .


Gajalakshmi : A clever person would take political advantage through this fact. If the person is young and restless, s/he would lack the intuitive wisdom, to know the political outcomes.  Canadian PM is young and restless, relative to me in age and more importantly in separatism issues. When driven by the physical, we separate. When driven by truth/ invisible root-cause, we unite naturally .


Tamil Eelam supporter: Who said one can be loyal to two Nationalities ?  What's wrong with that ? 

The Irish people in the US were supporting Northern Ireland and were Loyal to the US & Independence of Northern Ireland


Gajalakshmi : At citizens’ level it is harmless. But at policy level it is like a Christian making Hindu laws. The American example would be Republicans making laws when Democrats are in government.

Tamil Eelam supporter: By the Way, If an ethnic society  wants to go separate and manage their land, economy, civil admiration & politics NOBODY ..NOBODY can stop them.... IT IS HUMAN RIGHTS !


Gajalakshmi :  It is the right of every human to uphold her/his sovereignty. But this needs to be exercised in such a way as to not disturb the exercise of sovereignty by another/others.


Tamil Eelam supporter: The UN or the Sinhalese have NO RIGHTS to interfere with the decision of the Tamil Ethnic Society


Gajalakshmi : It is the right of every human to choose which group they belong to.  Belief is a natural formation of a common/sovereign group. Voting is an expression of that belief. Which Tamil leader declared and received 100%  Tamil votes for separation? No one. In 1976, TULF made a declaration of the right to self determination. In 1977 they became Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan parliament. Every Tamil Politian who contests to become a member of Sri Lanka’s national parliament is, by that very action, opposing separatism. All of them have the right to measure by UN policies that the Sri Lankan government has become part of, through agreement  and duty to follow such policies. All groups that have thus far used UN facilities, have the moral duty to be bound by UN policies in the issues concerned.


Tamil Eelam supporter: If Tamil Nadu decides to go separate from India , Modi has NO RIGHTS , and he must remember that Tamil Nadu is not Gujrat and Tamils are not Muslims !!! or the Indians have NO RIGHTS to deny that Independents ..... and...and...It is going to happen before the end of this century !


Gajalakshmi : Name the Tamil -politician who has so declared? As per my knowledge, you are neither a politician nor Tamil Nadu citizen.


Tamil Eelam supporter: Sikh Khalistan is going to be established  before the end of this century !


Gajalakshmi : When did you become a Sikh to believe so. This is an opinion. To qualify as a fact you need to feel a Sikh. A declaration of belief is a fact when one owns.


How come you did not make similar projection about Tamil Eelam? Has it become a nightmare?

Tamil Eelam supporter: Tamil Eelam is a sure thing when Tamil Nadu separates from India , until thence it is a pipe dream because of India


Conclusion: Belief will  merge naturally to form circles of Energy. If the strength of those who believe they are Eelam Tamils, is stronger than the belief of  Tamils who believe that they are Sri Lankan Tamils then natural separations will happen. Likewise with Sinhalese. When that happens Sri Lankans merge naturally and they come within their own circle of Energy and share powers in Sri Lanka and beyond. The Tamil only and Sinhala only believers, would naturally separate from Sri Lankans. Likewise Indian communities. So long as we live within our circle of belief, every experience is positive due to the soul-power of belief.




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