Monday 11 September 2023


11 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Criminals leave indicators/evidence of crime that a true seeker will find. Likewise, the media, so a true observer will pick up the clue. This is the way of Truth. Yesterday for example, an inquiry in Northern Sri Lanka, where World Vision is also operational, invoked a confession from those involved, that they did not want the CCTV monitoring. When the Truth of the Opposition is strong, it brings out the Opposition’s truth when both they take Equal position to the leading side.


As per the Guardian report based on Channel 4 video on Easter Bombings:

We start in 1983, when an armed uprising by Tamil separatists sparked civil war, before spooling forward to the end of that conflict in 2009’


The above, if factual, gives the picture that the Tamils sparked the civil war. Hence the 1983 Black July was started by the Tamils.


Truth has no form. Facts have diverse forms. Hence when two diverse facts meet each other on level field, the stronger owner invokes the truth in the weaker side in a free environment. It is the democratic parallel  of brainwashing / subjective influence autocracy.


If not factual, then the report is just a comment, by medium, free of opposition.


Be it 9/11 attack, or the Easter Bombings, they gave birth to many victims. The whistleblower at the centre of the Channel 4 video, has sought refuge in Switzerland. Hence his feelings for the victims is not the strongest. The uncompensated victims’ pain carries the strongest Energy. That would invoke truth from the perpetrators who carry the strongest Causal Energy. They must write/publish  their reports/facts. This is the therapy they need.

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