Thursday 28 September 2023

28 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Two days ago, I concluded my article ‘DO CNADIAN TAMILS INFECT CANADIAN SIKHS?’ as follows:


‘The memorial is claimed to be in the form of Gloriosa superba, and given that I am a believer in Murugan, is my Murugan saying to write how I feel, so Jaffna Tamils would not be fooled by Canadian Tamils? All believers in Murugan will reject the Brampton Memorial as lacking in substance’


Within a couple of hours, I received the following response from a fellow global minded Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin:


Dear Gajalakshmi,   Your last para said it all.   "I feel, so Jaffna Tamils would not be fooled by Canadian Tamils  "   I as a Sinhalese-Buddhist  has rejected the Brampton Memorial as a lacking in substance." me it is a lie.’


My response to this was:

Thank you. The alleged memorial is claimed to replace the one that was at the University of Jaffna. I rejected it then and I reject it now. Memorials have to be on the basis of feelings and not lies.’

The reason for this response was to protect the University of Jaffna from political extremism, as is the case with some Universities in Sri Lanka that are members of the Inter-University Students' Federation whose members are listed as follows by Wikipedia:


·       University of Kelaniya

·       University of Peradeniya

·       Rajarata University

·       University of Ruhuna

·       Sabragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

·       South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

·       University of Jayewardenepura

·       University of the Visual and Performing Arts

·       Wayamba University

·       Buddhist Pali University of Sri Lanka


The IUSF consists of several student unions representing main universities and action committees of several universities across Sri Lanka. The sole official of the union is known as the convener. The convener carries out all administrative and legal work on behalf of the union.

The Inter University Bhikku Federation is an organization affiliated with the IUSF.

The Colombo Post, on 21 May 2023,  published the following political connection, in its report headed , ‘Mudhalige goes. Madhushan Chandrajit becomes the new convener of Antare:

The Inter-University Student federation states in a statement that the decision was taken at the session held yesterday at Rajarata University. Madhushan Chandrajith, who has been appointed as the new convener, is a resident of Embilipitiya Thorakolaya area, who appeared in the advanced level examination in 2015 and was selected for university education. Due to a conflict with the Vice-Chancellor, it has been learned that his studentship has being suspended for two years. new convener Chandhrajith working closely with the Front socialist Party. University sources say that until now he has not held any position in the University Student Union.




 This morning I received a response from a Sri Lankan Tamil Elder to whom I responded as per my belief. Our conversation is as follows:



Tamil Elder: In my view the word ‘Canadian Tamils’ is a misnomer , in as much as the word North East Tamils; the latter epithet is broadly used to differentiate Tamils of recent Indian origin from the N/E Tamils: and the North. East Tamils comprise mainly of Jaffna Tamils , Batticaloa Tamils etc., with different cultural traditions.

Gajalakshmi: In Democracy, the land space of our physical residence renders the right to vote. This right is not based on property ownership as per the law.


 Tamil Elder: Similarly a broad brush may not be used to tar the 600,ooo Tamils now residing in Ontario , British Columbia , Winnipeg, Alberta , Quebec , Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,  Saskatchewan , New Brunswick, North Eastern Territory etc. The Tamil families include families from South India - though not many - and the Sri Lankan Tamils who migrate from European nations as well from African nations such as Nigeria, Zambia etc.


Gajalakshmi: As per the rules of Democracy they are grouped as per their Current, Common place of national residence

Tamil Elder:   The Sri Lankan families fall into two broad categories; those who have obtained visas from the”points system” - points awarded  based on academic qualifications: in addition there have been the migrants sponsored legally by all those already resident in Canada ( pre July ‘83 ) . The post July ‘83 migrants arrived claiming persecution of Tamils in Sri Lanka - which is mostly true. These Tamils form the nucleus of the diaspora here - which is the driving force behind the TGTE.]

Gajalakshmi: Accept that.


 Tamil Elder: However Canadian Tamils ‘infecting’the Canadian Sikhs is rather a far fetched observation; ninety perception of more than a million Sikh families in Canada  have been domiciled all over the provinces in Canada, for over 75 years.

Gajalakshmi: Are you then indicating that in about 75 years, Tamils of Sri Lankan origin would feel more Canadian than they do right now? Feeling is different to thinking. A mother is the first leader of the child due to the pains of pregnancy and physical delivery. Hence I say mothers are feelers and fathers are thinkers. In public life, those who endured deeper pain than others have first  leadership rights due to the depth of the pain.


 Tamil Elder:  The Sikhs as a community are reserved and aloof in attitude & demeanour. But they are very friendly when one establishes a rapport with them.( I expect that the same characteristics might be perceived among Sikh families living in Australia ) .

Gajalakshmi: Accept that. The Sikhs I know are also clever in business. As per my reasoning, this is due to their aloofness which promotes friendships more than relationships. Likewise, second generation migrants in Australia.

 Tamil Elder:  Any nation that opens its for refugees, has to anticipate infiltration  from extremists , who have had grievances pertaining to injustice , discrimination and downright racism by the State. KP - Kumaran Pathmanathan ( now collaborating with the Sri Lankan government ) , Nijjar are two of the same kind.

Gajalakshmi: KP seems less active in Sri Lanka than Nijjar was in Canada. Is this due to more thoughts than feelings promoted by Canada’s freedom policies being used to ‘show’ ownership ?


Tamil Elder:  So far ISIS seems to have avoided Canada. If an Al Quaida terrorist slips into Canada - this is easy as Canada has very long borders & lengthy coast lines East & West - Canada’s rulers cannot be faulted . ]

Gajalakshmi: If this is true, then Canada’s security is more open to abuse than that of nations that have stronger natural  monitoring forces of elders. Policies underpinned by belief, work naturally, because belief is ownership and v.v.



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