Friday 22 September 2023


22 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






In 2018, some Australian parliamentarians  were ousted from parliament because they were dual citizens. I then worked out the basis of the law to be, based on sovereignty. As per my discovery, every sovereign body’s parts need to operate within that body’s sovereign borders to be naturally protected by its sovereign powers. Those within a sovereign circle are naturally protected by others within the same circle.


The Sri Lankan courts cleared the dual citizenship challenge against Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa to be eligible for Presidency. He was, until then Dual citizen of USA and Sri Lanka. When he became Defence Secretary in 2005, he was a dual citizen. Hence during that period, all single citizenship Sri Lankans killed due to his policies and decisions were killed unethically by the orders of half citizen, lacking in sovereign power of belief. To believe in both, one needs to use higher common principles. The UN principles are examples of this. But Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa took the approach that he would deal with war-issues at local level.  To my mind, all this contributed to him vacating his position prematurely. This is a clear example of ‘man proposes,  god disposes’. God in the saying is Sovereignty.


The current conflict between the Canadian and Indian governments is centred around the death of Mr Hardeep Singh was an Indian-born Canadian citizen. He is reported to have been involved with the separatist movement claiming separate state of Sikh Khalistan in India. This, to my mind is the parallel of Tamil Eelam claim by former Sri Lankan Tamils.


As per the law of Sovereignty, one has to own, to claim. The proof of such ownership for public purposes is possession/occupation at physical level. Mr Hardeep Singh was living in Canada, as Canadian citizen. His loyalty ought to have been for Common Canadians. Any separate state issue ought to have been channelled through a higher common body such as the UN.


If the Canadian government had knowledge of local activities at community level, then it was effectively interfering with India’s sovereignty. Likewise, Tamil Eelam separatists in Canada. I recently shared as follows with the Global minded Sri Lankan community:


[In the case of Sikhs, India’s is ownership based, while Canada’s is knowledge based, and includes apparent ownership. India’s stand is the parallel of mine when Vijay Thanigasalam led passage of the Genocide education week  Act in Ontario Parliament. The reason is my experience based belief in the fundamentals of rebirth, according to which we take only our truth into our next birth, migration is like rebirth. Remembering  Mullivaikaal in Canada by any Canadian law maker is as if the tragedy happened in Canada. If global, such a declaration ought to be at UN level. When Canada’s existing population is truly sovereign, it would reject or cure those who are associated with armed rebels against democratically elected governments. When they do recruit, they give birth to the heirs of armed rebels carrying the same grievances.]


Canadian government is diluting its own Sovereignty. We refer to this process as  self imposed Sooniyam/சூனியம். Sooniyam is zero sovereignty.


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