Thursday 14 September 2023


13 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Majority vote is fundamental part of the system of Democracy. Belief based majority vote works naturally, to support all believing participants. At the primary level, the vote is confidential. This facilitates privacy. When we vote as per our belief in a person or group, the side we voted for may not win, but the Energy would naturally oppose the side that gets majority vote to form government. If we vote on the basis of our belief in the issue rather  than for a political group or person, our vote becomes a permanent governance vote in the issue. Such a vote is like an Elder. Mine in the ‘Voice’ issue is such a vote. All belief based voters are therefore, winners. All others are losers. Belief in issue is a permanent /natural governing Energy. I believe that I carry this at global level.


Belief based Laws are also winners. The administrators may fail us; the courts may dismiss us, but if we operate within the boundaries of our belief, we are winners. Our insight into an issue would be global when we use global laws.


In Sri Lanka, the Rajapaksa family, is blamed for economic downfall in 2022. They were elected by majority.  Majority’s  religion is Buddhism. Lord Buddha renounced physical comforts to become poor and realised Nirvana/State of stillness of mind. Hence a Buddhist who relies on the pleasures of the body, would vote against Buddhism. A true Buddhist would accept the economic downfall as stronger connection to Buddhism. By quitting, due to external pressure,  Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, confirmed lack of belief that he was right for the position.


The current President is more global minded than his predecessor. But he also lacks belief in global values of Democracy, in particular, Racial Equality.  Hence he is unable to bring about a solution to the ethnic problem.


Today, Tamils of Sri Lanka gathered in thousands, at Nallur Murugan temple, peacefully and of their Will. This confirms the strength of belief, and its uniting power. My belief in Murugan is a permanent governing vote in Sri Lanka’s ethnic and caste issues. These problems will be cured, in the minds of all in my circles of belief.


Social media has the tendency to damage belief based harmony, due to lack of ownership. Information without belief has no roots and hence floats in the mind of the receiver.  Hence, Elder CP Scott said ‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred.’  Facts are sacred because they have truth in their altar. Truth spreads itself exponentially. Likewise  belief.   


Information without Truth causes mental illness and turns one’s position upside down, in a free environment. This is a risk with armed militants, as well as officers without belief in their positions, in a free environment. Once rooted in the invisible truth, the information, gets rooted and is healthy. Truth cures most of our mental illnesses and then physical ailments are passers by.

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