Saturday 30 September 2023


30 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







There is a Tamil saying – Poruthaar Poomi Aalvar / பொறுத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார்/ Those with forbearance shall govern the earth. The Christian parallel is :


‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’


Inheritance is wholesome and comes as a self-managing package. Not so, current earnings.


Our discussion began with the claim ‘Nazi Hunter Steven Rambam: Trudeau Knew He Applauded a Monster.’


I responded as follows:


When the Tamil Genocide Education  Week Act was passed in Ontario, I opposed it. As per my logic Tamils who killed fellow Tamils, also contributed to the deaths in 2009. My intelligence is from the warzone confessions in 2009.  Hence to me, it was NOT genocide, but Asuras fighting against each other. Those who were genuinely seeking to educate themselves, at global level, had the duty to apply the measure on equal footing. Tamils punished Tamils who sought to escape. It is a pathetic account of ourselves. The Genocide Education   was copied / plagiarized by Canadian Tamils from the Jews. Steven Rambam had the ‘intelligence’ due to his ‘work’. Hence he knew that Justin Trudeau was playing politics with the Holocaust. So are Tamil Canadians like David Rajaratnam, of Tamil Genocide Memorial, group, Canada.

 The preamble to the Tamil Bill includes the following lie:


[Tamil-Ontarians have families still suffering in their homeland in the north and east of the island of Sri Lanka. They have lost their loved ones and have been physically or mentally traumatized by the genocide that the Sri Lankan state perpetrated against the Tamils during the civil war which lasted from 1983 to 2009, ]


Most of my Canadian relatives live in Ontario. None of them have demonstrated / indicated feelings for the groups that suffered in 2009. Some donate to big projects and temples. But not to the needy families as per their current needs – education & job opportunities. Every morning I write to the needy who often do not know their needs, because they have returned to pre-war state of mind. Due to lack of usage my Tamil writing is messy, but I write. Only one Canadian relative who is a Sai believer, confirmed that she reads.

 So in the case of Holocaust victims also, Canadians are playing politics. When the Hardeep Singh got killed, Tamils who supported armed rebellion ought to have been warned. But Trudeau accused a structured government of global status, to defend a rebel. The rebel himself is likely to have believed that he was a ‘freedom fighter’.  This is true of most Sri Lankan rebels. But a structured government in which we have invested  over long time is of a far higher real status than a rebel organisation of de facto status. Hence the karma returned quickly through the Nazi veteran.


The intellectual responded as follows:


‘The tendency to embellish creates a lot of confusion and prolongs the injury, interfering with any resolution. Many fake videos have been passed around to promote collections from the Overseas diaspora, trying to drum up emotions.’


I concluded  as follows:


‘Words of wisdom. Embellishments lead to emotional level reactions. They are rootless and lacking in truth. Knowledge without truth leads to loss of intelligence. Intelligence happens naturally, when we bear the pain of discrimination and do our best to achieve as much as we can. In Sri Lanka, Sinhala-Buddhists were pampered by politicians for votes. The pampering led to loss of motivation to achieve intellectual heights. Tamils who worked harder, produced outstanding results. The more we were discriminated against unjustly, the deeper our natural intelligence. I realised this through my discrimination pain in Australia. My genuine tolerance led to divine intervention, resulting in insight based intelligence of the whole.  Now I know that that is how Truth balances the equation . When we take an eye for an eye, we go down to the level of the unjust discriminator.  Hence now, Tamils who reacted are pampering those who  remained in Sri Lanka, including with free housing. Anything free is the foundation of ‘loss of intelligence.’


To my mind, this is the education needed by war victims. Then our thoughts and feelings would be global, and we confirm that those of us with forbearance are governing  the earth. Migrants who forbore are global governors.


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