Friday 30 September 2022


30 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




As per my experience when I share my belief, other believers in the issue share their belief with me. The forms may differ, but we develop ‘commonness’. This commonness develops into Sovereign power that leads and supports us from within. Some of these return forms are in Opposition. They contribute to a ceiling on the manifestation, at that level – so others are also facilitated to participate at the Common level.

Yesterday, I wrote about the need to maintain the PTA. Today, I was directed to  "We don't need a high security zone" at 

The expressions by the ‘protestor’ are in Opposition to mine. The line of Common manifestation is drawn at that level.  Then there is the report on this issue at  ,

according to which:

[The police have launched extensive investigations over the involvement of some politicians who had encouraged some ‘protester’ groups to overthrow the government by forcefully occupying Parliament and preventing a vote to elect a new President following the resignation of former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in July.]

The above, is in line with my own expressions at the time of manifestations. They also confirm the need for PTA which was enacted in 1978. As per Wikipedia:

[Under the PTA of Sri Lanka, a person can be detained for periods up to 18 months (renewable by order every three months) if the Minister has reason to believe or suspect that any person is connected with or concerned in any unlawful activity. Unlawful activity includes even pasting posters on walls, and is punishable with death]


If therefore the President therefore ‘suspected’ that the Protestor in the above video was influenced by those against the Parliament, he has the power of the law to imprison that lady. Given that this has not happened, I conclude that the President and the Police are not abusers of the law. This approach confirms the ancestral value of PTA which need to be left undisturbed for current purposes.

The power of belief was today confirmed through the message headed ‘Federal Senate of Brazil pays tribute to the Institute of Sathya Sai Education of Brazil.’ at


My response to the communication included the following:

[This message brings to my mind, the legend of Poosala Nayanar :

[Pusalar was a Shaiva, a devotee of the god Shiva. He wanted to create a grand temple for Shiva, but did not have the money to do so. Thus, Pusalar decided to build a temple to Shiva in his mind with his imagination. He followed the rituals of temple-building, sanctified the ground and lay the first stone of his mind temple on an auspicious day. Over course of time, he completed his mind temple and selected a holy day for the Kumbhabhishekam ceremony, when the temple is consecrated and the image of God installed in the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum)….


My question to you and this group of  Sri Lankans is – Are you (1) the followers of the king who built a grand temple, (2) the heirs of Poosala Nayanar or (3)  neither? The king of this group is Mr XXX who as per my knowledge is not a devotee of Swami Sathya Sai Baba. Dr Kkk who chose to share this, has listed Mr XXX, first on his list.  If the sharing was belief based, Swami would have appeared in  Dr Kkk’s dream and indicated to him the true order as per belief. Your belief in Sri Lanka – which is common to us, has influenced you to share with me. Thank you. This group, like the Rajapaksa family, is driven by the visible connections. They would promote their own clan and be comfortable with it. They will be failures in Democracy which we have inherited through Poosala Nayanar.



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